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That’s a real exchange between my nerdy, long-haired, bespectacled boyfriend, Michael, and myself, a stunning blonde (I get to be described as “stunning” in my own article). On Friday, we got up ridiculously early to get in a line, to get in another line, to see the keynote speaker (a man who I am sure has a name, and I bet it’s a good one). Stop three was more familiar territory: the Child’s Play panel run by people I (sort of) knew! At dinner with his giant crowd of friends (popular nerds?), people who meant well repeatedly called me a “good sport.” That annoyed me.
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Platinum Sponsor of Child’s Play CharityWe're honored that Mass Effect Marathon, BioShock Marathon & 24-Hour Slumber Party events helped raise over $80,000 for Child's Play Charity!
This one was hand picked by my geeky Hun husband from one of his favorite websites, ThinkGeek.
This fun pillow shows your Valentine that you love everything about their unique and nerdy ways.
And of course you need the perfect card and wrapping paper to go with your nerdy Valentine gift.
I was bowled over by the size of the convention center, and by the sheer number of people filling it. Unfortunately, I couldn’t figure out the minutiae of the game and had to start feigning interest (which I’m sure fooled no one).
In each panel, I learned something (500 ceiling tiles in the Waverly Room) and was able to find something that appealed to me.
We embrace it and love to shop for unique gifts that cater to the tv shows, books, and subjects that he and I love to obsess over. So them you love them with a RAM computer chip pendant with carved heart design- the ultimate in geek chic.

Whether he's a daddy to be, or a seasoned veteran of child rearing, there's bound to find something fun in here for him to do with the kiddos. It says "I Love You" in binary and is so cute & perfect to wrap your Valentines Gift in! This particular conversation had me feeling a little grumpier than usual because we were traveling up route 95…headed for PAX East. I had a controller (this word has been in my vocabulary for only 10 months) in my hand and pressed buttons once, but I had no idea, nor did I care to get an idea, of how to play. I was fully prepared to count ceiling tiles and recite the alphabet backwards to keep myself awake.
So it turns out that Tall and Small are awesome philanthropists who have super awesome foot soldiers who raise bajillions of dollars to help kids in hospitals and battered women’s shelters. If I had to enjoy myself counting ceiling tiles, then I would have enjoyed myself counting ceiling tiles. Other than suffering a hardcore fan who said our costumes were only “mostly authentic” (sorry, I didn’t actually play on the show and save my costume to wear exclusively for your critical eye, d-bag), the idea to wear costumes was fantastic. The best part of the day was Michael finding a new tabletop game, Epic Spell Wars of the Battle Wizards:Duel at Mt. I enlisted the help of my Hun hubby to pick some geeky gifts that he thinks any girl or guy would love to receive for Valentine's Day.
When you are away from your significant other (who  also wears a shirt) your heart levels drop. It was cut right out of the circuit board just so you can proudly display your love for computers (and your significant other) around your neck. It makes my insides crawl when people ask awkward questions, are combative, or fail at being witty. I certainly don't understand it's appeal but there are millions of obsessed fans out there. There are a lot of variations of T shirts vast array offered and an individual of the most widely known is Geek T shirts, they are known as so considering the fact that they carry geek functions in them, like they are possibly technically constructed or carry prints which only geek can know.

I was also worried about being that girl at a Super Bowl party who doesn’t know how football is played and keeps asking annoying questions. I braced myself for an hour of burying my face in Michael’s shirt (did I mention he was in an Iron Man shirt? Its enjoyable to put on them as you will stand out in crowd and individuals will change their head to seem what you are carrying. Yes, a lot of the nuances about specific games and characters were lost on me; however, the overall tone was 100% relatable. The members of the panel were great at explaining the basics of fundraising without ever coming off as pandering. This Tardis Dr Who Vintage Dictionary Art page is cute, stylish and the perfect piece of fan art to hang on an office wall. He candidly discussed mistakes he’d made, things he’d tried to do that hadn’t worked out, and how he eventually found success in his career.  I found myself enjoying every moment of his speech. The banter and charisma Tall and Small had with each other and the audience was hilarious, warm, entertaining, and entirely charming. Despite my distaste for what I was sure would be coming, I really do like Michael (lotsies) and wanted to at least appear supportive.
AND, I’m fairly sure he’s somehow responsible for Jake Gyllenhaal wearing a loincloth and being all sweaty.
Finally, I was worried about being bored out of my skull by a bunch of weirdos talking about weird crap. Nothing stirred my interest and curiosity more than the fans lining up to tell deeply personal stories (in front of perfect strangers!) and then thank Tall and Small for everything they’ve done.

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