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Compared to the root canalish experiences of shopping for bras or shopping for swimsuits, shopping for jeans is a cakewalk! Luckily, The Queer Beauty Bar is here to guide you through the jeans buying experience with minimal pain, extra humor, and a lot of care. Try on every pair of jeans you currently own with a top and shoes you would actually wear with it. Take a deep breath — the truth is that below about $110, the cost of jeans usually reflects the quality of the denim, stitching and fit. Now that you’ve done some deep yoga breathing to accept the cost of jeans, you have just a little more research to do. First, make sure there isn’t a big sale coming up the day after you were planning on shopping.
I am not the biggest fan of wearing pants in general, but when I do wear pants 99% of the time they are jeans. The first thing to remember when shopping is that jeans either work with your body or they don’t. As with all other plus size shopping, manufacturers vary dramatically in their sizing and size charts.
But if you actually ARE tall, magazine photo spreads do, in fact, give you a relatively useful picture of what jeans will look like on your body but when you go to the store to purchase said jeans, you will find the pants to be too short with too much hip-space. Department store brands I generally have found to have long inseams: French Connection, Seven for All Mankind, Mavis, Lucky, Silvers, Paper Denim and Cloth, J Brand, Yanuk and James Jeans. Setting aside the fact that I’m profoundly uncomfortable even awkwardly wandering *through* a women’s section while my girlfriend shops for bras or whatever nearby, have you seen the pockets on those bad boys?
But compared to lying in bed and watching television shows on DVD, shopping for jeans is like taking the LSATs naked.
For example, I try on my super tight jeggings with a plaid button-down and black ankle boots, but I try on my nice wide-leg jeans with a work blouse and heels.

If you’re short on cash or feeling dangerous, ask the attendant if they’re going on sale any time soon. There are a few guidelines to finding jeans for plus size bodies, but as with all shopping, in general I use my intuition. I suggest trying on as many pairs as possible to narrow down which size is going to work for you. A little muffin top is necessary, especially if you have fat on your belly, but it’s all about where your fat is moving.
Torrid is Leslie’s favorite place to shop for jeans, she really only wears Tripp Jeans and Z. I also prefer embellished jeans whenever possible because I find bling a nice dazzle to an everyday outfit. I got a pair from a used clothing store six years ago, wear them 25% of the days of the year, and they’re still in primo condition. The Modern Slight Curve hits just below the hip, stays slim through the hip and thigh, then defines curves through the seat.
As you may or may not recall, we’ve already gone through what to do with your boobs in The Bra Issue, what you should do with your bottoms area in Boyshorts 101 and what swimsuits to buy in The Swimsuit Edition.
To combat this, I’ve laid out a fool-proof plan for shopping for jeans without softly sobbing to yourself in the dressing room. For each pair of jeans, write down the brand, size and style, and your feelings about them. This might be more than you’re used to paying, but a good pair of jeans can last well over twice as long as a crappy pair (which will save you money).
Prepare yourself to feel good about your looks by being as cute as you can, do your hair (if applicable), do your make-up (if applicable), wear a versatile top you love to pair with jeans. In style now is still a skinny leg pant and on trend for Fall is the reinsertion of the 70s style wide-leg. Every year I re-visit Old Navy under the delusion that perhaps my hips or their styles have changed significantly since the last time and THIS YEAR I CAN BUY THE CHEAP JEANS but they never fit.

Almost all my jeans are American Eagle and I’ve maybe ordered from their website twice. Now it’s fall and we’re working our way up to entire body-covering items of clothing!
If $50 is truly more than you can possibly afford, continue to shop like this is your minimum, but know that you’ll only be able to buy when it’s on sale. I guarantee within a week you’ll receive an email announcing an online sale or promotional code. We are seeing a style change coming up, but it will take awhile for the manufacturers to catch up to it. Contributing Editor Emily works there and will talk more about it on page two, so I’ll stop. Amazon has these 7 For All Mankind Women’s Extra Long Boot Cut Jeans for $59 which are, as the title suggests, extra-long.
They will be skinny-fitting BUT totally stretchy and because you bought them a size up, they won’t be tight or constricting. Whatever you do, do not bring someone with you who will comment about how much jeans should cost.
You should like the jeans you’re trying on so much that you’re slightly disappointed by your old ones. Compare your measurements to the men’s, women’s and kid’s sizing guide regardless of your gender or age — figure out objectively what will fit you best. If you’re small, kid’s clothes are usually way cheaper, so you might get lucky with stores that make high quality kid’s clothing.
The exception to this rule is a pair that fits in the waist, hips and butt, but are too short or too long.

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