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Montreal's IleSoniq festival is going to kick major ass this year and this playlist proves it! If you love someone and you are really sincere with him then you should give him special gift on this Christmas. Cosmo magazine subscriptionNah, it’s actually a great gift because you can share it!9. If this year you would like to give your partner Christmas gift and you are worry what should you give him then now you should not take any stress.

You can give your boyfriend a dress shirt, a wallet, a watch, shoes, flowers, glasses or anything which he likes most. A picture of youIf he spends a lot of time with the real deal, then this is just a weird and kind of creepy idea. A suitcaseIf you want to make this gift more explicit, gift it packed with his clothes and show him the door!3.
This hoodieRidiculous, awful and useless, but priceless!All goes to show, sometimes it’s better to not give anything.

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