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No, these are not terms of endearment.  If these words have become their pet nickname for you, yes, they hate you and your tacky clothes.
If your girlfriend’s barkada still think of her ex as “the one who got away”, chances are, they’re thinking of you as “the one who got lucky”. They would not have added you to their social networks if they are itching to delete you from your girlfriend’s life. They think you and your GF are inseparable – and deep inside, they believe it’s how things should be. When they send your girlfriend an SMS, they now say, “Regards 2 ur awesome BF!” instead of “Find sm1 else, jst sayin”.

Of all the many possible signs that your girlfriend’s posse has finally welcomed you into the pack, this is probably the most awesome.
My mom has always loved yellow kitchens, so I know where my yellow kitchen attachment came from. I thought about doing a softer white cabinet, but for now I’m just going to go the ultra bright white and then see if I want to glaze them or not.
They are self-confessed gossips, self-professed critics, and brand ambassadors of negative vibes.
They just don’t want to tell it to your face because they love your girlfriend as much as you do.

It’s a form of initiation for new, handpicked “members” that they are welcoming into their elite club and if you get an invite, you say yes, even if it means cancelling on an important client.
I thought it worked just as well as conventional smelly paint, and since Alex was right next to me as I was painting, I felt better about not having the tiny baby huff paint at the tender age of 12 weeks. I’m going with Sherwin-Williams because there is a local store and the closest Pratt and Lambert is 40 miles.

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