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CoolChaser lets you easily create beautiful Facebook layouts within minutes - so easy even your grandma can do it! We all like to pride ourselves on having an honest and truthful relationship with no secrets or lies. Whether you’re referring to your ex in a good or bad way, this is never the smartest of ideas. Follow these ten rules, and you’ll soon be well on your way to the blissful, make-other-people-jealous relationship that we all deserve!
Three Dates Equals Sex is the social standard in Western culture whereby on the 3rd or 4th date the new couple start having sex.
China has a lot of single women in between the ages of 27 and 35 who can't find a husband.
If a girl starts chewing gum near the end of a first date it means she is expecting the guy to kiss her.
Gifts really makes a woman’s day special when you take her out on a date - but only if you put thought into the gift. In a similar, yet somehow even more scary scenario, you have lost your memory and all your fancy, high-waisted swimwear and are made to think, by your former employee that you are now his wife and essentially a slave laborer for him and his brood. Some dude shows up, picks you up from the street, pays you money to spend the weekend with him, forces you to overhaul your whole personality to match what he thinks a woman should be and lies to everyone about who you are and how you met. You wake up in the middle of the night to find your boyfriend (who wasn’t with you when you went to sleep) staring at you from the window sill, because he cannot stop thinking about you. If your man does need a bit of guidance in the right direction (possibly quite literally), find a less heart-breaking way of phrasing this. We all dream of being happily married with two kids, a big house and a dog, but bringing these things up too early on in the relationship will only scare your man away, meaning none of the above, anytime soon.

Your man will just wonder why you felt the need to bring your ex up and why you’re still thinking about him. Start by getting more practice and reading the list below so you can master the best ways to kiss. Once You are there you realize that every single painting in the show is of you and that he has been watching you through your bedroom window for the last 5 years.
You finally meet a nice, rich, SHELL empire heir and fall in love only to find out that he’s been masquerading as a woman and mining you for information about you and your love preferences just so he could use that information later to get into your pants. A random stranger (who has been creepily watching you buy metro tickets every day for forever without ever saying a word to you) takes you to the hospital only to convince your family that she is in fact your fiance. He pretends to be the guy you’re (also sort of creepily) in search of because a ouija board once told you his name. Some short nerd who has slept with your mother, was mean to you and in general has issues making up his mind shows up at your wedding, acting all insane and ruins it.
Enjoy the relationship for what it is then eventually these subjects will come up naturally, when the time is right. On the upside, in this case the guy is played by Kurt Russell and not Adam Sandler and Rob Schneider was still but a distant creepy twinkle in Hollywood’s eye. Spends the holidays with said family, and watches you in the hospital lovingly as you sleep.
When you find out he is simply a shoe salesman and ditch him, he then pays some other guy to pretend he is the guy you’re looking for in order for that guy to be an asshole so you just get over your quest and fall in love with him scheming, lying, bribing ass.
Try to work on your relationship with her if possible, but if that’s not an option, just grin and bear it.
If it is true that your man has put on a few pounds since you’ve been together, try suggesting joining the gym or taking up a more active hobby together.

He’s a got a sunny demeanor, a cartoon-character voice and a body built for comfort -- and he uses that exterior to get away with saying some seriously funny, out-there things. It may be hard, but at the end of the day, you’re going out with her son, not her, so who really cares? This way, you get to spend more time with your man and improve your fitness – A double winner! Slagging her off to your man will only ruin your relationship, meaning (obviously) no boyfriend and that she wins, and we don’t want that now do we? Again, try to get on with them, but if that’s just not do-able, at the end of the day, who cares? Enjoy your sex life and have as much fun, as you both want, whilst respecting each other’s boundaries. Your relationship with your boyfriend is totally separate from that that he has with his friends. It was great and dramatic and all sorts of awesome and of course we had to be in love or else, and I always joked that this kind of thing only happened to people in the movies, so you know, it would never last (it didn’t). After all, that is where the whole notion of GRAND romantic gestures comes from: the movies.

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