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The Boy has a pair of tennis shoes I want to burn, they are what I like to refer to as grandpa shoes, and he uses them to walk the dog. Anyway, every man in our lives has something that we can’t stand them wearing, but the more we nag, the more they love it and the more it comes out of the closet.
How do we get our men to look great and feel great in updated fashions without them feeling like we are taking away their man-dentity?
I started to think about my dad and my brother, and how they are both pretty dapper men; my mom shops for them.
I feel as if I don’t need to say more after this photo comparison, but if your man cuts giant arm holes into his shirt, dump him now or buy him some real clothes. As you know, your workout gear has changed your workout, and if you want your beau to look like David Beckham or Ryan Gosling, they need better gear to get that six-pack. Yeah, yeah, sure, sure, I’ve tangoed in the public domain while pantsless de facto at least as many times as I can count on one finger, but when you’re going into an office and that attendance record is being met with at least a handful of additional office visits across the island of Manhattan, how short is too short when it comes to your, you know, shorts? Also this just reeks of fox-in house trying to rebrand a star from a show no one watches anymore.

I have been trying Sugaring recently (my middle names being Too Lazy To Shave) – great way of doing away with those pesky leg carpets!
This question arises at a particularly sensitive time because in spite of it being July, it is cold. Don’t forget that I am ready and willing to take an office job at MR as the resident MR Succulent UpKeep Manager!!!!!!
This bold womanly confidence is the push I need to stop letting my crippling hate of leg shaving from cramping my style. Show him how awesome the clothes shopping on Amazon is: Seriously, every man I know has an Amazon Prime account. Important to note is that this is something I do on a near daily basis, but on the particular morning that found my ass reverse-camel toeing, it was slightly if not entirely unusual that when I looked into the mirror I didn’t so much as consider how destructive it might be for me to wear denim underwear out publicly.
You can see my buttcheek through your rearview mirror which is extravagantly silhouetted in part due to my skin bulging out of the rigid denim.
I simply bought the sugaring paste and am trying to use it effectively – it causes no pain and looks good.

So the excuse I love to use — that it’s too hot for clothes – doesn’t quite work when boots (not to be confused with boobs!) seem vaguely applicable. I swear I’ve worn the same pants to work multiple times this week despite the many beautiful skirts and dresses that are currently hanging and taunting me in my closet. Recognizing the gathering of our shit as an internal and interminable journey worth tending to and sometimes laughing at is probably the healthiest thing we can do for ourselves. Be careful, though, now my husband wants me to help him with all of his shopping and asks me if everything looks okay.
I know this deficiency can be repaired with the mere buttoning of a button but drama is my middle name and also, I one time had my hair done at a salon called Dramatics NYC.
Hope you don’t read my blog, but have a feeling your friends do and I’m going to hear about this!

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