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The first meaning is that it is a “second chance” if you have already made a ton of mistakes in trying to get back with your ex – this is the bandage.
The second meaning is simply a foot in the door for a “second chance” and gaining an opening back into the heart and mind of your ex. Don’t type the letter, don’t instant message portions of the letter, Don’t email it, you want to HANDWRITE the letter. Sounds old school, but today a handwritten letter is out of the ordinary…and being “unusual” it WILL get read! The best time to use the letter is a few days after the break up, BEFORE any acts of desperation have taken place.
The other time is “bandaging” some “dumb” things that might have been said or done after a break up. Until that point, I hadn’t thought about my electricity except once a month to pay the usual bill.
And we are going to sprinkle in a couple other elements…like curiosity and intrigue that make the letter even more effective. The next part is where you want to pique their curiosity a little and plant a HAPPY IMAGE OF YOU in their head. A good way to do this is to mention something great, wonderful, or terrific has just happened to you. In the close…remind them that you BOTH need space, but that you would like to fill them in on your good luck or fortune.
If they call several times or make several advances, just send them a short message and say…”I got your message I will get in touch with you soon.” And leave it at that. As a parting note, I want to strongly warn you that you can’t just send them the letter and then expect everything to be fine.
Imagine if you paid to see the magician David Copperfield perform and David comes out on stage and does his first opening magic trick. You’d be like “What the __________?” and you’d be mad too because you are all primed for the rest of the show. T W Jackson has helped over 15,000 couples get back together through his book, Magic Of Making Up. Even though it seems like a good idea, writing the wrong kind of letter to get ex back will be disastrous.

We cannot stress enough that it is ill-advised to sit down and write an essay style letter to your ex without knowing exactly what to put in the letter. Usually, when a person writes a letter to an ex, it reads like a laundry list of real and perceived wrongs that the writer wants the recipient to be aware of.  Such a letter to get ex back is typically an airing of grievances that that cannot be resolved or answered to. Writing a letter to your ex creates a permanent record of the details of your relationship. Following the idea that writing a letter to get ex back creates a permanent record of your innermost feelings, be aware that your ex may use the letter against you in the most vindictive ways.
Sending a letter to your ex with the idea of clearing out all the grievances you are feeling goes a long way toward alienating your ex. If you must write an essay style letter to get ex back, then make it as cathartic as possible, but don’t send it. So you’re going through a painful split from your boyfriend and you want to write him a good old fashioned hand-written letter to get him back. I’m going to guess that you’re thinking to either get a few things off of your chest for some type of closure or that you want to remind him of some wonderful memories that or you might just want to apologize to him somehow. What this is going to accomplish is that this will serve as sort of a release from the pressures that is building up in your brain.  Writing is a simple yet wonderful way to relieve you of some of this pain.
What you don’t understand right now, is that he is extra sensitive to sniffing out desperation and guess what?  You’re full of desperation right now.
This is what’s going to separate you from the rest.  If you’re game enough to get through these next few months, then you are on your way to rekindling that flame that he once had for you.
I don’t want to freak you out or anything, but time is a factor when dealing with relationship problems like this and YOUR SITUATION IS DIFFERENT. Now, Enter your Email Address Below and Get Instant Access to the Psychological Tricks and Personal Coaching that You Will Need to Get through this Mess.
I need advice if the letter below is OK to send to the guy I’m trying to get back.  What else should I add?
Yes, it would be silly to send this letter to your ex if you are just rekindling an old relationship.
When the electricity finally came back on, it was like a Super Bowl celebration at my home. At the same time, I want to talk about some of the elements inside so that you can change it around if you need to.

If you decide to write this kind of letter, be aware that it will not be well received by the recipient. Such a record oftentimes is used by an ex as “evidence” of your state of mind at the time of writing. Consider that if you should find someone new and your ex is not particularly happy about your new relationship and wants to disrupt a new romance you found. The potential fallout that could possibly arise from this may be detrimental to your other relationships, especially if these other people are mentioned in the letter. Once you have finished writing the letter, read it over and over for a couple days and then destroy it. Because breaking up often causes people to get a little insane, it is not a good idea to document your most fragile moments that may be used against you in the future. There is always the chance that your ex will forward a copy of the letter to your new boyfriend or girlfriend. Your fortunate event could be as simple as running into your old best friend in high school. You would not want that to happen because it most likely will not place you in a very attractive light. By Marlon Raye ? Filed Under: Get Your Ex Boyfriend Back Should You Write A Letter To Your Ex Boyfriend?It always cracks me right up to see the way that relationships are shown in movies or in TV shows and just how unrealistic their view of the world of love and romance is.
Writing him a letter in this situation can just lead to further arguments by phone, e-mail or text, so you’re usually best to just wish the other person well and get on with your own life.
I didn’t really want to jinx it but I have been looking at work nearer you so hopefully I could move closer to you.
Nobody likes to get a list of things they did wrong and reminding somebody how wrong they were can be enough to make them avoid you for the rest of their lives.Why not just send a text message instead?
Well you can send a text message if you like but you’re limited in what you can say in them and you might have to send 20 or 30 text messages to get the whole message across.

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