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It's just a pet peeve of mine - I'm around college musos at the magic kingdom year in and year out, and some of them are actually good guys and get it, but a majority don't and that's why their careers as players end so abruptly.
Sorry to come off sounding bitter about it, I just never see the students get what they spend their money for these days. Bo, just wondering about the players whose careers ended abruptly due to what I guess you're saying is musical idealism. I imagine a number of them just need to get some music out of their systems before they're ready for all the compromises they'll have to make to pay the bills. Things might be different there, I don't know, but for auditions I'd do something simple and do it really well with total control and personal flair. 9, 2014 performance of "Scenes and Songs from Fannie Lou: At Carnegie Hall," is not the first community entity to benefit from Fannie Lou performances. If you could play that song razor sharp, I can't see how any jazz school wouldn't be impressed. In the spirit of Fannie Lou Hamer's grassroots community service, the musical has made a concerted effort to reach out to and connect with community-based organizations. Maybe some aren't prepared to compromise enough and would rather play what they wanted while making money elsewhere?
I don't know if you've actually been through a program but they generally just teach you really fundamental modern musician stuff. I would just find a good blowing tune that shows off your playing, without being too much of a no-brainer— you could try Oleo, or Evidence, or Moose the Mooche.

If they take a little more of a high art approach than we do playing at Disneyland or on cruise ships or whatever, that's to be expected because it's higher education, not a vocational school for playing on Carnival.
A step up in difficulty (mainly because they're easy to get lost on) would be Stablemates or Old Devil Moon, or Dear Old Stockholm, or Gloria's Step.
Adjunct Professor Glenmore Bembry had attended the sold-out world premiere of Fannie Lou and thought Mrs. Felicia was delighted to accept the invitation.A A A "Any time I get an opportunity to talk about Fannie Lou Hamer and her contribution to our democracy, I will jump at the chance," says Felicia. There are more than 100 students in the class.A Bloomfield College was established in 1868 as a four-year, independent and coeducational higher-learning institution. More than 60 majors are offered at the college, at which more than 2,000 students are enrolled.A The Social Responsibility course explores responsibility and justice in a multiculturalA society. A It is team taught so that students experience a broad approach to the topic of social responsibility, and different perspectives can be examined.
They say theya€™re Christian, for example, but they act in ways that are definitely non-Christian. And that, of course, stems from accepting personal responsibility for onea€™s actions and treatment of others, and behavior based on a real, ingrained code of ethics instead of empty talk that onea€™s actions belie. It focuses on religion as a driving force for ethical a€“ and sometimes conflicting -- behavior. She was a guest lecturer for the Social Responsibility class at the invitation of Adjunct Professor Glenmore Bembry, far left.

Second from left is Professor Glen Hayes, professor of religion and head of the Religion Department. Their presentation consisted of a few brief scene excerpts and songs from Fannie Lou, performed in a staged reading format. Participants Ron, Yewande, Felicia and Cheri (clockwise, from left) i»?are pictured above at a Times Square eatery, where they stopped to grab a bite after the performance.
Stamford Rites of Passage is an award-winning program that helps middle school studentsbecome aware of the vast history and contributions of Africans and African Americans.
The intensive, extracurricular program a€“ which is operated by founder and Director Rodney Bass, Communications Coordinator Sharon Wade and Travel and Safety Liaison Kim Langenmayr, among others a€“ culminates with a summer trip to West Africa and a first-hand look at geographical elements of the Atlantic slave trade. In the spirit of Fannie Lou Hamer's grassroots community service, the musical has made a concerted effort to reach out to and connect with community-based organizations. Well, did you know there's a New York City middlei»?A school named after Fannie Lou Hamer?

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