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It’s a situation that no one wants to be in, but unfortunately, one that many motorists may find themselves in at one point or another: Getting pulled over by the police.
First things first, consider this: In most cases, the way an individual behaves when he or she is pulled over is a large indicator of how the situation will go. If you understand your rights and what to do if you get pulled over, you will be in place for a much more positive outcome than if you were to act erratically. Promptly Pull Over: Once you see the police cruiser’s lights on behind you, pull over as soon as it is safe to do so. Turn Off Your Engine: Once you have pulled over on the side of the road, turn off your engine and roll down your window.
While it is true that a moving violation may raise the rates on your Massachusetts auto insurance; however, with an otherwise good driving record, you may be able to avoid points on your license if you appear in court.
I want you think about something as you read this. When a police officer pulls you over and approaches your vehicle, he or she has no idea weather you are a law abiding citizen coming home from choir practice or a serial bank robber who just finished her latest job and who has a loaded hand gun in her console. Don’t try crying, shortening your hemline, lowering your collar or loosening your buttons for several reasons. Zan recently posted…3 Main Uses for Coconut Fruit & Coconut Oil, and a Giveaway! Also, if you are following someone who is pulled over, DO NOT pull over behind the police car. The last time I got pulled over (yes I said ‘the last time, lead foot here) there was no where to pull over safely so it took me a few minutes to find a spot.
Good tips and very needed information, especially for younger drivers with less experience. Please share your thoughts in the comments or, if you prefer, feel free to email them to me.
The opinions expressed in Classroom Q&A With Larry Ferlazzo are strictly those of the author(s) and do not reflect the opinions or endorsement of Editorial Projects in Education, or any of its publications. Dear Lord, help me never to forget that when I’m feeling overwhelmed that all you want me to do is hand my problems back You.
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For many, this may just be the result of a routine traffic stop, while for others; this could be because you have been speeding or violated a traffic law.
You will want to avoid coasting for a long distance because this could raise suspicion that you are attempting to evade the police officer or hide something. You always want to remain in the vehicle, with your seatbelt on, until the police officer gets to your vehicle and instructs you further.
Please keep that in mind if you find yourself sitting on the shoulder of the roadway with red and blue lights in your rear view mirror. Don’t take too long to pull over, but do pull over in an area that is safe for the officer and you. I was terrified one time when I was pulled over, but thank goodness I let the officer do the talking.
As a dispatcher I get so nervous when an officer tells me that another car pulled up on the traffic stop, and I send other units to them right away.
My teen niece in her anxiousness didn’t pull over right away, then pulled over on the left and then got out of the car. In this EdWeek blog, an experiment in knowledge-gathering, he will address readers' questions on classroom management, ELL instruction, lesson planning, and other issues facing teachers.
I get so scattered that I forget that You will help me see the way through this mess and confusion, but I need to ask for YOUR guidance. Use your signal promptly and slow down gradually, moving onto the shoulder of the road to avoid danger. Establish the fact that you are not a threat by keeping your hands visible – this is done by leaving them on your steering wheel.
This whole situation will go a lot smoother for everyone involved if you do everything you can to put the officer at ease. In most cases, they way you speak to the officer is the way they will in turn speak to you. You might think you are getting pulled over for going 10 miles over the posted speed limit, but it might be something altogether different.

In fact, I only remember once to be pulled over, it was in US, and I just started my English classes.
There are more good people in this world than bad, but the bad ones seem to be really, really bad so no chances can be taken.
This year's posts aren't there, but you can find them by clicking on the archives found on the sidebar. Never try to argue your way out of a ticket, but instead understand where you may have been wrong. They need to tell dispatch where they have you stopped, what your licence plate number is and what kind of vehicle you are driving. Maybe you have a tail light out and the officer wants to make sure you are aware of it for your safety. We all know about how they hide just past the sign where the speed limit goes down by 10 mph. If you do get out of your car, you will most likely be loudly ordered back into your vehicle. Maybe you forgot to shut the tailgate on your pick up truck and you are loosing part of your load.
And it could irritate them enough to decide to write you another one for the seat belt you weren’t wearing or that turn signal you forgot to use a mile back too. I’ve only had 2 speeding tickets in my (much younger) lifetime and I deserved both of them.
And depending on how fast you are moving and the officers perceived level of danger, a weapon could be pointed at you. Maybe they are looking for a car with the same description as yours that just drove of without paying at the gas station down the street and as soon as they see that your not a skinny redhead they will let you go. Then he whips it out and calls him during the stop and asks him what he thinks about you using his name to try and get out of a ticket?

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