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Between Firewind and Ozzy Osbourne, Gus G‘s got this whole guitar thing pretty well stitched up.
Rob Stockwell what pickup would you recommend for high output metal sound with a fairly low amount of mids?
Gus G Yeah, the songs have already been picked out, two different setlists (one for each city).

Gus G First Duncan pickup was Duncan Distortion and ’59 combo, on my sig ESP prototype.
Gus G Firewind will release a live CD probably in 2013, and we plan on some back catalog re-issues. Gus G Practice my friend, and learn your scales, chords, listen to lots of music for inspiration and most of all have FUN. Blake Riesz How do you write songs, do you randomly play a riff, have it sound good and base a song off of that, or do you go in with nothing but a pen and blank sheet music and start writing? Ted Rackley I play guitar in an Ozzy tribute band, and I usually use 4 guitars on a gig, 2 Charvels, one down a half step, one Les Paul, down to C# for later Sabbath stuff, and one Wylde signature with active pickups for Zakk harmonics.
Matt Ian Fowler Is there anything in particular you haven’t done yet that you would like to experiment with in future?
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I always encourage players to learn theory, its good to know your chords, scales, modes, etc. I would like to ask you of all the guitar players you have played together who impressed you the most? Got rejected tons of times  nowadays its easier to promote and present yourself with all the social media tools we got, but the main thing is always to go out and play live. Any scales or modes or different instruments tunings and sounds or techniques you haven’t yet found use for in Firewind. That way, if you find yourself on the long on a bad ride, you can dump and invest in another of your picks.
I really liked your work with Nightrage and i would like to hear more music in a similar vein from you! I’ve not written anything for a future record, but I like the heavier direction we took on the last one.
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How to make your ex want you back after you cheated on
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