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For over 90 years, our distinct and specially tailored welfare schemes have helped thousands of Servicemen and women, veterans, military wives and dependants, who are in financial hardship or in need of extra support.
We provide care and financial support to all those within the Armed Forces community; from servicemen and veterans to military spouses and children. Our welfare work is a lifeline for thousands in the Armed Forces community, but we can only continue our support with your help.
The 'Members Area' has been specifically designed for our current members and contains a wide range of forms, media, publicity and information revelant to our membership. The Women’s Section Circular is our in-house magazine distributed quarterly to our members.
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You've dodged death by choosing the right jelly bean to eat, you've survived a test on camping and spied Iggy Pop amongst 90 Queens. These are the brand names we've all been pronouncing wrong - do you say them correctly? They are some of the most popular companies around, so how have we been getting them so wrong all these years? They're paid hundreds of thousands of pounds a week, but many footballers turn to finance for their cars - as do other high net worth individuals. Cable is a pro-European and he has issued stark warnings of 'messy outcomes' if the result of the vote is not crystal clear one way or the other. Creating a successful start-up business is all about trusting your gut and just going for it, says Emily Forbes founder of Seenit the online crowd sourcing app.

Scare stories about pensions are common, and unfortunately some lurking perils are all too real.A BHS went bust only this week, although luckily its pensioners will be rescued by a fund designed to help out in such cases. First Utility has introduced a A?50 cash sweetener for energy switchers moving to any of its tariffs. Oriel Ross-Wardell, 77, pictured, claims she could not have been on her mobile because she left it at home while she visited her daughter in Sheffield, who is undergoing cancer treatment. James Goodfellow, 79, was a young engineer working in Glasgow in the 1960s when the banks were looking for a way of letting customers get hold of their money after bank hours. A reader asks for help with a legal matter concerning Legal Aid Agency, which dates back more than 30 years. The ship will be one of the most sophisticated floating laboratories in the polar regions when it takes to the seas in 2019. Sources revealed that the entrepreneur behind Liberty House has privately calculated that he will need about $1billion in working capital to keep the various sites operational. The company, until recently known as Smiths News, demerged from WH Smith in 2006 and remains the biggest newspaper and magazine distributor in the country. UBS has cut its target price for the bank by 2p to 88p, but maintains a 'buy' rating on the stock. BT will report a sharp rise in annual profits this week - just days after it hiked prices for millions of landline and broadband customers.
Our flagship schemes include educational bursaries, family welfare breaks and financial grants to those in need.
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Packed full of news, updates and special features, it is now available to view and download online. But if you thought that was the end of the puzzles, brain-teasers and optical illusions, then think again. The logic behind the answer is our brains when our brains know there is an error, they scan for one that isn't there. In an exclusive interview, Tim Marlow, head of sales at the group, gave us the full breakdown on how the rich buy their ultra-exclusive luxury cars and which models are most sought after.
We take a look at six threats which can upset people's carefully-laid pension plans - how serious are they and can you avoid them?
Commissioned by the Natural Environment Research Council, it will be built in Birkenhead - but is not expected to keep the joke name that was chosen by more than 120,000 people when a social media campaign backfired. The latest one to get people thinking doesn't necessarily require maths skills or lateral thinking, but is a simple test of your observation skills. So, a lot of people will immediately look at the multi-coloured numbers to see if that's where the mistake is. Send us a photo or a link, and if it's really and truly a tessellation to talk about, we'll post it on this page with your name next to it.

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