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Among all friends there always happens to be that one special person whom you value the most – your boyfriend. Every relationship can use a little unpredictability to keep things interesting, so you may be trying to think of how to surprise your boyfriend and keep him from taking you for granted. Speaking of something he’s really going to like… one thing is certain about almost any man- he likes sex.
You can demonstrate the depth of your affection with grandiose, romantic plans and expensive gifts, but you can also really make your boyfriend feel special and happy with little, thoughtful surprises.
This kind of surprise really depends on the man and what he likes, so focus on his hobbies and interests before you plan an adventure surprise. Brands can do this in many ways: sending thank you notes, following up with customers, giving away freebies, etc. So you have quite a following on several networks and want to surprise and delight a few customers. Twitter makes it easy to tease surprise and delight promotions, and customers can get involved quickly. In addition to providing excellent customer service through social, you can surprise and delight your customers by engaging with them beyond service. More than anything, a brand that provides extra customer service through social media will get extra bonus points. This is the simplest, yet most effective formula to surprise your girlfriend on her birthday. Now this can be very cheesy, yet exceptionally romantic, and can work wonders with most girls. If your girlfriend is an avid reader, then presenting her with a novel will be a good idea. Start facebooking, messaging, emailing and getting in touch with the people your best friend would LOVE to see there. Sudden visit: When your man misses you the most, you can surprise him by giving a sudden visit. Spice up: Men love sensuality and this can make them happy any moment and even any time of the day! I mean, this is camping, there are so many different twists you can do to change it up to what you have available. Ask your spouse to go pick up something you need from the store, help out one of your family members, or something else mundane and lame and then show up where ever he’ll be going with a surprise date night up your sleeve.
With the hustle and bustle of adult life, we sometimes forget to just loosen up and have fun like we always did when we were in those care free childhood days. Figure out what your spouse’s favorite musician, comedian, or  live show is and see if they are touring anywhere near you.
If you decide to wait like we did to let them in on the surprise, you can even listen to the musician or comedian on your way to the show to see if they catch on. My only piece of advice for this surprise would be to make sure you capture their reaction on camera. Anticipate everything you think your spouse would want out of an average day and amplify it. Over a period of 2 years, while my spouse and I dated, he used to surprise me with emails, texts, and cards of one big, continuous list he would add to of 101 things he loved about me. We all love spending one on one time with our spouse but occasionally its nice to get out with friends. I forgot what it was like to notice the little things matter, until my husband took it upon himself to show me. I totally love these new window markers from Crayola, that leaves what you did look like it was etched.
It’s easy to get settled into a routine once you’ve been with someone for a little while, and a good surprise every now and then helps to keep your relationship from becoming dull and boring. The very best surprises are the ones that are uniquely planned to appeal to your man’s individual interests and wishes.
There are tons of ways to give your boyfriend a sexy surprise that will have him hotter than ever for you. Make plans with your boyfriend for him to come to your place and pick you up for a date, or if you live together, have your surprise ready for him when he comes home from work. Mama always said that a way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, and mama is always right. You might be stepping outside your own comfort zone with this one, but the object is to give him a surprise he will really like, and hey…you can have fun, too!
You might not want to impose on a new relationship by assuming he’s free next weekend, but long-timers can go ahead and make reservations for a weekend getaway. He will be definitely not expecting your selection and your choice will put him in the spills of wonder. The Taco Bell example is somewhat spur of the moment, and a great way to build a brand advocate. Have fun conversations with your customers and remind them that there are humans behind your brand.
You may think that many customers just hop on Twitter to rip into brands, and that is true.
And when it’s your lady’s birthday, then you should definitely try and wish her in the most unique way. Though getting her a cake at 12am in the night has become extremely cliched, try and do something unique so that your midnight surprise actually astonishes her completely. Being a responsible and loving boyfriend, you should know what your girlfriend’s favorite romantic song is.

But think ahead of the league; write down your own love story and present it as a novel to her.
You’ll need to get an idea of the guest list before you know where to host the party, or get together. He was bombarded with school and finals and told me he really didn’t have time to celebrate that year. Our water fight was so short and simple and my husband loved it; especially since it forced him to loosen up after a stressful day!
When my husband finally figured out where we were going (after 4 hours of listening to Dream Theatre and many, many hints) his reaction was priceless! I married my High School sweetheart in 2012 and he's kept me laughing since we met in 2008.
Even newer relationships can benefit from a good jolt of fun and romance with the occasional unexpected treat, so it’s really worth it if you put a little effort into keeping things interesting. This is a little more difficult with new relationships because you may not have had time yet to get to know his likes and dislikes… but you can still plan surprises based on the average likes of men in general.
But your boyfriend will love opening up his lunch to find a short love note tucked in with his sandwich. He’ll really appreciate the extra effort of you getting the recipe for his mother’s lasagna or grilling him a thick T-bone when you don’t even eat meat. Customized T shirtValentines day Boyfriend surprise giftsIdentify the characters and the things which your boyfriend likes. Exactly what it sounds like: give your customer a surprise and provide a delightful experience for them. If you do not have customers reaching out directly to you however, it may be hard to surprise anyone on Facebook. Customers now use social media as a means to solve customer service issues, and they expect full service. It has been noticed that many men get cold feet when their girlfriend’s birthday is nearing. What you can do is get hold of her cell phone somehow, and put an alarm at around 3am saying, “Look inside your bag”. Then take some candid pictures and videos of both of you, as well as her friends to make a small video of it on her favorite song.
And if you’re going out to a restaurant, make sure you call the restaurant ahead of time to arrange a dessert avec candle, and singing to close out the evening! Come up with a story that will give your friends time to decorate, or enlist a friend to bring her to the place for the surprise. When he asks you to meet, throw an excuse and don’t give any hint that you are going to meet him. Put down the seats of your van or clean out the bed of your truck and load it up with comfy bedding and fun activities.  Pick up your husband after he gets off work (or even better, get work off for him if that’s an option) and drive to your destination without letting him know where you’re going. My husband loves it when he finds surprises from me in his backpack at school or his lunch at work.
So while he was at school, I filled up a bucket of water balloons and squirt guns and left them outside with a fun note attached to the door for him to find upon arriving home. My husbands favorite band is Dream Theatre and when I found out they were touring this year I was bummed that the closest place they would be near us was still a good 8 hours away! He spent the next four hours on the road grinning from ear to ear and looking like he had died and gone to heaven.
I bought a deck of cards and mod podged little notes of the things I loved about him to each card. We just added a cute little fella to our twosome and couldn't be happier about finally being parents. I tried to surprise him with the tickets but he heard they were coming and wanted to get the tickets immediately.
We had a 6 hour drive to Denver Colorado for the concert we went to and my husband also took that time to fill us in on each of the band members. And for a more long-term romance, you’ll know the kind of thing he’s always wanted to do and you can really go big and make a dream come true for him.
But don’t forget, men are a different animal and the kind of surprises you might enjoy aren’t necessarily the kind that will hit the mark with the male of the species. First, prepare yourself as if you’re going out for an evening on the town, with full make-up, a great hairstyle, jewelry, sexy stockings and garters, and your hottest lingerie. Dress the table with candles and flowers, and dress yourself in an outfit you know he likes. Give him a paddle with a bow on it and a note with the date and time for a white-water rafting trip. He’ll love that you stepped out of your ordinary weekend routine and set up a little mini vacation for just the two of you.
The next time that you have a customer complaint pop up on Facebook or Twitter, try going the extra mile and giving that customer something extra. Yes, there is a long list of demands that some girlfriends have, but sometimes, surprising her by doing small and simple things works very well, as that is all she wants. Make sure the previous day you have put a card or a small gift inside her bag without an air of doubt in her mind. Play this video while you all are partying with your group of friends and she least expects something like this. Give her this surprise as the first thing in the morning, as you sing her the ‘Happy Birthday’ song.
No matter what, if your husband is an outdoorsy type like mine is, he will love any of these.

I then put a single hole punch in each card and tied a cute little ribbon through them all so they would stay together. He has showed me that just waking up and making sure he gets off to work in the morning makes his day. Arranging a small get-together with close friends of your boyfriend is a good idea to surprise your partner.
He’ll be expecting your usual takeout or frozen pizza and you can surprise him with a nice, home-cooked meal. Once you get his preference then get those stuff printed on a T shirt and gift this unique customized T shirt to him on this valentine day. It is not very difficult to please your girlfriend when you know her weaknesses or favorite things.
This might take some time to prepare, but you can definitely plan this at least a month ahead.
He will surely like your way of expressing your love and care for him on this auspicious day and will in return love you more for your intelligent and creative thoughts for him.Chocolate calculatorThis calculator is in the chocolate form hence named as chocolator.
If your boyfriend has a car, you can buy some showpiece to decorate the car and surprise him. Your boyfriend will love this surprise gift which is also useful to him for quick calculations.
By the time it was his birthday, my husband was convinced we were staying in some cabin in Zion’s National Park and I have no clue how he came to that conclusion. We got a babysitter for early in the afternoon and went plenty early to take in a nearby museum and then get dinner at the cutest little Brazilian place. You can really boggle his brain if you casually show up on his jobsite, give him eyeful and then strut out. Why not gather up some pictures from his family and friends of when he was younger and put together a slideshow cataloging his life so far?
And if you still fall short of ideas, then here are a few ways we suggest with which you can surprise your girlfriend, in a manner that she will never be able to forget.
During all of this my husband enjoyed filling me in more on each of the band members and how they excel at their craft.
In such a scenario, the best way to cheer your boyfriend is to plan a surprise birthday bash which has some spectacular effects not only on your boyfriend but you as well. He will appreciate you for your creative though and care for him.Stainless steel pocket watchThis watch is the best device to display the time. By the time of the concert, I found myself enjoying it more than I thought I would for a couple of reasons. Every guy has a favorite breakfast of one kind or another so put on your Sherlock Holmes hat and find out more – you might even be surprised when you find out what his favorite breakfast is. Once your boyfriend uses this for his day to day working he will get rid of that wrist watch and keep this antique watch in his pocket to know the time every hour of his day. 1) it meant so much to him that I was going with him since he knows they aren’t my fave. It will drive him crazy to sit beside you through an entire movie knowing what you have on under that coat. If you happen to realise this fact and arrange a boys’ night out, it will surely surprise your boyfriend. When asked now my husband’s favorite date of all time, he always says this one because I went with him to do something that was just for him and not really my interest! Depending upon the choice and like of your boyfriend, you can book tickets for a movie, play or theme parks. They signify very beautifully the love of two souls in the form of two rings interlocked together and that cannot be separated from each other.
You boyfriend will love to wear this pendant necklace  around his neck flaunting among his friends.
Recycled Rubber Coin Purse Wallet Case This gift will make your boyfriend more stylish and organized with his currency. It might be easy to say that you love someone very much but what matters is how much you know that person and to what extent you understand him. A simple thing like reading his thoughts and being aware of how he might react to a particular situation is enough to surprise your boyfriend. Also any small material important for him can also be kept inside this tiny purse.Travel caseGift him the travel luggage with travel toothbrushes, a set of nice men’s travel cosmetics and a travel ticket confirmation along with this travel baggage. But effort still has to be made with gestures from time to time to make your boyfriend feel special and wanted. This gift will light up his face when he receives it along with the confirmation and all travel arrangements already done for him. He will never forget this sweet gesture by you when he learns that you are also going along with him on this trip.
He will taken aback by the surprise.Best Boyfriend trophyGive him the best boyfriend trophy and make him feel like a superman on receiving it. He will never expect such lovely and careful thought from your side on this valentine day and praise you for this pampering of his performance so far.

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