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The reason why all humans do this instantaneously is to make sure we remain safe.  Its called the Reticular Activating System, a safety mechanism that has allowed humans to survive for 1000s of years. For example, as cave people we learned that anything large, hairy with big sharp teeth was extremely dangerous.  Whenever we saw anything remotely resembling that, we instantly learned that we needed to run.
The reason I bring this up is because the limbic system is able to understand and interpret more information then you can ever possibly realize. Somehow North Americans have jumped on the bandwagon and fairies, butterflies, dolphins and tribal tattoos are popping up everywhere.
No woman looks classy with a skull, stars, butterflies and dolphins splashed all over their chest and arms. Don’t forget those tattoos might look good now but in twenty years, that butterfly with look like a elephant, and the dolphin a whale, once all your skin starts stretching and hanging with age.
Clothes – Men love slutty looking clothes, because they scream sex, whether the woman wants them too or not.
Over drinking – Is it a turn on when men are sloppy, tripping, spilling, saying stupid things and acting like a complete idiot while drunk?
Of course, if you just want to swear a ton and act like one of the boys, don’t be surprised when that is what you become.
After answering several hundred emails along those lines, I think I’ve discovered the common problem would-be importers are having. It’s only a matter of (increasingly spare) time before a big player uncovers your goldmine, and eats it up for themselves. But none of that is going to make your product sell over a competitor who will take slimmer margins.
Most people waste weeks (if not months) of their time looking for a miracle product that will build their business for them. They are asking themselves the wrong questions, and looking at things from the wrong angle. Building a brand that your target customer loves is a sure-fire way to keep an edge on the competition.
Another example I often use is my friend Kevin Schlenker, who built the Skar Audio brand around his importing activities. Simply put, if you can build an audience and a sales funnel; you can pretty much sell whatever you want. Example – I was just talking the other day with somebody who built a lead-machine for the baby niche.
He hasn’t decided if he will start his own brand, begin drop shipping, or get into affiliate marketing. Somebody with deep pockets can quickly negotiate the best prices with the best suppliers. They can also afford to set up a more efficient distribution system. This applies everywhere in business, but perhaps even more in importing. Personal relationships play a huge role in Asian (especially Chinese) culture.
Hi Will, I was wondering if somebody starting out needs a license right away, and if not when is it needed?
I think I found a ton of good products, but the problem is the disparity between MOQ and the number of products I could sell.
You could try to find one of the distributors that works with that supplier and go through them.
Would you mind elaborating just a little on the idea of “Find a patented product that lends itself to being a promo product and contact the inventor”?
By ways around you mean changing product design at least and components at most that are protected? Well Will, I was one of those people that emailed you and spent more hours that need to be remembered searching. My gut tells me that most of the folks who can’t find products are simply too afraid to get out there and try.
One of which has sold 39 pairs of gloves at approximately $14 per pair giving them a total of $504 of gross profit.
I am starting a company and may be needing a large supply of Beyond Men’s Official Ratchet Leather Belt with Simple Plaque Slide Buckle. Hi laura; well I thought I was responding to your post but it wound up at the bottom of the page.
How many products would you start with (I know you’re starting slow and small, like me)? Also, you wouldn’t happen to know anything about tariffs, import fees, taxes and the like, would you? Will – maybe that could be a separate thread, with a shout out to anyone who knows something for their input? Also if i only start with a few products and I find that they are selling well; I can then use the proceeds to source other products and keep the momentum building.

My ultimate goal is to build each products’ sales to the point that it becomes feasible to use Amazon FBA to do the fulfillment.
Also, you wouldn’t happen to know anything about tariffs, import fees, taxes and the like, would you? Thanks Bill for all the information, Ive learned so much from this site already and now Im learning invaluable information from comments such as yours. In any case Ive spent the last few days studying and calculating how much the product will cost me once it arrives to my door. If anyone is interested in what product Ive ended up deciding on, its the wayfarer 80s retro sunglasses.
You dont know how much people need disposable sunglasses that get lost or destroyed by drunk people. Thanks, I have found multiple gold suppliers (I also always check if they have verified on-site location, escrow, etc.) and some of them organise shipping as well. I also have a friend who owns a bar that has afterparties for all the major events in our town and would sell them there and various other places like that.
I have lots of ideas how to move them once they are there, I am also meeting with a friend who is a professional in designing websites to fill me in on what I need (I taught him math so now he has to teach me this :P). Ebay completed listings are not very helpful to me, unless I’m not looking at the right thing. If we analyze the truth, a ratio of 100 black women for every 87 black men doesn’t sound that scarce. This process allows people to take in huge amounts of information instantly, process this information immediately and determine an appropriate response.  Normally this process is highly accurate. Those cave people who were not able to learn from their limbic brain and utilize their reticular activating system would have died very early in life, usually trying to pet a saber tooth tiger.
Or passed out with a needle in her arm, dry bubbly split lips from a crack pipe, flailing around on the dance floor while hopped up on Ecstasy or passed out with their head between their crotch from smoking too much dope. One or two tattoos can be cute if truly meaningful and placed in a nice discreet location, otherwise it is just a giant ink spot.  It looks like someone rolled a piece of silly putty over newspaper and stretched it out. One of the boys and nothing more.  Act like a lady and every man will treat you like a lady. If you do any three or more of these visual faux pas, then you might want to consider that the reason why you are not attracting the type of guy you want is because you are not visually communicating the right message.  Perhaps its time to reassess how you express yourself to the world. Well obviously if movies are utilizing this belief, then more people then just myself are sensing it. Another life changing importing post from you Will, it seems like you are becoming the world expert on small scale importing. I think I can hold out for a while, just promise you’ll let me know if I start slipping up! Find a patented product that lends itself to being a promo product and contact the inventor.
Sometimes you can find new inventions on inventor websites or through Inventor’s Digest Magazine.
Assuming so, will you have to hire both lawyer and R&D consultant to make sure product can be changed? And they may not be stuff that you would buy; but check them on alibaba, amazon and Ebay and you will see that folks are selling them and making money.
I agree with you 100%, there’s a limitless supply of products out there if you know how to sell. Sounds like a generic brand to me and there are only 4 sellers, but one of them has 293 customer reviews with a 4.5 rating.
Could you send me your price list for these Beyond Men’s Official Ratchet Leather Belt with Simple Plaque Slide Buckle, along with any shipping and payment information you can give me. Some will go into much more detail, and some will send you free samples, but the basic message is the same.
If they are being sold and there are not too many vendors I now go to Alibaba to check on vendors and pricing. Once on alibaba, if I find the product at a good price I send an inquiry email to several vendors and wait for their response. I hope this makes sense and that it helps some of you have a better understanding of what we are all trying to do. What i mean by starting slow has more to do with how the market receives my products than it does the number of products. What I do with every product is to put it up for sale and try to maximize the number of sales.
Since I have no one to bounce ideas off of, it helps tremendously to hear the mental process behind the decisions you’re making.
Is the general practice really that suppliers handle this (on your request or just in general).

Is that why there are always two prices on Alibaba, one for the price of the product and one for the price with all fees added on? They pack 500 of them in 1m3 box with 16kg weight, so Im hoping the transport will be cheap.
I think I have reasonable expectations about how much work is involved in importing and re-selling. But out of those 87, if there are a shortage of marriageable black men versus those who are cheaters, on the down low or incarcerated, then it makes perfect sense!
Because men are like shoes always have tons in your closet including some cute ones you havent worn yet. She used to ask me how her perfume would smell all the time and I could never smell it over the cigarette stink.  Then of course I would always smell like smoke whenever I spent time with her. Seriously, if you can set off a metal detector with your face, you have more problems then not just being able to meet a good guy. So you will attract the types of guys who only want sex and the good guys who want a relationship will look else where. Women look just as bad, if not worst.  No one is saying you can’t have fun, but do you really need to get so drunk your friends have to carry you and your shoes outside, so you can lay down in a pile of your vomit and urine? It’s hard enough to attract a good man, without sabotaging yourself before you even say anything. I guess one of the benefits of not selling anything is that I don’t have to cover up the ugly parts, like hard work and risk.
It’s important to think about what your business or product will do differently, that will make the target customer look twice and consider you over the competition. Must they estimate the level of product uniqueness required to be attained to make sure it’s no longer seen as one infringing IP of original? I will instead, see how their ad reads and try to make it better so I get the lion’s share of buyers.
VERY helpful, and it gives me quite a bit more confidence so I no longer feel like I’m floundering about. I am much more interested in finding a few good products to sell than flooding the market with lots of different ones. It’s the largest and best club for seeking interracial singles, black athletes, doctors, lawyers, investors, entrepreneurs, beauty white queens, fitness models, and Hollywood celebrities.
You are instantly giving them the information they need to know that you are not what they are looking for. Either get a dog that is capable of walking without breaking a leg or don’t get a dog. The last thing I want is to get stuck with inventory and to wait 1-2 years to recoup the initial investment. I spent the last 3 days looking at Amazon’s movers and shakers, and at Ali Express best sellers.
I could have done the same kind of inventory in the bathroom- toothbrush holders, brushes, combs, small mirrors etc. Remember we want to be specific about which gloves we source, so I changed the name to ‘rubber kitchen gloves’. I mean, if I could sell a million items and make a dollar per unit, is it worth the effort of packing, shipping, customer service, etc? Yet, those fairytales are only found in the storybooks now since more and more black relationships have dwindled over the past 50 years. Here come the good news, there are ways around the patents (disney figures not so much), and I’m speaking about legal ways. I know it seems a bit foreign (pun intended), but sometimes you just have to go ahead and try it. It’s one of the most talked about issues in the black community, and many theories swirl as to why it’s hard for women to find companionship.
Sometimes those insights might not be popular, but isn’t it better to know, so you can increase your chances of meeting the type of guy you want? Who takes control of the relationship only when she wants to let go of control of the relationship.. Case in point- would you buy a “Horsehead mask?” Look it up on Amazon and you will see what I mean.

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