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When it comes to actually casting these Wiccan love spells, the methods for the first two are very similar. For the third category, obviously no personal object can be used, instead the person requesting the spell is asked to define the kind of person they wish to meet.
Advocates of first-party casting claim that the energies are stronger because of the intense desire that the person feels. One thing is for sure; throughout many generations, people have used Wiccan love spells to great effect. CoolChaser lets you easily create beautiful Facebook layouts within minutes - so easy even your grandma can do it!

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People hate losing what they have already got, and a broken relationship can be one of the most painful experiences in life. On the other hand, fans of third party casting suggest that when a spell is cast by an experienced practitioner in the craft, their experience makes it more powerful than any novice could accomplish, no matter what their level of desire.
Whatever science and technology may have to offer in the future, peoples need for love will ensure that this kind of magic continues to live on for a long time to come. People who would never normally consider the use of magic, or Wicca, will often put aside their prejudices or preconceptions faced with such pain.

It doesn’t really matter what the reason was for the break up, or who initiated it, these spells are designed to fix the relationship. No pre-existing relationship is necessary, the love spell is designed to bring love where there is none (or at least, where there is no reciprocal love). Whereas they are meant to be cast on a specific individual, these find me a lover spells are for use when one wishes to meet and fall in love with someone new.

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