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Game of Thrones is back with a season premiere that ties tragedy of the Starks from last season into a rebirth of the Stark’s purpose through Arya.
To compound things for Jaime, Joffrey also shows no love for him when they make preparations for his wedding. Tyrion Lannister finds him in a brothel and their one-on-one conversation reveals how Oberyn still harbors hatred for the current regime: his sister Ella was married to Rhaegar Targaryen, son of the mad king and oldest brother of Daenerys.
Tyrion also has his hands full with his wife Sansa Stark, who is grieving the loss of her family.
Brienne of Tarth visits Margaery Tyrell finally and reports to her how Renly Baratheon has killed by a shadow commissioned by Stannis Baratheon (if you’ve been watching Game of Thrones for the last two years, you know this already except that Brienne and Margaery have never had this conversation before). Brienne also has a word with Jaime Lannister who she has on oath would protect Sansa and Arya Stark. Meanwhile, Jon Snow’s former love Ygritte and the Wildlings team up with some cannibals. The Hound starts a brawl with the bandits and puts down most of them, but it wasn’t enough, until Arya joins in the fight.
Provided you didna€™t kick a hole in your television after a certain scene in last Sundaya€™s episode, then you watched Daenerys Targaryen hop on her dragon and fly away.
But the most compelling argument for Jon, Tyrion, and Dany to be our three dragon riders came in Season 2, Episode 10, during the House of the Undying scene. How ironic that the title of this episode is a€?The House of Black and White,a€? given the way most of our favorite characters spend the whole hour wrestling with brutally vexing shades of gray. At least Aryaa€™s world is still neatly divided between right and wrong, or friend and foe. Sounds like Arya is in for some Batman Beginsa€“type training, and I can hardly wait to see how it all plays out amid Braavosa€™s Greco-Venetian waterways. But boy did she not want to hear Podricka€™s rather sensible suggestion that she had dispatched her obligations to the Stark daughters.
Meanwhile, Cersei is her fathera€™s daughter through and through, but how much sway does she really have over her son the king?
It was delicious seeing Margaerya€™s ridiculous father inflate with pride at Cerseia€™s empty compliments, and it was satisfying seeing Pycelle huff and puff over the decision to hand Varysa€™s Master of Whispers role to Qyburn (whom PBS viewers will recognize as Anton Lesser, who plays Sir Thomas More on Wolf Hall).
Meanwhile, Cersei is most concerned about her own daughter, Myrcella, who now dwells in Dornea€”a place where Lannisters are about as popular as Hummers on Earth Day.
Either way, we now know that Jaime Fookina€™ Lannister is headed their way, accompanied by Bronn, whose brief idyll with that yammering noble girl has come to a premature end.
Jon Snow had a chance to claim a girl and a castle of his own, but he chose to stay true to his pledge to the Nighta€™s Watch. I dona€™t actually think Jon Snow is going to spend the rest of his earthly life abstaining from sex under the shadow of The Wall, but the logic of his character demands that he always make the noblest, most self-denying choice possible, only to be rescued at the last minute by some unlikely chain of events.
Of course Ia€™m still holding out hope that Jon Snow will eventually end up with Daenerys, whose decision to stick with her principles yields much more problematic results. Daenerysa€™s impulse is to kill the prisoner, but Barristan Selmy persuades her that this is a golden opportunity to introduce the good people of Meereen to the joys of due process.
Trouble is, the people of Meereen dona€™t really give a damn about the rule of law, due process, or any of that pointy-headed nonsense. And maybe, if the people of Meereen revolt, the dragons will help them see the error of their ways. The fourth season of Game of Thrones is finally here, and our resident Westeros fanatic is back to chronicle the TV adaptation of George R. In the books: The Doom of Valyria casually mentioned by Tywin was a mysterious catastrophic event that destroyed the powerful Valyrian freehold nearly four hundred years before the start of the series, and continues to render its land unliveable.
Tyrion waits on the road to Kings Landing to welcome Doran Martell, the Prince of Dorne, to the royal wedding, but soon learns that his brother Oberyn (aka the Red Viper) has been sent his stead. Speaking of necklaces, Lady Olenna and Margaery are picking out her jewelry for the wedding when Brienne approaches them.
The Wildlings: As the wildlings wait for reinforcements, Ygritte angrily makes arrows in preparation for the coming battle. Arya: The Hound and Arya continue their journey, and he laughs when she asks for her own horse since it would give the most valuable thing he has the ability to leave him. When the show first began, it seemed obvious what were watching: the story about the honorable knight who saves the kingdom. Although their numbers are dwindling, it’s easier than ever to identify with the Stark children. We may have grown up on the sanitized Disney versions, but the Grimm fairy tales were often as brutal (and instructive about the brutality of the world) as Game of Thrones.
Not only has Arya turned into a stone-cold killer, but the little fire lizards that used to flit around Daenerys have become terrifying monsters that occasionally frighten even their mother. Whether or not you can keep watching (or enjoying) Game of Thrones depends entirely on your ability to do the same. That all took a hiccup when she had to lock her dragons away in a dungeon for basically being bratty teenagers. Ned Stark used it to behead a Wilding in the first episode of Season 1 and was the same sword used to behead him. He’s also bisexual-incestuous which is a perfect reason to add gratuitous HBO nudity scenes. The leaders want to behead him for treason but he tells the truth of why he killed Half-Hand. This dramatic scene no doubt kicked up some burning questions, and wea€™re here with all your dragon-related answers.
Way back in the day, the Targaryena€™s mastered the art of dragon-riding allegedly using a combination of practice and sorcery.
Well, the dubious parentage of both Jon Snow and Tyrion Lannister have been hinted at in the show. Nope, Game of Thrones went all lit major one more time last season when Daario picked Dany this bouquet of flowers. Shea€™s still searching the outer reaches of the world for her old Braavosi pal Jaqen Ha€™ghar, and still reciting the names of the errant souls on her a€?kill list.a€? I dona€™t think she meant to give up when she tossed that coin into the watera€”if anything, she seemed to have an intuition that it belonged there. And she made a good point when she asked whether Podrick really thought Sansa was safe with Littlefinger.

But the best part came when Tywina€™s brother Kevan Lannister blew his stack, informing Cersei that he does not recognize her authority. The late Oberyn Martella€™s lover, Ellaria Sand, presumably sent Cercei that necklace in a cobraa€™s moutha€”but her real hope is to start air-mailing Myrcellaa€™s fingers to Cersei one by one. The grizzled sellsword cana€™t be too bummed to be leaving the quiet life behind, though I bet he wonders if hea€™ll ever get to claim the a€?much better girla€? and a€?much better castlea€? that Jaime has promised him. Ita€™s almost refreshing to have one character who operates in this hokey old way in a fictional universe where almost everyone else is a maze of conflicting, mostly horrifying impulses.
Theya€™re just pissed off that a former slave has been punished for doling out blood justice to a murderous slave owner. Well, one possibility is that her dragon was attracted to the strength Daenerys showed out there on the dais, in front of all those cranky ex-slaves. She and her army set out for the slave city of Meereen, where she’s told a thousand slaves died building it.
She puts a stop to this with a quickness, telling them they can both ride in the back and also maybe don’t treat her like a prize? The conversation between Jaime and Tywin, like many things in the episode, actually happened much later in the story, though the substance is the same. As he leafs through the history of the Kingsguard, he takes particular note of a knight called Duncan the Tall, who earned four pages in the book.
Oberyn got to town early, however, and headed straight to the local brothel for vigorous bisexual adventures with his lover, Ellaria Sand. Tyrion never outright refuses Shae, though he does consider sending her away to a safer place or even arranging a proper marriage for her. Instead of cannibals, the Thenns were actually thought to be slightly more civilized than other free folk, with the sort of codified laws that most wildlings didn’t have.
Janos Slynt and Alliser Thorne do ultimately charge him with breaking his vows, though this takes place later under very different circumstances.
During the fray, Arya kills the Tickler (who died on the show at the hands of Jaqen H’ghar at Harrenhal) and a loudmouthed squire, while the Hound kills Polliver.
The death of Ned Stark shocked us by subverting all our expectations not just about this story but about this type of story.
The Red Wedding wasn’t just a betrayal of the Starks, but a betrayal of the story we thought we were hearing. When we return to Westeros for Season 4, we find characters who seem very different than the ones we met several years ago.
All Jon ever wanted to be an honorable man, and so of course he ended literally getting ordered to betray his men and join the enemy, then turn around and betray those people too. Jaime and Cersei had their own version of the fairy tale love story, even if it was a twisted one: He was the handsome, arrogant swordsman and she was the beautiful queen, and they were in love.
As Tyrion well knows, Cersei isn’t a woman with a lot of patience, especially for broken things. The last time Brienne saw Margaery, she was the wife of Renly, a man actively trying take the throne from Joffrey, and now she’s marrying Joffrey himself.
It’s a fantasy story, yes, but one with a relentlessly realistic view of human nature that frees it from some many of the tired tropes of fantasy. The only difference between actual bratty teenagers and these ones are the fact that the dragons breathe fire.
Tywin is not impressed since he questions how Jaime could serve with one hand, but he lets him stay anyway.
Therea€™s seemingly no sorcery involved in Daenerysa€™s move here; she and Drogon are just that bonded.
Therea€™s a prophetic dream sequence in the books that has Daenerysa€™s dead brother Rhaegar saying a€?the dragon has three heads.a€? This is commonly accepted (with encouragement from Martin) to mean that there will be three dragon riders in A Song of Ice and Fire. Since the House of the Undying scene is much longer and more involved in the booksa€”and contains that line about the dragon having three headsa€”many believe the HBO series boiled the vision down to its most salient point. Catelyna€™s other daughter, Sansa, is not as blatantly homicidal as her sister, but if you ask me shea€™s a little too enthusiastic about learning the underhanded ways of Petyr Baelish.
The question, though, is whether Sansa still deserves the protection her mother sought for her.
Cersei is certainly presenting herself as his spokespersona€”though not the Hand, as a woman could never fill such a lofty office, as she declares with barely concealed disgust. And even though life doesna€™t actually work this way, it was genuinely moving to see Jona€™s decision immediately vindicated when Maester Aemon cast the tie-breaking vote to name him Lord Commander of the Nighta€™s Watch.
It all starts when Daario Naharis helps Grey Worm locate the Sons of the Harpy assassin who killed White Rat in the season premiere.
Unfortunately, one of Danya€™s own advisorsa€”himself a former slavea€”decides to do her the favor of murdering the prisoner, forcing Daenerys to have him put to death. After Daenerys sends her advisors away, she steps out on her balcony, only to be greeted by a€¦ Drogon, her absentee dragon!
She didna€™t give in to the cries for mercy, but nor did she indulge her own taste for vengeance.
Martin’s vast and complex world, how each episode differs from the books, and what it all means. Despite changing actors and acquiring a beard, however, Daario tragically still does not have the completely insane three-pointed blue facial hair of the books.
Similarly, while his relationship with Cersei is indeed changed when he comes back, she does not immediately refuse him. Naturally, he also takes this opportunity to taunt his secret dad Jaime about how few accomplishments are on his page, and how a 40-year-old swordsman without a hand is unlikely to achieve anything more. Tyrion is still pretty sad-face emoticon about the Red Wedding, including the gruesome details about her mother and brother’s deaths as well as basically her entire life.
As they walk past a totally hilarious golden statute of Joffrey, Margaery kindly reminds her that Joffrey is their king now, which isn’t so much a criticism as a reminder of how to survive.
Soon those reinforcements arrive in the form of the Thenns, a clan of facially scarred cannibals so freaky that they even unnerve even Tormund, especially when their leader Styr decides to have an impromptu barbeque of crow meat (and not the kind that comes from a bird).
They happen upon a tavern where Arya spies a familiar face: Polliver, the man who killed her friend Lommy (and dozens and dozens of other people) at Harrenhal. In its fourth season, Game of Thrones has become about what happens when the fairy tale ends, or rather when we finally realize that it was never really that story at all.

When Ned taught them the story of the world he taught them about chivalry and honor, rather than power and blood. Maybe if he really wanted them to survive, Ned should have read those to his children instead.
It hasn’t been a pleasant journey for anyone, and most of the people we meet are worn, broken and changed versions of their former selves.
It might ask you to believe in dragons, but it’ll never ask you to believe that the good guys always win.
They’re uncontrollable, and the dragons that Daenerys locked up at the end of last season have had a while to fester and grow their attitude to even larger scales of fire breathing brattiness. And dragon-ridinga€”like forging Valyrian steela€”is considered a lost art, and an extremely effective method of warfare. In the books, a character named Quentyn Martell tried to follow Daenerysa€™s lead and take control of one of her other dragons, Viserion, but gets torched by the third dragon, Rhaegal, for his trouble. In other words, the three locations of the dreama€”the Wall, the throne room, Khal Drogoa€™s tenta€”represent the three dragon riders.
After interrupting what could have been a highly entertaining three-on-one street fight (my only quibble with this excellent episode is that it could have used a smidge more action), that creepy monk walked her back to the House of Black and White, returned her coin, and revealed himself as Ha€™ghar himselfa€”except hea€™s not calling himself that anymore. That said, you cana€™t really blame her for not wanting to fall under the protection of Brienne, whom she last saw bending a knee to the loathsome King Joffrey.
But if she truly had control over Tommen, wouldna€™t she have put this meeting on his calendar? Luckily for the Lannisters, Oberyna€™s brother Doran has a strict policy against mutilating little girls for vengeance, which, by Game of Thrones logic, means hea€™s probably about to be dethroned. He nuzzles with her for a moment, seemingly pleased to be reunited with his mama, and then a€¦ he flies off into the night. Considering how arrogant Jaime was when we met him, kinda makes you wonder what he was like as a teenager. Tyrion arrives just in time to see him stab one of them in the hand with a knife, and asks him why he’s really in Kings Landing.
Although he kills most of them, Arya gets in on the action too, and takes out Polliver herself, while repeating the words he said before he killed Lommy. When he did, we resolved our mental dissonance by immediately defaulting to the next most obvious trope: the one about Robb, the handsome prince destined to avenge his father (and have his own fairy tale romance, to boot).
In a sense, he taught them a fairy tale about how the world was supposed to be rather than the way it actually is, and just like us, they believed it. But the part of her that was always petty, paranoid and resentful is somehow even bigger now, and there isn’t as much room for Jaime.
When the story changes, you learn to tell a new one or more likely than not, you die telling the old ones. To say that Daenerys’ dragons have attitude is to greatly interstate their lack of appreciation for being locked up in a concrete tomb. Targaryen dragon riders are the ones who first united the seven kingdoms and, as we discovered last week, Danya€™s dragon fire may be the only hope the realms of men have against the Nighta€™s King.
Martell seems to have been written out of the show, but ita€™s possible one of Danya€™s remaining Meereenese companions like Daario, Jorah, or Missandei could suffer Quentyna€™s fate. Once Sansa rebuffed her would-be protector, it was a matter of time before the swords started swinging, and nobody swings them better than Brienne of Tarth.
The romance ends when they discover a dead slave nailed to a mile marker, with her hand pointed toward Meereen. The Cersei he sees now is a lot closer to the one that Tyrion always had to deal with, and like most things on the show, it’s not as pretty as it used to be. While plenty of people walk around believing that the story of the world is about them, it isn’t, of course. Therea€™s Danya€™s nephew Aegon (who we suspect to be a fraud), Jon Snow (surely youa€™ve heard of R+L=J by now), and, of course, Tyrion himself.
He gives her a beautiful blue necklace that he says has been in his family for years, which she promises to wear. She heads for the tavern and the Hound is forced to follow and soon they find the Mountain’s men who are busy with their drinking and ambient raping. There are no main characters in Game of Thrones just like there are no main characters in life. Part of the whole reason they were locked up in the first place had to do with their unpredictable nature which resulted in a little kid getting torched. Most people believe Jon Snow, Tyrion Lannister, and Daenerys Targaryen are the three fabled dragon riders of A Song of Ice and Fire. So if all goes according to fan expectationa€”and leta€™s be real, that isn't often the casea€”the series will end with Emilia Clarke, Kit Harrington, and Peter Dinklage all astride their very own CGI dragons.
And then, in her rescue of Podrick, she chopped a knighta€™s sword in half before plunging her own blade through his throat. People succeed or fail based on how strong, smart and lucky they are, but no one is saved or protected by the cloak of the protagonist because there’s no such thing. That’s not something that Daenerys needs and her dragons acting up on her like this is not a good sign of her ability to control them.
There are other candidates including Bran Stark (who could warg into a dragon) or Varys (another potential secret Targaryen), but it seems likely that the three dragon riders will be three main characters.
Give this much to Brienne: whatever she lacks in people skills, she more than makes up for in combat technique. Also, Tyrion keeps refusing Shae’s sexual advances, largely because his father threatened to kill the next prostitute he sleeps with. She pitches a fit that gets overheard by one of Cersei’s informants, which bodes very poorly for Shae.

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