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Never seeing the appeal to line up for hours just to buy the latest thing, I stayed home as my boyfriend willfully volunteered to pick up our pre-ordered copy of Grand Theft Auto 5. I’m not one to usually say this, but GTA 5’s hype and my expectations meet together nicely, in a Venn diagram that looks like one giant circle.
From the moment you steal yourself a car, you realize that the musical accompaniment found on the radio is like the smeared icing on a grimy, smog encapsulated cake.
There’s even a weird talk station that’s a mix of Rush Limbaugh (with opposing stereotyped high strung liberals), Coast to Coast, mixed with Howard Stern. For those of us that want to be schooled in Influential Music 101, there are many radio stations that are sure to appeal. It was hard to pry myself from the magnetic Channel X, hosted by Keith Morris, co-founder of bands such as Black Flag and Circle Jerks. I checked out whatever cheats were so far available online, memorizing them and whispering them in my head like a pre-meditation Hindu mantra. The following afternoon (after staying up late to try out the game), driving around in downtown Toronto’s trauma inducing rush hour, watching accountants drive in late model convertibles, one cannot help but wish it were GTA land, where I can toss this sucker out of his mid-life penis compensation. Farah Bryce has very large lips that have a life of their own, and keep her teeth warm during cold Canadian winters.
Stay in touch with us on Facebook, Google+, or Twitter for more indie music articles, memes, reviews and whatever else tickles our fancy. In Keanu, Jordan Peele and Keegan-Michael Key try to save the most adorable kitten on the face of the earth from a drug dealer. With the exception of Kate Winslet’s over-the-top, helmet-haired Russian Jewish mob boss, Irina, every performance in Triple 9 never strays from the grounded realism we’ve come to expect from aforementioned gritty urban actioners. With so many characters, motivations, and subplots, it’s not surprising that Triple 9 feels both too long and too short, too long because we’ve seen these plot turns and machinations countless times before, too short because practically each character in Triple 9 could appear in his or her own standalone film. Hillcoat has little patience for character-building scenes or discussions of morality and ethics, instead focusing his considerable filmmaking skills to orchestrating the opening and closing heists, plus a tactical incursion into a drug dealer’s adobe and later, a tense, tension-filled hunt-and-chase between a cop and a gangbanger inside an abandoned public housing project.
Director Jon Favreau certainly mastered the beast-size challenge of translating a beloved book and animated film into a new media, even with a roar. There’s a new teaser trailer for A Monster Calls, the latest effort from Juan Antonio Bayona (The Impossible). Species II Having just returned from a mission to Mars, Commander Ross (Justin Lazard) isn't exactly himself.
He’s been to similar product launching lineups, and back in the day, album releases at midnight, and called me to let me know this lineup was probably going to break records. It’s visually stunning, with graphics so precise that most of it looks incredibly real, except when you glance at a character’s face. GTA’s well known for its sarcastic, tongue in cheek radio commercials, which still prevail and are well suited to today’s climate and are as relevant as ever. If you want to turn the road into your own personal soul train, then check out the soul and funk radio stations as you tear up the concrete in search of Don Cornelius.

The radio station features classic California punk rock such as The Germs, The Descendants, Suicidal Tendencies and of course, Black Flag.
The whole act of digitally living out your inner most sociopathic fantasies is strangely cathartic, and I recommend it to anyone who needs an outlet for their aggression.
Friends urged her to go into Journalism, but upon reviewing others that pursued this major, she chose to go into Business with a major in Human Resources instead. We aim to expose you to new bands, bring you real music news, events, opinions, reviews and more from fellow music lovers immersed in the scene.
Winslet may stray into over-the-top, scenery-chewing territory, an obvious sign that she’s at least enjoying her foray into non-Oscar-bait filmmaking, but she’s only one out of a half-dozen characters who could have easily carried Triple 9 on their own.
An ex-Special Forces operative turned mercenary, Terrell Tompkins (Chiwetl Ejiofor), actually takes center stage for most of Triple 9’s running time. Robbing a bank in broad daylight poses certain challenges, all of them surmountable, but robbing a heavily guarded Department of Homeland Security building poses an entirely different set of potentially insurmountable problems, leaving one character to suggest the “triple 9” of the title, an officer down incident that will lead the city’s finest to abandon preexisting obligations to help an officer in apparent need.
The constant pressure to advance the plot(s) within a two-hour running time (where, for once an extra half hour or 45 minutes would have helped) means the characters are drawn in the broadest strokes and the actors have to make do with minimal screen time, telegraphing their characters’ choices and inner lives as bluntly as possible. That scene inside the abandoned public housing project, while impressively choreographed, also serves as an example of supposedly smart characters suddenly losing dozens of IQ points as the screenplay demands. After attending NYU undergrad (politics and economics major, religious studies minor) and grad school (law), he decided a transcontinental move to California, specifically San Francisco, was in order. The Grand Theft Auto franchise is well versed in greasing the hype machine, as worldwide sales have already exceeded $1 billion in its first three days.
Rockstar Games really did their homework in terms of market research in order to cater to their vast fan base. You’ll hear lots of social commentary that implies the housing market crash, the diminishing middle class, etc.
Pam Grier reprises her role in Jackie Brown as a fan of the Delfonics, and is featured as resident DJ empress (she’s super hilarious) on her radio station, The Lowdown 91.1. It was fun to navigate the many hidden alleys and roadways while listening to angsty, turbulent lyrics.
Our generation was born too late to experience the ever collapsing middle and upper middle class. Despite this error in judgment, she still enjoys writing here and there, sewing, playing guitar, and hanging out with her cat, Zeppelin. Instead we get the hotshot, incorruptible good cop, Chris Allen (Casey Affleck), his new, semi-guilt-ridden partner, Marcus Atwood (Anthony Mackie), his ethically and morally compromised (but not too ethically and morally compromised) detective uncle, Jeffrey Allen (Woody Harrelson), and a completely corrupt, sociopathic homicide detective, Jorge Rodriguez (Clifton Collins Jr.).
Indebted to Irina, Tompkins masterminds a first-act heist Hillcoat shoots and edits with maximum, suspense-building efficiency. Not surprisingly, even considering a triple 9 causes friction inside Tompkins’ crew, primarily from Gabe, an ex-cop, but it’s not enough to halt Tompkins’ plans.
It’s a credit to the cast that the performances in Triple 9 (minus Winslet) never get too broad or slip into caricature, though one or two others come precariously close.

Presumably, the poor neighborhoods we see, plus the housing project, are meant as Hillcoat’s attempts at socio-political commentary, but whatever commentary Hillcoat intended Triple 9 to make remains frustratingly oblique and, at best superficial. Since Mel began writing nine years ago, he's written more than 1,600 film-related reviews and articles. Even Rolling Stone says “this might be the best GTA soundtrack ever.” For mainstream listeners, from classic rock, to top 40s pop, to electronica and techno, GTA 5 has you covered. Unless one of us goes out to trade in our youth for cold, stainless steel prison toilets as nightstands, we will not know the glee of our parent’s metallic light blue ’75 firebird (the actual car my dad drove in his 20s) firsthand, or the bright red ’72 Stingray Corvette my boyfriend’s dad still maintains. She resides in Toronto, but dreams of living in Vancouver instead, and is a hardcore Nirvana fan. He wants out from under Irina’s thumb and he’ll do practically anything to get there, placing him squarely in anti-hero territory (if not an outright villain). By the time we get to the second scene of a phantom back seat passenger surprising a tactically trained cop character, it’s well past time to throw your hands up in the air and accept Triple 9 as nothing more than a super-slick, superficial urban actioner ultimately signifying nothing. He's a member of the San Francisco Film Critics Circle and the Online Film Critics Society. Occasionally you’ll hear some songs that are annoying and derivative of pure dribble, but I’ll let you discover that according to your own tastes. If you want a tastier, mellower ride, I highly suggest the reggae station, Blue Ark, hosted by accomplished reggae producer and artist, Lee “Scratch” Perry (and also featuring some of his music). I found the Capitol Records building, in all its iconic glory, hoping to see a cameo of the Red Hot Chili Peppers, hopping around in heroin inflicted lunacy (Flea’s ex-band Fear join the punk rock roster). Unless you’re a trustafarian, or you scored an amazing job but still live at home, chances are slim that you’ll be able to buy a brand new, sexy, fast car. Why Marcus and Jorge turned to crime or became corrupt remains one of the mysteries Triple 9’s screenplay repeatedly sidesteps before leaving it completely unanswered. When Snoop Dogg’s “Gin and Juice” came on the station West Coast Classics, I HAD TO SING EVERY LINE. Unfortunately, Channel X has probably the smallest mix of songs, repeating themselves to broken-glass-in-the-wrist death, but I guess you can’t please everyone. Even if some of what GTA 5’s DJs are saying comes across as biting satire, a lot of it rings very true. Perhaps they couldn’t find enough bands willing to compromise their punk ethos to this day and sell their music to the franchise?

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