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You are praying to be married to a woman who lied to you and then got involved with another man.
Pray to Allah and say, "O Allah, grant me a wife who is righteous and loyal, and who will live with me in mutual respect, and love, and happiness, and will benefit me in my dunya and aakhirah." Keep making this dua', and accept whoever Allah sends to you, rather than fixating on this one woman.
Going beyond the issue of marriage, I don't know anything about your life, but in general, Allah will help those who strive.
And (remember) when your Lord brought forth from the Children of Adam, from their loins, their seed (or from Adam's loin his offspring) and made them testify as to themselves (saying): "Am I not your Lord?" They said: "Yes!
Once he has passed out of the Fire, he will turn to face it and say, "Blessed be He Who has saved me from you. Allah (swt) will say, "O son of Aadam perhaps if I grant you this, you will ask Me for something else?" He will say, "No, O Rabb, I promise that I will not ask for anything else". Allah (swt) will say, "O son of Aadam did you not promise Me that you would not ask me for anything else?
His Rabb, may He be glorified, will excuse him because he is seeing something which he has no patience to resist, so He will bring him closer. They asked, "Why are you smiling, O Messenger of Allah (saw)?" He said, "Because the Rabb of the Worlds will smile when He is asked, "Are You making fun of me when You are the Rabb of the Worlds?" He will say, "I am not making fun of you, but I am able to do whatever I will""". Verily, Allah has purchased of the believers their lives and their properties for (the price) that theirs shall be the Paradise.
But perhaps you hate a thing and it is good for you; and perhaps you love a thing and it is bad for you. Say: "O 'Ibadi (My slaves) who have transgressed against themselves (by committing evil deeds and sins)!
The way this reads, it almost sounds like you are saying you regret keeping your virginity. Whoever loves this dunya and is pleased by it, then he should know that love of the akhira is leaving their heart because the two cannot co-exist in one heart.
Absolutely loved your compassionate, beautifully worded response full of wisdom to this brother's predicament.
When you say you don't have any success in life you should take a step back and reevaluate. For the brother who wrote in to us and for all those who ask “Why aren’t my duaas getting accepted” or “Why don’t I get what I want”, a sister known as Yasmin Mogahed has mashAllah given a well articulated answer to these questions. You seem to be very disturbed, but really you think Allah does not care about your prayers or you? Oh Allah, help Tanweer's husband to find a good job and be successful in the dunya and aakhirah.
We start by asking Allah SWT to put in our hearts what is beneficial to us in this life and the life after death, and we ask Him to give us sincerity in our intentions. One day, Musa (A.S) was walking and he said to Allah SWT "Oh Allah I want to be close to You". In order to love someone, we have to know the person; you cannot claim to love someone without knowing him or her! Love is something that is not generated overnight; at the same time, no matter how much goodness you do, some people will take the goodness for granted and give you evil in return, and will never recognize what you did for them. But here, we are talking about the normal fitra, pure hearts without diseases Insha Allah, or sick hearts with minimum diseases. The Creator of the heavens and the earth has all the qualities and from these He gave us a very small part. Repentance gains Allah's love because when we repent we are in fact recognizing our mistakes and going back to Allah SWT believing in His quality of forgiveness; but at the same time, we have to promise Allah that we will not repeat our mistakes. Allah opens His door according to the amount of love we have for Him, and no one knows about this amount except Allah himself. We try to utilize them by recognizing them as bounties, trying to learn, and trying to think about them. An example of this is the story of a group of villagers who were on their way to meet a king to present their requests and needs to him. A man was walking one night and he sincerely said to Allah' Oh Allah I want to be for you, show me how to love you Oh Allah'. Initially the boy was arrogant as he walked out of the house, but he soon realized that he has no shelter from the rain and no food to eat. The man who was watching all this cried saying 'This boy cried for just a few minutes and his mother became so compassionate, then what about our relationship with Allah the most compassionate, the most merciful?' Who can answer the prayers of the desperate one except Allah SWT?
What else can really benefit us if we do not see all the things that Allah has provided us with?
If someone obeys and tries to reach Allah, Allah calls Angel Jibreel and says "O Jibreel bear witness, I love so and so (Allah calls that person with beautiful names), so love him". My dear brothers and sisters, if you want Allah to love you, then try to recognize him as the giver and always stay in a state of contentment and humbleness. His generosity to those who love Him by preparing them for the hereafter; so when we see calamity we should know that it is a trial for us, since calamities are actually designed to test us.
Once you study and recognize who Allah SWT is, it becomes your responsibility to invite others towards Him. The first element for inviting towards Allah SWT is to love Him, to have a connection with Him, and to ask Him to make you an inviter to His path. The second element is that we have to work hard to clean ourselves (internally and externally) to build up good qualities; have good conduct and behavior, Akhlaq according to the teachings of Prophet Muhammad (SAW).
Once you have these elements established in you, Allah will choose you as a worker for Him. According to some reports, a few Muslim men went for trading and business purposes to Malaysia and Indonesia.
While all the other merchants took their goods and left, this seller did not leave; he felt that he needed to wait for the buyer in case he comes back for his money. The buyer remembered and was shocked to hear that the seller had stayed all these months just to return the money to him for some damaged goods. The merchant did not worry about leaving his family, money, and home behind; instead, his thoughts were about him being with the Prophet (SAW) in Jannah (Paradise).
So the first thing we have to do is to build a connection between us and Allah, build our good manners, and obey the commands of Allah.
Therefore we cannot wish our children to become practicing Muslims when our life is the opposite of what Islam teaches.
We all should ask ourselves, 'am I an oppressor?' There are many Muslims who cheat, lie, abuse other Muslims and non-Muslims. You might ask: "How can we become like this when Islam teaches otherwise?" It is because we do not sincerely struggle to gain our own salvation.
It is not how much knowledge we have, rather it is the opening from Allah SWT that matters the most. Once a Jewish funeral procession was passing by; upon seeing it Prophet Muhammad (SAW) started to cry. While studying the life of the Prophet (SAW), we come across the story of a Jewish woman who used to throw trash in the way of the Prophet. Instead of spreading Islam we make people hate us, and run away from us because of our bad conduct.
We need to spread the true message of our creator, spread His mercy, His qualities and spread the reminder of death… no one can deny this reminder.
We have to spread the real message of Allah SWT and not focus on the rulings, because rulings are for the believers, not for the people who do not believe, to begin with.
As a Muslim implements the verses referring to 'those who believe', how can we tell someone else to follow these regulations when they do not even believe? People watch us; our clothing, the way we conduct ourselves amongst others, and the manners with which we carry ourselves more than how much knowledge we possess. In order to reach this level we have to deny ourselves, be humble, be considerate and helpful to our families in the house, be neat and not make our surroundings dirty, let fresh air come into our homes, clean our bodies even if there is no one around and make sure we smell good because angels do not like dirt and we need their presence in our homes. These are the signs of a complete hypocrite, now I have to ask myself if I am among these people.
You can't sit around feeling sorry for yourself, complaining that life has not turned out as you hoped.
Whenever my daughter says, "I can't", I tell her, "I don't want to hear that word from you. Allah (swt) has given me something that He did not give to the earlier and later generations. Allah (swt) will excuse him because he is seeing something that he has no patience to resist so he will bring him closer and he will enjoy its shade and drink its water. Perhaps if I bring you closer to this tree you will ask for more?" So the man will promise not to ask for any more, and Allah will excuse him because he is seeing something that he has no patience to resist, so He will bring him closer and he will enjoy its shade and drink its water.
When he is brought close, he will hear the voices of the people of Paradise, and will say, "O my Rabb, admit me to it." Allah (swt) will say, "O son of Aadam what do you want so that you will never ask Me for anything else?
And those who turn away from Al-Laghw (dirty, false, evil vain talk, falsehood, and all that Allah has forbidden).
And those who strictly guard their (five compulsory congregational) Salawat (prayers) (at their fixed stated hours). As if you wished you had lost your virginity if you had some way of knowing that things would've turned sour with the girl in question.

Chase it with all your might, and don't let any of these dunya distractions entice you away from that. We sometimes get so blurred by the difficulties of this dunya that we forgot we have the greatest gift of all, and that is Faith in Allah (S.W). I have just saved what you have written to re-read whenever i feel defeated or lack motivation. Her lecture is on youtube so I will paste it below for all of you to benefit from, inshAllah. Strengthen his resolve, grant him and his wife patience to weather this difficulty, and grant them times of ease and comfort.
Allah responded by saying "Oh Musa, love Me, love those who love Me, and make people Love Me". Allah has ordained a certain format and structure in our lives; it is very similar to the way we deal with each other. Once you see this, you should know that they are blocked by Allah SWT because of the sickness in their hearts, and there is nothing you can do about it. If so, we should love the qualities of Beauty, generosity, kindness, peace, happiness, tranquility, honesty, sincerity and truthfulness, etc. He has given us qualities that if we inculcate in our character, will make us gain the love of Allah. Do we give thanks and show gratitude to the one who showers us with His mercy day and night? Doesn't He deserve the respect and treatment that this simple villager was willing to provide for the king? If we ever feel that Allah has deserted us, it is truly Shaitan who is making us disbelieve in his way. If I do not call on you, try to recognize you or know you, then who would I call and know oh Allah? Then angel Jibreel announces it to the kingdom of angels and they all start to love that person. He asked the seller, "What made you stay all these months to wait for me?" The seller replied to his incredulity saying, "I am a Muslim and our Prophet and messenger (SAW) taught us that an honest merchant will be close to him on the Day of Judgment." Meaning an honest merchant will be a companion of the Prophet (SAW) in Paradise. If we are in this state of thinking, would we just throw the message to others or we will spread the truth with generosity, kindness, and good manners? You cannot be in a state of hypocrisy and yet want Allah to be good to you and open the doors for you to work for Him. We only have the title of Islam, All we have inherited is our Islamic names, and Islamic clothing, but we never really built up our connection with Allah SWT; except for the very few among us. On the Day of Judgment we will be responsible for all the mischief that we have done; because we are representing Islam. We also have to remember that people enter Islam by the will of Allah, in the way and time He wants. We have to ask ourselves, 'Do I deserve the gifts from Allah SWT?' Do we really, honestly connect our hearts with Allah so He can open for us? Abdullah bin Umar (son of Umar bin Al-Khattab R.A) was slaughtering an animal and he told the people that after cleaning the animal, they should take the best piece of meat and give it to his Jewish neighbor. What will happen to us if Allah SWT does not send His Mercy to us in this life and on the Day of Judgment? This way you are returning everything to Allah SWT, because He is the real owner of everything. Therefore burdening anyone with rules and regulations before developing the reality of Iman (faith) in their hearts will be futile.
Why do we push the women to put on Hijab (Veil) when they do not even have faith in Allah SWT? Focus in the message; do not go back and forth and debate about different topics because the majority of non-Muslims do not really know the truth and essence of Islam.
It does not mean that knowledge is not important, it is important but the majority of the people in this world are very simple and they want a simple message. There is no way of reaching it unless we get closer to Allah; since Allah is the only one who can open the way for us, put the words in our hearts, and open the hearts of others for us. We have to always keep to our commitment; never say Inshallah to something while we do not plan to do it since Inshallah is a Qasm (swear).
We should study about the good character of Muslims and cry to Allah to give us this conduct. Stay positive, have faith, exercise, eat well, study, help others as much as possible, and trust that Allah will bring goodness into your life. Then a tree will be raised up for him, and he will say, "O my Rabb, bring me closer to this tree so that I may enjoy its shade and drink of its water".
Then another tree, better than the first, will be raised up for him and he will say, "O my Rabb, bring me near to this tree so that I may drink its water and enjoy its shade, then I will not ask you for anything more".
Then a third tree will be raised up at the gate of paradise, and it will be better than the first two. The Jannah, when a Mu'min sees it, will feel as though if as not seen any calamity in this life, as a Hadith states. Maybe it's because I'm not the sentimental type, or because I'm a sceptic, or whatever, but I have never understood how people can get depressed over "lost love". Musa (A.S) said"Oh Allah, I know the first and I know the second but how can I do the third?" Allah replied, "Remind them of my gifts and about the treasures that I gave them and they will love me". This is why Prophet Muhammad (SAW) said "Similar souls are attracted to each other and the souls that are different move apart". He tells us in the Qur'an that He loves those who are patient, and those who repent to Him after committing sins. Qualities are like links of a chain; if you cut one, you break the entire chain and if you bind one, you bind it all.
He is the one who has created us, fashioned us, made us who we are, and has given us everything we have.
Usually when we spend some time with people who have good qualities, we get them in ourselves. If we give Allah the attention that He deserves, wouldn't He out of His generosity and love, take care of all our needs?
The old man replied, 'I came to you expecting a certain amount of worship and dhikr, and you are telling me to make someone smile?
But it does not mean that we go to someone and make them smile by joking around or taking them out to the movies. Now that he had lost everything, he did not know what to do and he realized how valuable his mother was, and how arrogant he was to not recognize this before. Allah SWT has showered every one of us with unlimited goodness, most of which we take for granted. It is because when a person recognizes the good qualities of someone, he spreads the news of this to them.
Do not say it is because of this person or that person, instead we should say, 'I do not have the right quality to be the one'. A non-Muslim customer came to buy from him, but before he took the money the seller said to the buyer, "Some of the fruits might be damaged because of the rain that occurred last night, so when you take them home and find any damaged ones, please bring them back and I will return your money back to you." So the man took the merchandise and left. The seller ended up waiting for many months, and finally one day that buyer returned to the market. Do we even try to think like this man when dealing with our non-Muslim neighbors, co-workers or non-Muslim wives? This is why it is very important for us to have good conduct, good manners, and kindness towards others. Someone who is known to have done a lot of bad deeds must have done something good that pleased Allah SWT right before he died, and thus will enter Paradise. Prophet Muhammad (SAW) said "If Allah SWT uses you to guide one person, it is better than the whole earth and what it contains". We have to be generous with our tongue, our heart (cry and pray for others), our hands (by giving to the needy). People used to come close to the companions of the Prophet, whereas now a day's people run away from Muslims. They asked him the reason for this; he replied, 'I saw the one who is better than me and all of you did the same thing, so I am following him' (that is Prophet Muhammad (SAW). It is to call Allah in the darkness of the night and ask Him to allow you and use you to spread Islam.
We should tell the non-Muslims loud and clear to not look at the actions of the Muslims, rather to look upon the message and teachings of the Creator.
They hardly study about religion, regardless of the fact that they go to churches or synagogues. We can talk but our words cannot penetrate into someone's heart unless Allah takes these words and puts them in the heart of others. Listening to those words that guide us, heal us, save us, make us, instill fear in us, and at the same instill more Love in us.
But I kept struggling, and trying one thing after another, until I found some measure of success relatively late in life, Alhamdulillah. I have seen hatred, I have seen heartbreak, I have seen loved ones die and I have seen loved ones wishing for death.

You're here, accepting that there is a power greater than you and any other power conceivable to man. I think Allah cares about you and he has answered your prayers, you should be thankful brother and you will know maybe like ten years from now why things happened the way they happened.
No one loves a person who has a bad character with negative qualities, unless the lover is really sick in the heart.
If we love these qualities, we should in turn love Allah SWT, the owner and distributor of all these qualities and the one who possesses the highest of all these qualities. Air, trees, wind, birds, fish, all the food we eat, whether out of necessity or for the fulfillment of our desires. Even if you fake it at the beginning, sooner or later the person will recognize your reality and break the relationship. What benefit will that have?" Abu-Darda RA relied: 'if you go and make one Muslim brother or sister smile, then Allah SWT will smile at you, and if Allah smiles at you He will forbid your body to be in the Hell-fire".
What it really means is that you find someone who has a need and you fulfill that need, because if you do so Allah SWT will love you.
He knew that his only choice was to go back to his mother but he was not sure if she would accept him back.
If we believe that Allah is not generous towards us, or Allah is not giving us enough, we cannot reach Him.
Even if you do not recognize this, Allah will continue to provide for you the way He has been doing all your life as He provides for those who disbelieve in Him. I am going to paradise and you are going to hell fire!' This is an arrogant attitude which Allah does not like and it shows that a person is in a state of blindness. But this seller felt bad about what he had sold and had a doubt that he had sold spoilt goods.
Many of us are far away from Islam and we are drowning in our own spiritual and cultural diseases. We have to have good conduct, patience, and behave with complete faith that Allah SWT is the doer.
In America today, if every Muslim implements one hadith, the majority of Americans will become Muslims tomorrow. So the Prophet went to visit her and took care of her needs; this led her to embrace Islam. Deep down in your heart you feel the burning desire to help others to see the reality of life. Are we as Muslims implementing these commands from Allah us as an individual, or as a family. So if we are not steadfast with Allah, do not have good manners with Him, neither do we respect nor obey Him, why would He use us to guide others? From this, the believer can understand, that through each calamity, each trial, each struggle, and each hardship, no matter how crucial and burdensome it may be..
And yet I believe in God, I believe in Allah because I know I don't have anything in this world, I don't possess anything but I don't want anything because I have Allah in my life.
But based on normal human fitra (natural instinct we are created with) people love goodness, beauty, kindness and generosity. We should go back to the names of Allah, study His attributes and qualities and ask ourselves, "Which one is more valuable? But sometimes because of our arrogance and blindness we do not see these gifts that are provided for us by Allah SWT. The relationship between us and Allah SWT is similar and we should give more importance to this relationship than anything else.
But the fact is, unless Allah allows us, we cannot have them, and why would He allow us unless we honestly inquire them? I just want to be near the king so I can take care of anything he might need." The villagers asked him the reason for that.
There are many ahadith about this topic which you can locate under 'loving your brother' or 'fulfilling the needs of your brother' in any hadith book. Allah wants us to deal with others the way he deals with us, which is with mercy, patience and compassion. Our wives and children are our responsibility on the Day of Judgment; we cannot gain any thing by forcing, pushing, shoving books at them, and by showing bad manners and a corrupt conduct.
He will love you and you will love Him; this is the quality of a believer according to the Quran. Study the Sunnah, learn about what Allah SWT wants from us; study the characteristic of Muslims, their manners and their behavior before we ask others to be a Muslim.
These are the teachings of our Prophet (SAW); consideration even towards the aggressors and abusers. People will believe in our conduct more than the books because once they open the book, they will realize that either the book is wrong or the person is a hypocrite.
The majority of the people believe in the Creator and it is our responsibility to teach them about Him slowly and with good manners.
We need you in our lives, in the moment of death, and in the grave where there will be no one else with us except You, Ya Allah.
Allah has given us a heart, a brain, and good qualities; now it is up to us to utilize these gifts. He answered, 'If I try to get close to the king and take care of all his needs, he will notice me. We call so many people in order to fulfill our needs, but what about calling Allah, the one who owns everything? The more you learn about Allah, the more you will know of His qualities; and the more you know of His qualities, the more you will love His qualities the more you will try to implement those qualities in yourself. Allah mentions the companions in the Quran by saying that Allah was pleased with them and they were pleased with Him. If we start behaving and dealing with others like how a real Muslim should, others will also enter Islam right away. In order to do this you have to be steadfast; you cannot be a part time Muslim and ask Allah to give you the greatest gift--the treasure of Paradise. We cannot force teachings of Islam on people, we need to invite them to the truth with care and love in our hearts.
For this we need to ask the people who have knowledge and who have walked this path of an internal journey, and if we do not find any one then we should call Allah SWT.
It is not our eloquent speech, and books that can guide others, but rather only Allah who can Guide. Once he notices me and appreciates my service, he will take care of all my needs without me having to ask for anything'. She wanted to teach her son a lesson; and sometimes in order to learn a valuable lesson, a person has to go through tough times. Allah is the greatest, He hears without us saying anything and He can take care of everything!
We also have to think about Him, remember him, and praise Him all the time because Allah SWT deserves all of our attention and devotion.
He is always generous to those who love Him as well as to those who do not; but His way of generosity towards them both is different.
After that we have to know the person and try to understand the mentality of that person and be kind and not make mistakes while talking to him. If we want Allah to love and support us, how can we spread mischief, instead of spreading love, mercy, and goodness? You’re reminded about when you will stand in front of your Allah on The Day of Qiyamah, The Day of Resurrection, The Day of Judgment, The Day of Gathering, and The Day of Final Settlement into eternal pain or relief. Who knows maybe Allah wants her to truly find and make sure that you are the perfect one and you care.
Before Ramadan it was only 5 times a day would the sins fall off from the shoulders when going to rukoo and sujood. The words that our Rasool (sal Allah hu alayhi wasallum) received, where he spread his Sunnah from. And Allah will make everything go smooth and u'll life the marriage life just like Quran says. And there were times where surahs, and verses were recited that I knew what was being said, and that’s when the head lowered and tears filled the eyes. So much happens in life and the weakness and nafs are constantly put to test in the months before Ramadan.
So much, that when once again approached are the saafs in Masjid and heard are the verses pf the glorious Qur’an, the tears flow.
The whole of 7 skies shake and the angels go in greif and Allah loves you more than anyone. The success of Jannah, seeing the Nabi (Sal Allah hu alayhi wasallum) and Allah (subhana wa ta’la).

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