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Yeah, when he first said this to me in Wind Waker, I didn't know what the hell he was talking about either. Favorite Franchises: Pokemon, Call of Duty, Battlefield, Fire Emblem, Smash Bros, SMT, Metroid, Zelda, Anything by Nintendo, etc. Least favorite: I guess technically all the genres again, cuz they tie for favorite and least favorite. I love Martial Arts.  Nothing quite as fun as a crisp kick or a badass throw into a badass ukemi. I pretty much never use the same screenname more than once.  So I’ve been hellghastley, DemonoftheAshes, Exelement, smallcajones, something having to do with celery (back in the Neopets days), Cloudtoucher, Fadedsand, holysaber0000, CommanderStubby, and prettyprincess.
The last time I argued with Steve was over the lyrics of a song (“We are Pirates” from Romancing Saga).  We still don’t talk about it. I’m a certified Speech and Debate Judge.  It means I read a seventy page pamphlet and took a test, but it sounds like I know what I’m talking about when I tell people how to debate. Welcome to How We DO, a blog series where HiddenEmerald and I discuss how we would design entries into our favorite game franchises (and then some).
This time, we’re trying to put all of our ideas into a single blog (instead of separating them into several, smaller pieces). We played Assault the most, playing it for several hundred hours, repeating the campaign a few times, but spending the majority of our time in- you guessed it- multiplayer. Starfox campaigns have been important to the series’ formula since the beginning (when it was the only piece of the formula), and have been a stellar place to lose a few hours in the anthropomorphic space of the Starfox universe.  In each of them, the campaign has been short, with a focus on replayability (particularly in 64 and Command), and has bordered between on-rails and simple towards open-ended and sandboxed.
If you know us at all (you’re reading this blog- odds are you do), then you know we much prefer the sandbox elements of the later games in the series, where players are given several goals and dozens of tools to utilize to complete them in almost any order.  HWD Starfox, it naturally follows, would emphasize on these aspects of the game.
Essentially, HWD Starfox is a natural progression for the series, one that takes the steps put forth by Assault and builds on them to create an ultimate Starfox experience- especially for fans of Capcom’s adventure. General Pepper recognizes after Corneria’s continual defeat in a larger galactic war that the squadron known as Starfox is once again required.  He seeks out his old friend Fox, who is currently running after small bounties alone on the outskirts of the Lylat system, and beseeches him to come to Corneria’s aide.
Driven by his friendship and his desire to do right in the universe, Star Fox agrees, and the Great Fox is brought back into commission.
The player is tasked with the open-ended mission: return Starfox to its former glory by recruiting faces old and new.
Once the player has done everything he wants to do on the ship, he can go to the command room and interact with the galactic map, choosing his next mission. This mission is designed in such a way that the player can approach it almost entirely from the Arwing, or almost entirely on foot.  The Starfox fan base is divided on Assault’s steps forward- this would allow them to pretend they’re still playing 64, or let us fans of Assault’s ground missions and wider sandbox take part in the mayhem we enjoy. Assault’s extensive multiplayer sandbox has been the pinnacle of the series since it released, and our HWD Starfox would be a natural evolution of the game we loved so much.  Funny how that works out.
We’ve placed the average game mode at 12 versus 12 Warfare.  Matches are large enough that wide open maps don’t feel empty, but small enough players won’t feel like they have little or no impact on the overall outcome of a match. Assault’s matches were also played with only four players, and this will account for one of the biggest differences between Assault and HWD Starfox’s standard play, but there will still be maps specifically designed for four player matches, for the local scene. Like Assault, HWD Starfox’s multiplayer would allow players to highly customize their matches, making Arwing only battles, Landmaster only battles, on-foot only battles, sniper only battles, and so forth. But let’s leave Assault behind, for a moment, shall we, and explore where HWD Starfox will actually go. Mercenary Teams, for example, are passively given extra experience for taking out players part of Soldier Teams, and are given side-missions during their matches that often involve taking certain locations. Bounty Hunter Teams are passively given extra experience for taking out players part of Mercenary or Black Market Teams, and are given side-missions during their matches that often involve hunting down specific players. Soldier Teams are passively given extra experience for taking out players part of both Mercenary and Bounty Hunter Teams, and are given side-missions that often involve defending certain locations.
Blackmarket Teams are passively given experience for picking up weapons, and are given side-missions that often involve picking up certain items and sending them to the Great Fox. Of course, if you’re uninterested in these additional perks and handicaps, you can play in lobbies where none of that exists.
Of course, because so much importance is shown to earning cash, it has to be meaningful (and carry over from local to online play).  There needs to be an abundance of cosmetic items, and things to customize your Great Fox with, as well as your vehicles.
Savvy players may use this opportunity to forgo their mission, in lieu of gaining experience, money and points for their team, and concentrate on capturing A, B, or C, or perhaps hunting down powerful weapon drops.  The best players will be able to balance both mission and match for long-term and short-term victories. About two-thirds of the way through a match, players would be given a second mission, different from the first.  Of course, some players may have two missions at once, as they didn’t finish their first, further allowing players to prioritize as necessary.
And then the match is over, and players would receive experience and money based on performance, mission completion, and other factors, before being sent into the next battle.  The book ends make it feel like your team is traveling from one match to the next in the wider galactic system. Those kinds of things would be built into each level.  But the adrenaline rushes don’t end there. You can still play HWD Starfox without encountering these crazy missions, without ever risking your life to prove your excellency as a pilot.  They exist to raise the skill cap, to add to the moment-to-moment story telling of HWD Starfox. We’ve included some possible heat maps, trying to guess at the flow of the map we’ve created, where all the firefights will take place and where the campers will have no success.  We’ve also mapped out where the item pickups would be- like Assault, in HWD Starfox, the player must seek a stronger arsenal on the field. The design of the map is not meant to be set in stone- it is a rough idea, added to until it resembles something like a first draft.  A better version would require smarter designers and play testing, and as you can tell, we have neither.
To better represent how we imagine matches will go down, HiddenEmerald has created a couple heat maps- one for each floor of the satellite. And that’s a wrap for Satellite.  It would be fun to lay down the map flow which weapons would be where, or to do a heat map for the outside, but we’re ready to move on to the next HWD.
I’ve written about Zelda extensively in the past- though certainly not as much as most of our resident Zelda fanatics- and I mean every connotation of the word. Beyond that, anything I’ve said about Zelda has been in the form of comments on other peoples’ blogs.

I’d list amazing tunes, but my previous blog already listed a couple dozen- all of them worth a listen, if they’re not necessarily all of my favorite tunes. And I guess a small part of it may indeed stem from my currently listening to Fi’s Farewell from Skyward Sound.
Nah.  I don’t remember them all well enough (for the record, it’d start TP, SS, WW, OoT, Zelda II, and continue from there) (Zelda looks good in red) (Zelda looks good in anything).
The hopelessness the designers attempt to display comes off as contrived, and thusly ineffectual.
Did it look silly?  Doubtlessly.  But nobody plays video games- especially not the Wii- to look good. I wasn’t there just to see the end of the game, to save Hyrule and Zelda and the world.  I was there to kill Ghirahim. Every relationship has its ups and downs, and gaming’s relationship with the internet is no exception.  These are just a few of those goods and bads.
The ability to share screenshots and gameplay videos online has allowed everyone to express their creativity to a global community: we can witness other people’s incredible Minecraft worlds, watch Speed runners attack games in unimaginable ways, and see people play games in ways uniquely their own.
Those are just a few of the good and bad things to come from internet's bedding of video games.
Not because I didn’t grow up with an NES (or a game console in the house at all until the Gameboy, or a home console until the freaking Gamecube- though I played the average kid’s amount of the N64), though I’m sure our residential retro fanatics would argue that’s precisely the reason.  Not because I don’t appreciate the history of this industry. Which is why it’s easy to go back and play games like The Legend of Zelda II and Super Metroid, without it feeling like I’m “going back” on some Bill and Ted adventure. It just so happens that right now I’m using my time to play The Mysterious Murasame Castle, a Japanese NES game recently brought to the US via the 3DS’s eShop. I’ve freshly come off of another play through, and I stick by my original statement that I made upon the game’s release earlier this year: it’s the Legend of Zelda mixed with a shoot-em-up.
So there’s that.  Next I get to go back to Dragon Age Inquisition, and pretend there’s a point to differentiating between time of release, when what really counts to me is whether or not a game is fun. My Top100 favorite games list of all time is pretty huge (so I provided a convenient directory). Like the rest of my Top100 list, Top10 included, these games are presented in no particular order. Beneath the trees of a forest so thick it bottlenecked my progress, I found an old man who told me just such advice, and gave to me a rusty blade.
I attempted to dash past a group of these beasts- these moblins- to sneak by where they lumbered in the brush. The meat of these octoroks was something like magic, and I felt already my strength and health return. There are fewer things stronger than friendship, the safety of it, the warmth that comes of trust and happiness and giggling and carrying on.
No doubt it was too the artstyle of the game that made it all the more inviting and all the less frightening.
In a way, Minish Cap is courage for kids, in that it’s not difficult to bravely challenge the dilemmas presented, because they aren’t that scary, because you’ve got friends rooting for you. Trust is a powerful thing, and it is rare that you can trust someone absolutely in multiplayer gaming. Wink Waker was a lesson of what games could be, and I only wish more open world games would learn from its structure.
The thing Zelda games understand more than any other game is that a world has to be worth saving. Which means those moments when you are directed to do something, whether to defeat Ganondorf and save the world, or to help Valoo with that pesky enormous bug, when your actions are carefully coordinated and choreographed by dozens of people sitting at a desk, you don’t notice. Anyway, Skyward’s Zelda was endearing in (almost) every way (prude), playful, cheerful, and willing to go out of her way to protect her people, no matter what it took. Ilia also presents the first acceptable shipping mate for Link aside from Zelda (seeing as Tetra was Zelda).
It’s the slow beginnings that make my battles against Ganondorf more than just a personal challenge, a personal vendetta.
Each title is an incredible love letter to gamers, with often brilliantly emotional stories and moments that range from tender to hilarious to downright tragic and musical scores that turn each of those moments into the kind I remember forever.
Almost every Zelda game I’ve played is on this list, and it would be incomplete without my Christmas adventure with A Link Between Worlds.
Christmas gifts used to be surprising: I’d give my parents a list of dozens I think I’d like, leaving the ones I’d actually receive up to lottery.
But as I’ve gotten older, as money became tighter, I had to make sure I was getting the games I actually wanted.
It feels righteous, it’s a great workout, and you don’t know self-confidence until you’ve walked into a room and figured yeah, you could probably beat the shit out of everyone there. To see how these blogs are structured and how they work, see the How We DO: A Brothers Project introduction. Unsurprisingly, our experience with the game began with dogfighting in Corneria, facing friends in death matches that bred warriors. We also ran through the enjoyable Starfox Adventures, and I at least loved Starfox Command and its silly endings (not sure Steve was a fan of all the time limits).
But each Starfox is just different enough where those pillars can be difficult to pin down. Because the players are given the tools to make their own rule sets and host their own matches. When I play a game like Skyrim, I’m not too concerned what happens to the people who walk around town, or those who shout at me for entering their city when I’m not allowed.

Generally, I enjoy myself from the very first minutes, but there’s always a moment where I turn giddy for the twenty-forty hour adventure ahead. Even if she had to be a rock for I don’t know how many years while Link helped some townsfolk with their, in hindsight, very minor problems.
Link’s rivalry with Impa was fun to behold- at first she annoyed me to no end with all this “you’re late” garbage.
When Ghirahim has my gal way down at the bottom of the hole, and there’s all of a thousand bokoblins between me and her, and Link turns to them with a face that says, “I’m about to fuck ya’ll.” And there’s no getting out of his way, not when a single swipe of the baddest Master Sword in the world drops them dead. Books that took their time in getting started because they understood the importance of establishing a universe and characters we cared about, and with them lives to which we could better relate.
I rather like them- even if they’re put- in Zelda’s case- into the game to serve as tutorials. It’s the slow beginnings that make me go out and explore everything the world has to offer. Whenever I think about my favorite franchises of all time, I think first to Tales, and Shin Megami Tensei, Fire Emblem and Etrian Oddysey, Call of Duty and Pokemon. One such year I got Naruto Path of Ninja and Clash of Ninja almost at random, and they sparked a love of the entire franchise, from games to manga.
We’ve tentatively landed on several- Sandbox, Open-ended, Arwing, Squad- but this time they won’t drive the discussion. As soon as I broke from my hiding place they unleashed their arrows, and one blocked my passage with burly frame and bow in hand. I explored the surrounding fields and mountains, returning always to where I had first awoken when I grew too injured to continue, where I could feel the spirit of that old man watching over me.
Gathering them, and aligning them with the opposite end was then an equally warm and safe activity. Though none were as cute as the Minish, the Picori, tiny little creatures that did their best to help people, and could only be seen by children. Whether I can rely on him to kill 30 others in Call of Duty or count on him to deliver the flag safely from the enemy base, or trust him to pressure my cousin and force him to leave my Airports alone, or, unconditionally, believe in our ability to dominate the 1v1 plebeians in a bout of 2v2. Imagine the reason for every action you make is carefully coordinated and choreographed by dozens of people sitting at a desk.
That there were, indeed, no paths at all, but an open sea that would take me wherever I sailed, wherever I wanted to go. And that’s the beauty of The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker, and why it’s my favorite Zelda game of all time, and one of my Top10 awardees. Until it was her turn to be late and I was able to turn that around on her with all the smugness such justice required.
The ones I write are very similar, despite readers and publishers pushing for books that start faster and waste less time with the humanity of everything. Because they build the world that you care about, and fill it with characters you care about. Eventually I always get to Zelda, and each time, I’m almost surprised it took me that long. I was not alone, and when I saw them, enormous pig-like beats armed with crude bows, I wished that I was. Hunger in these hostile lands surely meant death, yet I remembered the crab-like wildlife that had tried to kill me when I followed the sound of the ocean. Eventually, I stumbled upon great ruins of some fortress, its cavernous maw of an entrance surrounded by statues of heavily armored demons. Imagine that first step outside in twenty years, knowing you were wrongly incriminated, feeling the sun at your back, smelling the fresh air and not your cellmate for the first time.
And that, wherever I ended up, there would be substantial content awaiting me, a reward well worth my time and energy. The developer doesn’t tell you to care, based simply on your empathy for other human beings.
I wrapped by wounds tightly in cloth torn from my tunic, so that I at least would hurt no more than I did already, and, sword in hand, limping with my earlier defeat, I set out for the beaches.
I knew not whether that place was built by moblins or by man, but if it had been by man, when?
A dome shape hiding a hole, a marathon of enemies awaiting my discovery on an island I had thought I knew everything about. Because there will be a heart piece, or several, or a chest full of hundreds of rupees, or a mini-dungeon. In Skyward Sword, it was when I was on top of the statue of the goddess with Zelda, and I thought for a moment Link might be treated to that kiss we all know he deserves, and has deserved for DECADES. There are enough of my corpses that those pits of lava should be filled, the lava displaced, to flow around Steve’s feet and swallow him up. A great fairy who offered me the greatest upgrades I could ask for, more bombs or arrows or what have you.
So when the skies are dark and cloudy and the rains fall heavily upon this once cheerful island, I am prepared to do whatever it takes to save it, and I am prepared to do it now, even if that means dropping everything that has to be done. There are times and places for getting distracted, and there are times and places for getting things done.

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