LOA is the overall length of the boat, Beam is the maximum beam, shown in feet and inches.
Extrusions, such as pipe, angle bar and flat bar are not included in this weight and can be estimated at 15% of the weight of plate. Claude,I like that you're bringing in an option in this class of boat, some of those NZ video's have created a lot of hype around a 10 ft jet boat. Enjoying awesome fall weather lately in the high 20 c tempratures like it was this mid summer. To ease your curiosity yes they have arrived without any problems besides one has spoiler damage by poor handling by the freight trucking company. I have just finished building this boat up so most parts are new and have only had max 5 hours runnung time.

Build quality looks good with one minor change with the steering mechansim we will be looking at. The best thing about this boat is it can easily be managed by one person if you get stuck making it a great fishing boat for someone. Unfortunately we haven't had a chance getting one out on the water to see what the performance will be like. Boat seems to have ample power it gets on step in a boat lenght and planes nicely at low rpms, good mid-range curise with a top end speed 40mph up stream. We are quite busy working evenings and weekends 7 days a week renovating our new shop now in the middle of moving to our new location. Also waiting for the PWC trailers for the boats once they arrive we will fit the trailer to a boat and take one out for a test run.

Depending on interest on customers looking for a small boat package with a 1400cc efi 4 stroke. We are looking at manufacturing a 6 in cast aluminum jet pump matched to this 1400cc 4 stroke engine.

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