Outstanding job, as an old jon boat rigger from way back I can appreciate the work you guys did, and time with Dad is invaluable! When I first got this boat, I thought maybe I'd put a low deck in the middle and remove the middle bench and then build a casting deck in the bow. For the deck you can replace teh bench seats with your deck, and anchor your deck to the bench seat supports. Regardless of size, damage, service or repair Hot Headz Marine can meet all your needs to keep your watercraft safe while being transported. The rear deck was never actually finished, but will be soon? But on each side there is going to be a door with a compartment?And here the rear deck and all the supports being painted.. I am building a front deck in my v- hull with the exact postplate, and I just stole your idea for my framework Have you checked how it holds weight?

Thought twice about the 2x4 but it was in the garage - I may go back and replace when I do the deck, will only take 30 mins to replace - The good news for me is that my transom is in great shape and I'm not touching it. I fish in some larger water and a low COG is going to be very important to staying dry I found an aluminum source this week, so maybe toward the weekend I'll be getting into it.
Here it is pretty much as far as it is now, but there are some small touches that I have added since..
I'll be putting a pedestal seat there I think.- Low decking to use as a flat floor throughout the boat.- Fishfinder install - This may be the next item!
And of course it is a little more cleaned up..It was a GREAT week spent with my dad and I think the boat turned out GREAT!! Enjoy!I recently bought a 14' Alumacraft and over Spring Break my dad and I worked on it alot..

Then came cutting out the middle flooring section which ws difficult as we had to account for the side slope and the ribs of the boat.
The bow will be handled differently - not sure exactly how yet but I'm going to be reading alot of threads for ideas.

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