I got the polish from the same guy who makes the cleaner, its called Zephyr Pro 40 metal polish. Yes to get that mirror finish I sanded out any scratches on the pontoons with a 220 grit power sander then went back over it wet sanding till it is was nice and smooth when you wipe your hands across. Haven't been on in a while but have been doing some work on the party hut during the "nice weather days".Removing the old graphics can be a pain but with the right tools it can make the job a little easy. Glad to see you made it back and that Cream Puff survived the flood waters you had over there last week.  You"all have to update us with more of those colorful pictures!
How much is it?x Calls to 03 numbers are charged at no more than UK geographic rates and will count as part of any bundled minutes from UK landlines and mobile phones.
Sounds like no shadow was seen,, come on spring!Ok time for new posting, Got to love NC weather, wait a day and it will change this time of year.
I went down to my local Sign Supply distributor and bought 4x8 sheets of a product called Aluminum composite panels feature double-sided painted aluminum bonded to a solid polyethylene core, making them rigid yet lightweight. I just found a place close by where I can buy it but was wondering if the logs needed to be "fine sanded" first. Like we always like to say, a boat in need in repair is just a diamond in the rough, just waiting to be shaped and voila, the diamond shines .

Harris FloteBote45 HP Evinrude2010 Galvanized Wolverine Bunk Style TrailerVacation on Otsego Lake, MI. The boating season was just about over here in NC and we only had one chance to take her out on the water. We had a few days last week in the 70's and then we had sleet and freezing rain so I took advantage of the nice days to take the boat apart down to the toons.
All I have learned so far is that once the logs are washed & cleaned you have to sand them smooth before you can polish them to look like yours do. I work in the graphics industry and the trick to removing old cracked graphics is using lots of heat. Be sure to check out PontoonStuff"s other web sites as you"ll never know what you might want to add next .
And this is a great site to learn everything you need to know to be able to complete your rebuild. That was the end of last year and now it has been sitting all winter calling my name!Time for a rebuild!!!
Carpet, decking, seats, walls in the galley and bathroom are shot and most of all the green carpet and canvas sides have got to GO!!As you can see in the pics, the graphics are in bad shape, the toons have a heavy build up of stains.

Not too sure if my shoulders would hold up doing 4 24 ft logs or not even using an electrical powered buffer. The more polish the clear it becomes and you see yourself smiling back until you look down the logs and see how much more you have to do! I got it home took it apart and yes it did not work, so I did some testing on the control board and everything checked out to be ok. It clicked, I plugged it in and to my surprise it works!I did not have the heart to call the guy I bought it from and tell him. I found a kitchen island cart at Big Lots that measures 16in x 40in which would fit perfect next to the refrig. Im going to have to do some mods to the cart to fit in a sink and the trim molding to fit flush with my walls.
Also since I lost 2ft of wall space behind the refrig I had to move the window over from the original location.

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