A great many exciting, exclusive features set a Yamaha apart from every other brand and they have helped create the unique Yamaha reputation for user-friendly performance, turnkey reliability and matchless durability.
In recent years, our driving ambition has been to combine the lightness and compactness of the incredibly reliable, high performance 2-strokes that made us so famous, with the superior economy, smoothness, sophistication and environment-friendliness of 4-stroke engine technology. Above all, Yamaha’s 4-stroke development has been so successful because from the very start, we never tried to adapt ordinary, everyday automotive engines, as most others have done. For 2007 (and later models) with Electronic Fuel Injection systems, Yamaha have created an exciting range of Digital Network Gauges, which work together with a sophisticated digital network control system. Charges 2 batteries at the same time, keeping plenty of power available for engine starts, even after long periods at low rpm. A unique 50-year long programme of dedicated research, development and testing has resulted in the most comprehensive, well-proven coating and protection system ever created for an outboard.
The unique, anti-corrosion aluminium alloy developed by Yamaha to protect exterior engine components.
Fitted in carefully calculated positions on engine casings, mounting brackets, lower units - and inside the engine block and waterways of some engines - high-grade alloys are used to help control and minimise the effects of saltwater. Applied to all non-moving stainless steel parts to increase resistance to galvanic corrosion - also acts as a back-up to the sacrificial anode system.

Special anti-corrosion steel is used for many components such as drive and prop shafts, steering arms and through-tubes.
After being oven-baked for ultimate adhesion and hardness, a build-up sequence of tough primers, undercoats and acrylic resins are sealed in by a final coat of clear urethane lacquer. Moto GP, WSB, World Motocross, Supercross and moreATV Snow Tracks $3,800.00 Available for all models. 1 manufacturer of inflatable boats in the world, follows a programme of continuous improvement of the reliability and performance of the materials and techniques used in the construction of its boats. It’s been an elusive goal, but those years of intensive research and on-water testing have proved truly worthwhile and the new-generation Yamaha range is now exclusively 4-stroke, offering the previously impossible - a complete line-up of ultra-modern, advanced-technology engines, all of which are comparable in weight and size to their original 2-stroke predecessors. Designed for optimum visibility and durability, they provide accurate information to help maximise engine performance and efficiency.
Click here for more information about this super-accurate, easy-to-read, simple-to-install instrumentation. Just connect a hose to the easy-access, front-mounted connector to flush salt and dirt from the engine waterways. Every cubic centimetre, inside and out, designed with total, all-round performance in mind - and dedicated to your pleasure on the water!

An Authorised Yamaha Dealer can simply hook up to a laptop computer via the convenient access port for instant engine diagnosis on models from 50hp upwards. On Electric Start versions, the power supply to the starter motor is isolated until Neutral is selected. CheckpointNew 2010 Yamaha Nytro MTX SE 162IN STOCK NOWRadically updated to enhance performance. Overseeing all this is a ruthlessly efficient system of micro-computer control, monitoring every aspect - from fuel mixture, to combustion efficiency, to maintenance scheduling. The negative trim setting (-4°) improves acceleration and brings the boat onto the plane quickly. Reduced weight, New Tunnel, New Skid Frame, New Suspension, New Track.Click here for detailsNew Yamaha YZ450FIN STOCK NOWFuel injection, "reversed" rearward slanted engine, Tornado exhaust,"Bilateral Beam" frame, new swingarm, longer suspension travel a€¦ thelist of improvements goes on. Some exceptions may apply to oversized and overweight items, as well as tires and hazardous materials.

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