2008 Tahoe 22' Pontoon & 75HP Mercury 4-Stroke EFI with Tilt and Trim, Motor Runs Great!
In fact, many of our features are so new and spectacular that they are exclusive to our boats. We take great pride in our fantastic construction and do everything in our power to make Tahoe Pontoons the strongest and safest in the industry. And not only is there more storage space in aluminum seat frames, but the space is more effective. Our aluminum seat frames have Flo thruTM ventilation so your equipment will dry even if the storage area is closed, and also mildew and fungus are much less likely to occur.
Because our aluminum seat frames are so superior, they come with a lifetime warranty, guaranteeing the frames will be successful forever.Heavy-Duty Nose Cone with First Integrated Splash Fins in the Industry Our nose cones and splash fins are the absolute strongest in the industry.

In fact, with a thickness of 0.100”, double wrapped leading edge, and one-piece construction, it is nearly impossible to break one of our splash fins off.
They’re so strong, they’re practically invincible.Super-Strong Double Full Pontoon ConnectorsUnlike our competitor’s “small but skirted” riser connectors, the majority of our pontoon boat models feature full riser pontoon connections on the inside and outside.
This prevents the otherwise common accumulation of rainwater on the seats that cause stains in the corners over time.Carbon Canister Flow-Through Gas FillWe alone, among our competitors, have managed to solve the problem of fuel fill splash back and slowness. The strength of the material itself is augmented and air-locked by multi-baffling near each weld. And every weld is done by hand, held up to incredibly strict standards, ensuring every pontoon tube is of the highest quality possible.The Best in Crossbeam and Deck ConstructionOur Deco Series pontoon boats model every cutting-edge heavy-duty hull feature. Using heavy-duty stainless bolts, nuts, and washers, 3” extreme thickness “C” channel crossbeams are attached to the full riser.

The result is nothing less than fantastic.Extra-Solid Bow EyeOur standard stainless bow eye spans three crossbeams, held on with a ?” aluminum reinforcement strap.
Terrific strength for a haul-out.Wall JointsOur super-strong wall joints are welded from all four sides to maximize strength and stability.

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