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Disclaimer : The Company offers the details of this vessel in good faith but cannot guarantee or warrant the accuracy of this information nor warrant the condition of the vessel. Sailboat fishing is more about food than sport, which is why the following sequence of events kicks-off with a barbecue, or more accurately, the lack of one. As we departed Admiralty Bay, Bequia, on passage for Union Island with the sailboat fishing gear deployed astern, hopes were high. Holding it triumphantly aloft, expectant of praise and adulation, 'her below' pointed out that I would "need to be careful which way I placed it on the grill or it would fall through".
A couple of days later, now anchored off Frigate Rock at the southeast tip of Union Island, I was enjoying a spot of early morning fishing before we weighed anchor to sail on to Carriacou.
There had been no takes in the first few minutes, and fancying a brew, I put the rod in the holder, slackened the drag right off and went below to put the kettle on. But now I could see what it was - a large sting ray, about five feet (1.5m) from wingtip to wingtip.
NEW!Just published, the eBook that contains everything you need to know about catching fish from a sailboat.If you're serious about catching fish while underway, then you really should take a look at it.Considering its true value, you'll be absolutely amazed at its price! With our main half down and our slalom-like approach to the anchorage, Alacazam was again providing huge entertainment to anyone who cared to watch.
The good people of Carriacou though, having eaten local fish for years, are made of sterner stuff.
Be sure to verify your DOT number to see if the information on file matches these requirements. If you are confident that you are OK with the cradle on your trailer and that you able to commit to the time and date it sounds good to me. A buyer should instruct his agents, or his surveyors, to investigate such details as the buyer desires validated.
Tantalised by the smoky aromas and happy chortling that drifted across the anchorage I wanted one.

Ia€™d sliced one of the fillets from our hero - the threadfin herring - in two and was freelining it in the current using the light spinning rod. Back in the cockpit, sipping the steaming cuppa, I lifted the rod gently to add some life to the bait. Meet me half way on the price and I would call the Marina to make certain you could pickup at convenient time for yourself.
Mary didn't, conscious of all those little carcinogens lurking in the charred meat, intent on doing bad things to us.
Neither of us was keen to get too close to this impressive creature, so when we had it alongside the boat Mary cut the line as close to the fish as she dared. Just four miles out, the reel on the leeward rod began to sing, with line pouring off it lickety-split.
For reference the boat is 30 X 9'6" Shipment From Marina in Sandusky OH to Marina in Sarnia Ontario Canada. I struck hard to set the hook and tightened the drag as much as I dared, then returned the rod to its holder. I set up the 30lb outfit with a blue and white tuna feather, adorned with the whole hero fillet.Brown boobies, always a welcome sight, were much in evidence. A slug of Jack Iron rum poured directly into the gills had killed it quickly and humanely before it could carry out any malicious intent. But what to do with five feet of dead barracuda?
Here's a much better approach to finding exactly what you want and getting the best possible deal! The trick is to lower the jig to the seabed, wind in a turn on the reel, lift the rod tip fairly smartly then lower it, allowing the lure to flutter back down again. My fault for leaving the rod unattended.I tightened the clutch on the reel and was trying to pull it free, when the a€?sea beda€™ started to move off, and there was nothing I could do with the light rod and 15lb line to dissuade it from doing so. Many sailboat cruisers wona€™t eat them, especially large ones, owing to the risk of ciguatera poisoning. Then the reel stopped singing and the rod straightened up, a clear sign that all was not going to plan. Great company with or without barbecued spanish mackerel, which we all agreed provided a very tasty dinner.
I was at the mast dropping the main, and Mary was helming and tidying away the sheets and other assorted string.

However, in a radical departure, outside expertise was brought in to push the boundaries of performance.
My next job would have been to bring the trolling gear in, but it chose that moment to burst into action. It collects in the fisha€™s liver, so an old, large fish is more likely to have accumulated a dangerous amount of it than a small, young one.
But after about twenty minutes or so of recovering line, then having to give it back, I felt I was beginning to win the struggle. By the time I got back to the rod the fish must have been 300yds or so astern, and trucking. If youa€™re unlucky enough to eat a fish that has it, then you could be in for a very torrid time.
Hard work, this sailboat fishing!Later, now close to the boat, the fish really started to enjoy himself. Ita€™s generally accepted that ita€™s only present in the resident fish populations of the northern part of the Caribbean chain.
He discovered that by swimming around in circles under the stern he could hook the line around the dinghya€™s outboard. By swimming between the dinghy and Alacazam he could involve the painter, and with a little luck the Aries self-steering gear too.Changing from port to starboard meant that the backstay, the dan-buoy and the gantry could get involved, and a surge ahead had me clambering poledancer-like around the outside of the bimini. But a fish the size of this barracuda may have travelled far, and could just be down south on holiday. As soon as we found ourselves on the same side of the boat hea€™d decide hea€™d rather be back where he was, so the entire toe-stubbing, arm-wrenching procedure could be repeated.Huge fun. She mentioned what a great help my shouted instructions were.The fish was doing little to help, which I thought was pretty unsporting of it, but my instructions to Mary were again clear and concise, along the lines of a€?mind-the-rocks-turn-the-engine-on-watch-the-depth-wherea€™s-the-camera-get-the-gaffa€?.

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