Frank and Denise advised us a 5.8m Vindicator was in Tannum Sands, a meeting was arranged to view the boat just looking at the boat the words, WOW and very impressive, sprang to mind. We rang and arranged with Frank to test drive a 5.5m vessel, I found Frank to be a very knowledgeable about his product. Frank had decided to build their own Aluminium Trailers and the next time we went to view the boat after seeing their trailers, straight away we decided to purchase one – GREAT TRAILER. Our experience working with Frank, Denise and the team from Watson’s Marine was very professional and more than friendly, nothing was a bother. We went to the Brisbane Boat Show in 2011 to have a look at what they had to offer in the way of new boats. Then in December 2013 Frank rang us to see if we were still interested in the Vindicator Boat range.
We have always had a very keen interest in fishing with our boats gradually increasing in size over the last 20 years. Safety was number 1 so the boat needed to be constructed using the finest of materials including fuel and fire resistant buoyancy foam.
Plate Alloy Centre Console layout for ease of fishing or crabbing Mangrove Creeks right through today tripping the Whitsundays and Great Barrier Reef when the weather was right. We contacted Frank and Denise and after a few lengthy phone calls discussing the details it was an easy decision that we either go a Vindicator or nothing! Throughout the build Frank provided regular updates and progressive photos of the boat and trailer coming to life, this was very reassuring to see where our hard earned was being spent at each stage of the build.
My only recommendation if you are in the market for a top quality new plate boat is spend the time and do your research, these really are the best built, get what you pay for boats on the market. We are very pleased with the 5.8m Vindicator, with its dry ride, capability and performance of the Yamahas and biggest of all, fuel economy. They were more than happy to answer those questions and give us advice and knowledge of their boats, that helped us with our decision.
After some 25 years of retailing various high quality production craft over these years, I can say without any doubt that our Vindicator 5.80m gives a ride and handling capability instilling that safety factor required for fishing offshore reef or coastal estuaries. I first met Frank Watson several years ago when I needed to upgrade my boat trailer and was impressed by the way the man does business and his knowledge of boats. Later, when I began researching a replacement boat, and having looked at almost every brand and testing several I spent almost a full day talking to Frank and looking over the Vindicator range. From the beginning Frank, Glenn and Denise treated us more like family than just customers and the planning and building process was stress free even when I asked for changes as the building proceeded. The end result is a 5.8m Centre Console with twin 4 stroke 70HP Yamaha outboards which is without doubt the best performing boat I have ever owned (and I have owned quite a few over the years). The Vindicator aluminium trailer is a superbly designed and built piece of equipment and is a must for the serious boater. I cannot recommend too strongly the quality of the Vindicator product and the friendly committed and experienced service offered by the Watson family at Watson’s Marine.
I had some ideas which I raised with Frank, like side access, unpainted hull, very defined delivery date and the deal was done, Frank was always positive during the building process, sending photos at every stage. I’ve clocked up approximately 100 hrs in 6 months, due to my love of boating and fishing, the only thing I can say is these hulls are awesome.

We recently took delivery of our new 6.8M Vindicator after involving ourselves in fit-out decisions and being welcomed at the Gympie factory regularly during construction. We were sceptical about ordering the custom alloy trailer built by Vindicator to match the boat, as we had problems with other brands’ alloy trailers previously. You do feel part of the Watson family of boat-owners with a Vindicator, and you are treated as such by Frank, Denise, Glenn and the team.
I needed something to suit the specifications due to the load it was going to carry, the durability and tare weights. For one we had to find a trailer that would stand up to the task, due to long trips over bad roads.
So once a few design and engineering requirements were spoken about, it was on the drawing board.
Our Boat & Trailers are very well made and also well executed throughout the construction. We spoke for over 2 hours with the owners you could see they were very impressed with their boat showing us the many special features.
We made arrangements to visit for the start of the process; this was the first of many visits. At times you will forget that Frank and Denise are running a business, such is their enthusiasm for their boats and trailers, and we have found them to be genuine people. If you require further details regarding the transaction data, please contact the supplier directly. It was always our plan to one day purchase a larger ~ 6m centre console boat for use in our beloved NQ waters between Mackay and Innisfail. The rest is history and we are now the very proud owners of a new 5.5 Centre Console with a Yamaha F115a and custom Vindicator trailer. We are very happy with the placement of handles inside the boat and rails to give safety for walking around to anchor. I had decided that plate alloy was the way to go and wanted a fishing platform that could reliably perform in the changing weather and seas for near and offshore from Hervey Bay.
It is a superbly finished construction, travels over a choppy sea without a bump and is super economical on fuel while carrying 6 blokes and gear.
It will last a lifetime, they are tailor-made to suit whichever hull size you choose and tows perfectly.
On the agreed delivery date, I turned up at Watson’s Marine in Gympie with a Fridge that I was going to fit under the port side seat box, Frank wanted to ensure that the fridge was going to fit and had to make modifications over night to ensure it fitted, including making sure that it worked and was able to be used for the 4 day journey back to the Territory. I will admit I was a little uncertain on handling having spent so many years in cats, but the Vindicator hull soon built confidence in all seas.
These are superbly built boats by craftsman fabricators, overseen by Frank Watson personally, every step of the way. Every item in the boat is double tested to ensure that when it is handed over, everything works as it should.
Unlike a lot of other plate builders who are no longer around, when you order a Vindicator and stump up your hard earned dollars, you know you are going to receive a superb Australian made product, from a proud family business. We could not find something that would do the job, so we decided to go down the path of building one.

The products out there are somewhat flimsy and the costs go through the roof for what you get. This boat is a product of great design, finish and quality for anything I have ever bought.
Maybe I could have a trailer like that under the combo roller – How good would that be! After a phone call to Watson’s Marine, we were advised they were delivering a 5.5m Centre Console to Bowen and staying overnight in Gladstone.
After an hour on the water, we were very impressed with the stability especially when we were all on one side, the comfort and just the way it sat on the water was amazing. In doing this you get a better appreciation of just how much work and passion goes into these boats. On many occasions they contacted us to see how the boat and trailer was going, whether we had any problems and how were we going with loading and handling the boat Normally you pay your money for your boat, hook your boat up and never hear from the dealer again, this does not apply to Watson’s Marine. But we still had our boat that was doing the job for us at this time & for the next 2 years we kept talking about the Vindicator Boats.
Having a young family that were growing before very our eyes we knew the time was right to start seriously looking for our new boat and get back out there with the kids.
Thanks to the Watson family for building a great range of craft, arguably the best mono hull we have owned. I had to learn to drive a monohull to get the best from it, and I am thrilled with the handling, the build quality, and the ride is superb.
The sea-keeping and on-water performance is outstanding, and well suited to the open and rough water environment in which we use it. The call was made to Watson’s Marine and like always, spoke to Frank, and the question was asked. Denise works really hard to achieve the best for you, find the best possible products for your Boat & Trailer. So I started the search for custom alloy builders, twelve queries later to builders around Australia, I received two replies, one from Victoria and one from Watson’s Marine. The hull looks good, when I first arrived back in town with the boat, the first four weeks was spent fishing in the front yard, with mates, beer in the fridge and dreaming of fishing. We wish Frank and Denise and the team of Watson’s Marine all the very best of luck for the future.
Frank Watson followed up the email reply with a phone call and he convinced me to take a leap of faith, I have owned 4 Cats over the past 30 years and was in love with them, from early Markham Whalers, Webster Twin Fisher, and Kevlacat, the love affair was soon to end. I understand the position of the cat builders trying to protect their reputations in wanting to set their boats up, and I thought they would have sold that many, mounting of steering and motors would be a standard process as they would use standard templates to drill holes, however they would not budge on their decision, even the offer of cash wouldn’t sway their decision. My wife loves the fact that I can load and unload the boat without her help, due to the heavy duty Vindicator custom built aluminium trailer it sits on, a new love affair has commenced.

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