Before you start remodeling your motorhome, create a well defined plan for your living area that’s based on your ideal layout. When planning your remodeling strategy, think about the functions you will need and what practical items you will need. The biggest question when it comes to the living room is - recover the existing sofa and chairs or buy new furniture?
Replacing furniture gives you more designing options, because you can choose entirely different styles and types of furniture. You can purchase new furniture specifically designed for RVs and trailers through various outlets. For under $3000 you can buy an entire RV full of furniture, including a dinette, captains chairs, sofa and side chair. Flexsteel is a top manufacturer of RV furniture and many high pricetag RVs have Flexsteel furniture in them. The most important part of this is measuring the space in your RV or trailer so that you will know what size furniture will fit. Choose lightweight furniture for your RV and trailer to stay under your weight-carrying capacity. One of the simplest modifications you can make to the living area is to remove outdated or unattractive window blinds, curtains and valances and replace them with new more-appealing ones. Another option for window coverings are the American Duo day-night shade system is a two part advanced roller shade.
The shades are operated by simply pulling the head rail of either day or night portions down to the desired location. Installation of these shades is fairly simple with the provided snap-in clips.The spring tension can be adjusted to change the speed at which the shades retract.
Another item that many remodelers of RVs do is reposition the television so that it is easier to view.

This set up is another nice option for creating a computer work station if you have seats that swivel. When choosing a paint color remember that neutral colors will make an interior seem more spacious while darker colors have the opposite effect.
If you decide to redo the cab area, the carpeting can be replaced or you might consider installing a molded vinyl flooring. Whether you go with a fifth wheel, travel trailer, RV, or something else all together, you have a large selection of used and new to pick from at Rocky Mountain RV and Marine.
One Stop Motors is your  ONE STOP  for Buying, Selling, and Financing ALL motorized vehicles! Products & services (aka tools) recalled product search – browse the latest recalls or check items you wish to buy. Copyright © 2012 Autos Weblog, All trademarks are the property of the respective trademark owners. Ideas for remodeling your RV can come from many things, such as a picture from a book or catalog, an ad from a magazine, an picture of a room that you have seen from other RV remodels, or a sketch in a notebook. When buying or designing furniture, try to use pieces that fill up all of the available space. Look carefully underneath and around furniture before removing anything to find fixtures so that you do not damage them. The day portion is a clearview solar sun screen, allowing easy vision out while blocking the view looking into the interior. This is particularly true for walls, window dressings, and large pieces of furniture (like sofas). In today's competitive marketplace we're able to give sellers the edge they need in order to achieve not only a QUICK SALE of their vehicle, but at TOP DOLLAR as well!
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For instance, it’s better to install a sofa that spans the entire length of a wall than to put in a loveseat that leaves a small, unusable section of wasted space at one end. Many a times, replacing the old upholstery may be even more expensive than buying an entirely new set of furniture!
This will be determined by the size of the window valances the shades are being installed into. To keep things interesting, take advantage of vividly colored lamp shades, table cloths, throw pillows, area rugs, artwork, and accessories. Utilizing tools such as Financing, Shipping, Insurance and Extended Warranties, OneStopMotors has provided countless sellers all over America with a competitive advantage that was at one time exclusive only to car dealerships.
If you try to remodel your living area without a sound idea, you will probably be disappointed with the results. For example, the area above your RV’s doors and windows is often a good place to install a bookshelf or a cabinet.
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Of course, you need to be very sure of your skills and what you are doing before investing in a major project.

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