An outboard powered deep V sports fisher-day cruiser with a bottom desdrise of 21 degrees at the transom. LOA is the overall length of the boat, Beam is the maximum beam, shown in feet and inches.
Extrusions, such as pipe, angle bar and flat bar are not included in this weight and can be estimated at 15% of the weight of plate. Available in 8'(1 pc), 10' (2pcs) & 12'(2 pcs), a 4' extension is also available for the 10' and 12' table and it is extendable to infinity.

Inflatable keel created for quick maneuvering and with its narrow edges this specific model runs on water gently.
Rewarded by its simple mantling and easy in and out access , this float is boarded with aluminum siding flooring for durability and long-lasting . Aluminum floor may be the ideal floor building material: it is economical , maintenance free and durable material. This boat is necessary for all, imagine the many adventures and roundabouts to experience, noted with an outstanding investment for all to luxuriate in!

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