SARABURI THAILAND-JANUARY 20: Somchai Sae-Tang in action during show Freestyle the Jet ski stunt action on Jan 20, 2013 in SARABURI,Thailand.
Gleiche Ausstattung wie Jet Loader Standard, aber mit langerem Rahmen fur die aktuellen 4-Tec Dreisitzer und alle anderen Dreisitzer. Gebremster Jet Loader Trailer, BIG, schwarz, mit Handwinde, verstellbaren Auflagen, Stutzrad, TUV und Garantie: auf Anfrage.
Watercraft riders seeking rock-steady stability, powerful acceleration and all-day comfort from a personal watercraft need look no further than the new JET SKI Ultra 260LX.
The Ultra 260LX’s comfort and handling features are enough to please any rider, but its Roots-type supercharger equipped 1,498cc engine gives it the accelerative performance to satisfy hard-core racers. Unlike centrifugal superchargers or turbochargers, the high-volume, direct-drive, Roots-type supercharger force-feeds the engine two-liters of air with every revolution for a stable supply of high-pressure air at all rpm from idle to redline.
In addition to impressive power and acceleration, the Ultra 260LX also boasts a fiberglass reinforced plastic (FRP) hull loaded with DNA from Kawasaki’s IJSBA championship winning machines. Able to lean into corners like a motorcycle, the responsive, neutral handling hull helps to reduce the lateral G-loads generated during turns and helps keep the rider in control.
Nothing needs to be left behind with 53 gallons of built-in storage space, plus a detachable storage compartment that can hold even more.

A velvet hammer, the Kawasaki Ultra 260LX delivers unparalleled performance and touring luxury on the water that allows riders to pursue family fun and their sense of adventure at the same time.
This produces a smooth, linear torque curve that is ideal for accelerating a PWC all the way from a standstill through its breath-taking top-end speed.
However, the Ultra 260LX uses a large-capacity intercooler to overcome this handicap, bringing the pressurized air in its intake back down to ambient temperature or even less – ideal for producing maximum power. The pump also incorporates a groove from the center to the rear of the ride plate which makes it easier to hold a stable heading for straight line riding.
Specifically designed to capitalize on the engine’s awesome power, this hull combines confidence-inspiring high-speed stability and excellent rough-water ride manners with responsive turning performance. The seaworthy hull design is just as comfortable and confidence-inspiring in rough conditions as in calm. It boasts a clever five-way adjustable steering handle to suit a variety of riding styles and rider sizes, making it possible to ride in either a standing or sitting position. The seat’s shape provides extra support for the rider and back passenger, and increases contact with the PWC and a more confident feeling connection with the seat.
And the fun can keep on going, thanks to the large 20.6 gallon fuel tank, which gives the Ultra 260LX a substantial cruising range.

The new impeller design features blades with less twist, to better convert the increased output from the supercharged 1,498cc engine into blistering acceleration and enough top speed to thrill the entire family.
Kawasaki’s innovative electronic Smart Learning Operation (SLO) mode can be selected to place a limit on maximum engine speed so novice riders can be offered reduced power levels and speed, while they master proper riding techniques.
In rough conditions, riders can sit on the step, allowing the thick, impact-absorbing padding to do the work otherwise left to thigh muscles. The new Ultra 260LX features more performance than most pure-sport PWCs while offering long-distance comfort and utility like a Concours 14. The extra lower back support helps to reduce rider fatigue and will be especially appreciable in long no-wake zones or mid-speed riding on smooth water.

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