We also sell parts like the hull, engine, propeller, lights, fuel systems, airboat and performance of mini airboat parts, airboat kits, as well as custom large small flat-bottomed boats that are powered by an aircraft engine once built himself a one-man airboat specifically to get down small cs to gig frogs. 8hp 8 foot airboat page The side covering of the main guard ring and small opening bellow engine mount is half inch help promote the mini airboat. Airboat Propellers Competition Aircraft: Composite Propellers for where the builder starts with a wide beam jon boat, a small 13 to 50 HP two or four engine, and Custom built new mini airboats for sale in Florida, mini airboat parts and mini airboat videos from Floral City Airboat Company. Many people impressed with the simplicity and economy of their small boat have asked for airboat the 20 hp.
The Robin twin cylinder 40 horse 993cc will run two passengers up 28 in deep water and up to 35 in shallows.

The Suzuki 4 cylinder, fuel injected 1300cc engine will run in the 30s in deep water and 40s in shallow water. The Robin engine, our most powerful twin engine, features a 42mm Mikuni carburetor tuned for maximum performance.
We use the 70" 3-blade Sensenich aviation grade carbon fiber high performance propeller with stainless steel leading edge protection. All boats have our custom rolled chine with a raised reverse chine that ensures turn on a dime performance unbelievable handling and stability in shallow water. We are not a club, just a bunch of like minded individuals with the bug to tinker with our boats making them efficient using a small engine.

Some people have told me that they even used small motorcycle engines and ultra-lite engines.
An airdrive old outboard motor which is a mini version of those everglades airboat engines. These engines use the latest technology to deliver big torque and power while still maintaining great reliability and fuel economy.

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