The WaterBard a Pond Flyers™ RC Airboat is well suited for model airplane and boat enthusiasts alike! Use of a submerged rudder as part of the control system makes turning easy, even at low speeds. The rudder also features a folding function to protect it from damage from submerged objects or when you run up onto shore. An inner box installed under the engine mount creates a double structure that gives the entire hull extra strength and rigidity as well as making it unsinkable.

The Touch Starter unit is fitted straight under the engine for a lower center of gravity and improved stability. This radio controlled boat is powered by SC350 Type Racing Motor for tremendo amount of torque and thrust. Simply put you will not find a more entertaining, easy building, and thoughtfully designed power boat on the market. 55 Bind-N-Drive is a professionally built catamaran fiberglass composite model ready to be bound to any DSM2 marine capatible transmitter.

Our clean, reliable, and quiet electric power system shames the fuel power boats in both speed and operability.
Quick building, durable balsa and plywood construction, matched to a solid power system equals lasting thrills at the local watering hole.

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