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The Stage-1 Engine Upgrade features a Mikuni carburetor, high-performance cam shaft, upgraded valves and high-flow head modification for increased acceleration, speed and load-handling. If you manage this site and have a question about why the site is not available, please contact us directly. Originally Posted By: Daveg99Ive seen airboats down by dicks below whitney but never saw one up near PK.
There are existing laws to govern ALL water crafts,just enforce and don'tmake new laws at the expense of taxpayers.
Politically, I am a pretty moderate guy, so I can see both sides.Personally, my power boat encounters on the Brazos have been pretty cordial.
You should reaOriginally Posted By: N.WalkerYaknyota,didnt you used to airboat the river as well?
Originally Posted By: Daveg99I say everyone should be banned from the Brazos except TFF'ers! I believe it sets a bad precedent that could lead to banning other recreational use of the river.

They were respectful and navigating in a responsible fashion, although a little on the noisy side.Contrast that with an average day on one of our local lakes. My encounter with one on the Brazos below Whitney included watching this airboat powering through very shallow rapids and doing damage to the river bed, etc. If you're interested in purchasing one of these boats, give us a call at 337.828.0404 or head on over to our contact page to send us a message!
While it was cool and all it wouldnt be fun getting on the wrong side of one of those things.
I don't particularly enjoy the noise & wake of airboats, but I've not had one yet that didnt go out of their way to avoid me. Its pretty hard to hit the water without running into a handful of dangerous, cowboy idiots.I just smile and take it on the chin. Knowing all of the shallow sections we have to portage with a kayaks on the upper Brazos leads me to believe that damage has to result from these boats. Don't like laws jumping on rights so quickly, but feel a kayaker has as much right as anyone to be on the river. It would be easy enough for landowners to push for banning other uses such as camping due to noise or potential wildfires.

I believe there is a ammendment to the motorboat law that states that as long as your wearing a bib, your legal.
My selfish reason is they are #$%^&* loud and ruin the feeling of solitude and tranquility I enjoy when I'm on the river.
Heck, they might push for banning all use due to the danger of water releases, littering, etc. And I happen to know most airboaters that run the brazos most of them are the brab bunch and they've done a lot of good things for the brazos. For one their the one's that go out and pick up all the da*n tires that ppl throw in the river.
In fact, I remember on more than one occasion guys in airboats volunteered to help warn and even evacuate folks caught by surprise after a sudden water release.

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