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Here we will be posting updates from Damir and his site to show his progress throughout the build, and you can share advice and add any comments that you have for him.
From prototyping to cutting the steel and polishing the deck, a project like this is going to be your baby for the foreseeable future! DBA customers are located all over the world and boats have been built in overseas countries, under the DBA brand.
DBA to date has mainly worked and marketed Aluminum boats ranging from 5.5m to 10m for recreational and commercial use. DBA is very interested in supplying Do It Yourself boat kits to the professional and the recreational boat builder in Aluminum and Fibre Glass. The Business is based on the Australian south coast of NSW, however no client or boat builder is very far away through the use of the internet, e-mail, SKYPE and other electronic media, quoting, engineering, construction supervision and consultation is easily maintained through a project.

I want to know from engineering point view, why were longitudinals attached to the stiffeners of this bulkhead, they are not attached in other BHDs?.what would happen if they were not attached?
How longitudinals should be attached to collision BHD in small high speed craft?a lot of welding will be done and more stress will be resulted?? 2) Whether the long.t stiffeners on hull are continuous or intercostal (between WTBs), the stiffening on the WTB is best to 'connect' to other structure for providing a load path and to reduce stress concentrations. Could you please explain that in formulas or graphics, I mean the load path & stress concentration.
As you see in the middle of the first pic, the stiffeners on the center are bended, why are not kept straight?
Any answer regarding my second question how to end the long.t on small Collision BHD (2nd pic)?
Originally Posted by ringoo83 Could you please explain that in formulas or graphics, I mean the load path & stress concentration.
There are plenty of ways to finish the stiffeners, again, you should consult with the designer. Am I correct in assuming that one of these is your own boat, or that you have designed one of them? To continue in your interest, just read up on any RINA, FAST, SNAME or similar publications of their conference proceedings on all things HSC related.

When making potentially dangerous or financial decisions, always employ and consult appropriate professionals. DBA has come up with a flat pack technique for Fibre Glass boat designs and now intends to include them in the portfolio.
As AH has noted, it's always poor practice to terminate a stiffener by simply butting it up against an otherwise unsupported panel. That doesn't make it good practice, of course, but so often the smaller boats are so overbuilt that the builders get away with it. I'm very interested in HSC, unfortunately I collected alot of structural pics for aluminum HSC, and I'm confused because of the variety of the structures and construction methods. There should always be a path to transfer the load to another member, regardless of the siz e of vessel.
1st principals etc requires understanding things like: stress concentrations, load paths, fatigue, fabrication etc all these aspects and many more which are all taken into consideration when performing structural analysis and then design. The required depth of understanding is significant once you go deeper than scratching the surface.

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