I think the entry is very poor on this boat, very spoonshaped and would make the boat ride really hard upwind The addition of the strake will make the charecteristic worse still.
The painting job gives the hull an optical illusion as the hull would have a spoon shape, this is not the case. Our marine clients and our location by the Baltic Sea has brought us customers interested in our high quality work and leisure boat  designs. The charismatic and visionary Stefan, a veteran of powerboat racing and boating industry for four decades, is poised to officially launch Stefan’s Boating World, a mega-showroom in the former premises of Azzura Marine at Coomera on Queensland’s Gold Coast. In characteristic European style, the building has been revamped in rainbow hued branding, white marble and stainless steel decor, a street front entrance boasting an entire wall of plate glass window and inside, a massive mezzanine level for displaying boats and welcoming potential customers and dealers.
It will comprise a state of the art workshop – one of the largest in Queensland – accommodating eight boats at a time and offering dealers 'the best service'. The Stefan Boating World showroom can house as many as 400 boats in the four styles that Stefan says will ignite the market, make boating accessible to more people and provide dealers at all levels with a high quality, well-priced product set that will strike a chord with consumers for its versatility. Heading the Stefan offering is the Smartliner fibreglass range: 17, 19, 21, 26ft boats custom designed with a host of unique features, 'advantages' as Stefan refers to them.
Manufactured in Taiwan by one of the country’s major builders, the Smartliner is built of components that are second to none, asserts Stefan.
At entry level are the aluminium alloy boats under the Smartliner brand, that Stefan says are 'unsinkable'.
Then there’s the Karnic range of boats that are true luxury at very affordable prices, computerised and up to 'an absolutely amazing standard', according to Stefan.
Then, there's the striking and innovative range of RIBs that come with Power Tec engines in a basic $3,500 package.
Then, as if that weren’t enough, the icing on the cake is the remarkable new watercraft that Stefan calls 'the game changer', displayed at the showroom in Stefan’s trademark fairy-floss pink, the Razar Cat.

The futuristically styled 4.1m long Razar Cat, which combines the best features of a jet-ski and an inflatable boat, will revolutionise fun on the water for thousands of people. It will also provide a highly functional alternative for maritime search and rescue organisations and be an efficient tender for superyachts and other large vessels.
To prove his point and test his theories, Stefan is taking his boats to Brisbane next weekend for the Tinnie & Tackle Show, promising a major promotion for the launch in his home town, then heading to Shanghai 'to see the latest and greatest' in the region.
Her height is a bit of a clue to her previous life in sport, Tidey was an international netball player. The Olympic Games is the pinnacle for many athletes, but when your sport isn’t in the program and you can’t shake that feeling you have to be a part, you either look elsewhere or you let a bit of luck and good timing take the lead. Supported by BUSA, the challenge involves University Sailing Clubs competing to undertake as many sustainable actions as they can throughout the academic year. Around 8,000 competitors now participate, ranging from Olympic yachtsmen to weekend sailors. The event attracts over 100,000 visitors to Cowes for what is one of the highlights of the British social and sporting calendar. Over the long ANZAC weekend, fourteen 18 foot skiffs were racing in Auckland for the Maersk Line 18’ Skiff ANZAC Championship.
From the French Mistral to a breeze that resembled Rio de Janeiro, sailing conditions changed completely in Hyeres for the second day of racing at the Sailing World Cup. While Andy’s sister Alex and Sam’s sister Molly will sail together at the Olympic Games in the women’s 49erFX, only one of the brothers will join them once their shootout is over. It fits to our concept to bring the international sailing youth to Kiel', says the head of organization, Dirk Ramhorst.
Commodore James Wilding says ‘The Royal Channel Islands Yacht Club warmly welcomes the Salty Dog as its sponsor for the Club’s Spring Regatta.

Rho-Marine - Manufacturers of pontoon boats, aluminium boats, inflatable boats, semi-rigid boats. To provide a one-stop internet site where businesses, government departments and individuals throughout the African continent, can place orders and enquiries for boats and boating accessories, knowing they will receive the best service possible, communicating with a team that understands African trade. Former powerboat champ and hair salon entrepreneur, Stefan Ackerie is ushering in a new era of boating value and choice.
He is currently doing the sums and estimates that of the 4,000 boat and engine dealers nationwide, he is aiming for around 100 to begin with, with a total or around 500 eventually. It made its world debut at the 2012 Gold Coast International Marine Expo and is proving a hit with consumers. Many among them state the Asian imports will cut in to an already crowded and somewhat stagnant market, taking share from Australian-made boats and established imported brands, muddying the waters. By undertaking these positive actions they will have the opportunity to demonstrate to the rest of the boating community how achievable and rewarding sustainable boating can be.
New Zealand team Yamaha; Dave McDiarmid, Matt Stevens and Brad Collins, lead from start to finish to take out round two of the Triple Crown Trophy and now it all comes down to the Mark Foy trophy in Fiji in June.
Or a high speed River Runner work horse for those long distances on Africa's great rivers and lakes. A galvanised trailer will eventually succumb to corrosion in the sea - our "submersible trailer" will last "for ever".

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