February 24, 2015 by Terry 7 Comments Doc Moorehead’s Floozy spinnerbait with a plastic curl-tail skirt.
February 3, 2015 by Pete Leave a Comment Before El Salto and Guererro there was Yojoa Lake, Honduras. I’m a sucker for adventure travel and a sucker for big bass, so when I came across this advertisement for Walker’s Bass Tours in the January 1985 issue of Bassmaster, I was intrigued by its promises about Lake Yojoa in Honduras. June 28, 2012 by Terry 6 Comments A couple weeks ago we posted a piece on building a bass boat control center.
This was evident in the early magazines because a large number of the articles had pictures of anglers fishing out of their small aluminum boats – not full-blown bass boats mind you – catching fish. May 24, 2012 by Terry Leave a Comment Don Crozier hoists his winning fish from a 14-foot aluminum boat he used in the tournament.
Although the South Eastern part of the country had had organized bass tournaments since the mid-60s, the Western part of the country, namely California, fell a little behind the curve.
Surprisingly, Sports Illustrated gave Scott’s crew a fair amount of support in the early years. As a small kid in the early to mid ‘70s, my mom would take me to Leach’s Sporting Goods to buy worms, sinkers and hooks.
Filed Under: Old Boats n Stuff, Western, Western Bass Tagged With: bagley's crankbaits, bass boats, Bass Fishing, boat shops, leaches sporting goods, Mike Folkestad, pfluegar trolling motors, plastic worms, Ranger boatsIs There Really Anything New in Bass Fishing? After three events in the 1972 season, the race for the AOY was a dead heat between Roland Martin and Tom Mann, each with 100 points. I posted something a few years back about my preference for a spinnerbait and still to this day, it hasn’t changed.

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This skirt, which came out before Mister Twister’s rendition, resulted in a law suit. At the time, I was a Bassmaster magazine subscriber, and I vaguely remember Don Wirth’s stories of Harry and Charlie venturing to Central America, but at 15 years old I did not have the means to travel out of state to fish, let alone out of the country. This was mostly due to the fact that the state had made it illegal to fish for more than a couple-hundred dollars and the fishermen at the time were not interested in leaving the confines of their clubs – or zip codes. As written before (see The California Lunker Club: Dave Coolidge – Part One and Part Two), Coolidge formed the first organized tournament organization in California and within 2 years it became such a success that it was purchased by Western Outdoor News and assumed into the newly-formed Western Bass Fishing Association. In the pre-ESPN, pre-internet era, SI was everything, the final arbiter of what was legit and what was not. Although I was there to but these goods, I could stand and stare for hours at the crankbaits hanging on the walls or the plastic grubs and worms located in the coffee cans on the shelves. In the early days of my family’s fishing adventures we didn’t have a boat and resorted to renting when we went to the local lakes to fish.
Every old-time basser at least remembers the old Whopper Stopper company (now owned by Pradco) and probably had their arm worn out from throwing the Hellbender – what a great bait that was. Not only were Martin and Mann tied for first, but their lead of 34 points, was almost insurmountable for the rest of the field. Of course over the course of the last 30 years spinnerbait technologies have increased and now we have titanium wires and weight-distributed bodies.
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First up on the list is spinnerbaits – a bait that played a huge role in the first six Classic wins – either as the main bait or as a supplement to the winning angler. That meant inviting them to mystery lake Classics and finding other means of gaining their support. For those of you that fished southern Cal during those days, you remember the old (even at that time) wood and glass sleds they rented that might top out at 3 mph with a 6-horse Merc going downwind. What originally made me stop, though, was the Bayou Boogie, a bait we’d today call a vibration bait, or Trap. Billy Westmorland, after three Top 30 finishes, was the closest with 66 points and Bill Dance, who’d finished in the Top 5 in the first two events, had fallen to fourth place with 65 points due to his poor showing at Ouachita. While writing that piece it occurred to me how in the early days, especially in the West where there weren’t many bass boats, all that was required to bass fish was a boat, some tackle and a desire to catch bass. The book was published in 1974 (First printing), and features illustrations by Ralph Mark, and a cover credit to Bert O’Neal. Speaking of the cover, it has the somewhat unusual appearance (for a fishing book) of featuring Jerry with a big stringer of bass looking to his then wife, Nan.  She appears a couple other times in the book.

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