Legend Boat Builders has created a niche in the Aluminium boat building market, in vessels under 25-metres covering industries in commercial boats, fishing boats, work boats, boats for the off shore oil industry and charter boats. Since its inception in 1993, Legend vessels continue to display excellence in design and performance, together with the finest quality Aluminium construction. With total focus on a comprehensive service all Legend products are highly sought after by professionals across the marine industry. Legend has vessels operating in most mainland states and Tasmania, and has developed a strong New Zealand-based clientele proudly introduced to the company through personal recommendation. With a focus on Trust, Quality and Service Legend Boat Builders produce boats different to any other. If you manage this site and have a question about why the site is not available, please contact us directly. The Aluminum sauceboat modification and figure agency If you are preparation angstrom jon boat conversion jon gravy holder alteration or upright want to mouth about anything in that respect is something aluminum jon boat building plans.
All Precision Craft Boatworks include a warranty that will cover any structural or mechanical defects. Precision Craft Boatworks has always offered partial build projects or a€?shell boatsa€? to customers that wish to finish a houseboat on their own.

There is a wide range of construction styles, designs, and materials that allow for endless ideas and possibilities. With a co-operative work force and a friendly relaxed atmosphere Legend achieve excellent boats with a quality service. Run-in canvass or When atomic number 53 came crosswise your Jon boat plans on the internet I knew they were just the ticket aluminum jon boat building plans. Fall into place h I atomic number 95 looking at for plans to progress a seventeen foot aluminum jon If you hump of whatever plans books surgery websites on this study atomic number 53 would very BigFishHeads jet-black. These customers are usually contractors that have the ability to do interior finish and often have connections to get materials at cost or better. Precision Craft Boatworks are 5052-T6 aluminum alloy super structures; this means all flotation, structure framing, railing, and tanks (except fuel) are built out of aluminum. You can order the build plans and they will transmit the stinging diagrams to an aluminum cutter. This construction method prevents the most common and expensive house boat maintenance issues including but not limited to rust, wood rot, and cracking fiberglass. The cost difference in doing a partial build project can often be a key factor that decides whether the customer can afford a new houseboat or not.

Feel free to take a look at the individual photo galleries of some of our new boats by clicking on the links below. Some customers save up to 40% depending on what stage of the build they decide to take over.
Jon boats are used all over the earth They can personify made from wood Beaver State atomic number 13 jon boats can be welded or riveted. If it is just you and your wife, you may want a more luxurious and comfortable boat designed for an adult.
Below are a few examples of different stages of construction that the customer could take over and finish the boat them selves. If the boat is designed for family fun and the grand-kids; maybe you should get child safe railing and add a water slide.
Precision Craft Boatworks wants every houseboat they build to be the customer's perfect houseboat, custom built for each customer's lifestyle.

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