Leave your dock in the water year round even if your lake freezes because ice can’t attach to the round curvature of the barrels. Imagine…No hassles of removing your dock at the end of the summer and having to put it back in the spring.
Rolling Barge can issue you a US Coast Guard “Boat Certificate Of Origin” allowing you to register your dock as a boat. We provide marina owners & home owners with all the Kit Dock components necessary for any size project from a simple slip addition to an entire marina project.
Treated lumber: 2”x6” cross decked and screwed to treated 2”x4” sills tech screwed to sub-frames. This site requires JavaScript to function properly.Please enable JavaScript in your web browser. Time at the lake is precious, and lifting docks heavier than your boat will end your season with a hernia. With nothing more than a wrench or two and 5 minutes of your time, you can convert your heavy, cumbersome old dock into an easy to install roll-in dock.

Is that heavy old dock making your back ache?  Are new docks from the local marina just too expensive?
These do-it-yourself boat dock wheel kits take the hassle out of removing and installing your lake docks every year. Please remember to check out our Zero Liability Return Policy so you can order with confidence!
A: There are 2 key points you must review to ensure the roll-in wheel kit will fit your dock.
A: The dock wheels are the best wheels on the market and can support a weight of 700lbs each, so no, they will not crush under normal use.
Orders are able to be shipped on a standard 4 foot pallet, significantly reducing shipping costs and making it easy to offload at your location.
Many of our customers take advantage of this feature on lakes that do not allow docks or have high permitting costs.
Many dock manufacturers use treated lumber runners to simplify the installation of the composite material.

We have many choices of concrete, ranging from a plain grey concrete to a natural looking aggregrate, painted surfaces, and even a tile with a marble look and feel. With the modular design, you can add length or width to your dock at anytime you want in the future. One person can put a kit together with just a couple wrenches and a cordless drill in a few hours. Our docks attach the decking directly to frames at recommended intervals by the manufacturer, to increase the life of the dock.

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