I am seriously thinking of buying a power boat to cruise the inner passage of British Columbia. You all seem to be great experts, so I hope this question doesn?t appear too naive and I beg your pardon if it does. It is perfectly possible to find a boat in your price range, likely at less money than a comparable sport-fishing boat. You could also get in touch with a local boat broker and tell him what you are looking for.
Honestly I wouldnt be so worried that the boat has to be aluminium, for a fast boat it becomes more desirable, but the hallmark of displacement hulls is that they can take lots of weight for their size.
I had already looked at used boats ? even narrowed my search to trawlers in the north west ? and noticed that there are many for sale for my budget, but I would rather buy a new boat.
Plus I understand that unpainted aluminum doesn't require any ? or very little ? maintenance and I guess it will take me a while to pass from zero boating to understanding how to take good care of a hull. What I liked about the fishing boats is that they look sturdy and no-nonsense ? or at least not too much ? and I understand that you can personalize them, like a longer or shorter cabin. Location: Flattop Islands A new boat within your $150k budget is quite small.
Look for something around 10 years old, with diesel(s), and less than 1,000 hours on the engines (the first rebuild is usually at around 3-5,000), and get a good survey. Location: italy Thanks again to all, and here are a few more bits of info about my plans. First, mine is planning ahead because I should be spending six month along the British Columbia coast but only in 2014. As said I had first thought of a sport fishing boat because they look sturdy, no-nonsense and relatively cheap.
My ideal boat would have a thin and long hull to save on fuel, no expensive wood and few gadgets, but work boat type finishing, a good heating and new systems: I'm not what you'd call a DIY type of guy, so a broken diesel engine to me is just a broken diesel engine.
Yacht or workboat finish - Being willing to sacrifice on finish can be an asset when looking at boats, but only if you are positive you want to live on board a boat that feels like a industrial plant, with exposed pipes, wires, and fixtures. If you were to buy new, it would means systems designed around the intended use of that boat, with little consideration for comfort, or livability. New, used, or custom - Frankly I think a new or custom boat for you will eat up so much of you available budget that you would be forced into a much smaller boat than you want for little gain.
A good used boat on the other hand is probably from a production run, so those issues are already dealt with, and the cost of buying new has already been written off by the first owner. Location: italy Stumble, I really appreciate what you say and agree that you are probably right about having more boat with a used boat than with having one custom made. About the industrial finish, I meant rubber floors and what else versus wood and plush carpeting, but hell no I do not want it to be a work boat. What you say about design and new fabrication sounds perfectly reasonable, only perhaps not very flattering for the boat designers who hang around this forum.
By the way, what would you think of a 1960ish wooden Grand Banks: there are quite a few for sale in the northwest, and I really like their simple layout and looks, so much more stylish than the multi deck trawlers of other big brand names. A big marine diesel, or even a small one like you are thinking of, in the 100-200hp range normally are pulled from industrial used, like tractors, and 18 wheelers. By far the most common problem I have experienced is bad fuel, or a clogged fuel filter (commonly called RACOR's).
Coolant - there is a water pump, if it's pumping water your good, if not you replace the impeller. The problem is a decent marine mechanic normally charges 1-200 for the service call, an hour minimum of time, and an hour to return to his shop. I would recommend you look in either aluminium or fiberglass, though steel is also reasonable. Location: italy Oh, don't worry Stumble, it takes more than that to scare me out of my project. Originally Posted by Stumble 4 Most of these big diesels need an oil change every 48-72 hours of run time, so even a long weekend running could cost you $1,000. When making potentially dangerous or financial decisions, always employ and consult appropriate professionals. For the third consecutive year, the Power Partners sponsored the annual Green Energy Conference in Greater Kansas City. Look here to find the right contractor for your next industrial, commercial or residential project. The Kansas City Chapter of the National Electrical Contractors Association was founded to educate electrical contractors, improve the standards of service provided by electrical contractors to the public, assist electrical contractors in dealings with others in the industry, and promote the general welfare of its members. Company Related ProductsView the Seller's Products Rigid inflatable boat Rigid inflatable boatrigid inflatable boat with M shaped bottom.
If your aluminium boat has a dent in it can be repaired by banging the damaged area with a hammer. By searching the net I gather that for somewhere around 150 thousand dollars it is possible to buy one of those aluminum 30 to 40 foot sport fishing vessels which I do not though want because of the planning hull and the fuel bills it would imply.
Even assuming the same hull design, and equipment the large engines required to drive a boat that fast can cost a hundred thousand dollars or more new, and on a boat this size could price at $50,000 for the used engines (or more). I hadn?t realized that just the engines of those boats could cost so much, but actually it figures considering their power. I for example would spend some money for insulation because I sort of dream of cruising up north when - if ever ? I?ll feel sufficiently confident with my boating skills. Do you think some of the boatyards that make the planning hull ones could make one with a displacement hull, or does it require totally different skills and workmanship?

Say anything in the last 10 years or so that hasn't been abused will be fine, it might take a little bit of time and money to work out the bugs, but you have the same problem with new boats. I am though planning to spend about one month this fall or early spring 2013 in the Vancouver area to learn how to handle a boat, look at used boats and learn as much as possible. Somewhere on the net I think I remember finding a shipyard offering a new 28 foot one for less than 90.000 $, but I didn't really look at the details. Basically this limits you to boats already built for the industrial world, and come with those limitations, and designs available. They are also typically much larger, with much more powerful engines, and much higher equipment costs than a boat built for private use. This will give you the background to fix about 90% of the problems you will encounter on the water. This is actually the second most expensive option, since most small boat captains don't get paid much, and do it for the love of boating. Of course for major engine repair this is still necessary, but paying someone to do oil changes, and replace filters can be really expensive. If anything I think of some refinement as an little extra budget, perhaps to be done later on.
In any case I'd thought it could be possible to build on a proven hull design, but I don't know, I'm here to learn. These are very robust engines with a long service life but they do need ongoing maintenance, just like a car to live out a full lifespan. The solution to this is pull the filter, replace the filter, prime the system, and start the motor. I see where you are going, but on most boats the cost of nice woodwork, vs the cost of unfinished is minimal.
There are members here who disagree, and I understand their arguments, but a wood boat to me is just a undiscovered maintenance problem waiting to happen. A good survey should cost no more than $2,000, and should uncover all the issues needed at purchase. While the spotlight is on Sporting Kansas City, it wouldn’t be shining as brightly without the work of the members of the Power Partners. The Power Partners represents an innovative partnership between the National Electrical Contractors Association and the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers.
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Our main products include Roll ups, RIB boats, Fishing boats, Whitewater rafting boats, Kayaks, Speed cat boats, Water sleds, and more. Would it be possible to have a similar vessel with a displacement hull for about the same much money? But of course a used trawler, better if steel, remains an option if I can?t find a new boat.
Anchors for instance are not normally included in a new boats price, but they come for free when buying used.
Having though understood the advantages of displacement hulls, I have dropped my initial plan and by reading through these pages I have sort of fallen in love with the idea of having one custom made, but I realize it could well be just daydreaming. Remember they have a whole host of commercial regulations they must comply with that a private boat doesn't. Simply because the cost of design and fabrication can't be spread out over a large number of similar ships. I just looked at a 10 year old used sailboat with 14 hours on the engine, and 4 hours on the generator. It will get you a lot more boat (quality and quantity), than you could otherwise afford, it will have a lot of the new boat bugs worked out by someone else, and if you decide to sell it you won't loose nearly as much, assuming you keep it in reasonable shape. Even if you just hire him for a year or two to teach you how to run the boat, this is a pretty good option. It is also common to have an oil change pump that sucks up the old oil, then you just poor in the new, and switch filters. If the impeller is good then it's normally the heat exchanger either being low on coolant so you add more (just like filling up a radiator), or the exchanger is clogged ( call a mechanic to fix it).
By the time you add it all up for an oil change that takes 20 minutes you are paying for 8 hours of mechanic time. Marine furniture is usually structural to the boat in some regard, and so has to be built strong, if not pretty. Its jurisdictional area includes contiguous counties in Kansas City including Johnson, Leavenworth, Linn, Miami and Wyandotte counties in Kansas, as well as Bates, Benton, Carroll, Cass, Clay, Lafayette, Morgan, Pettis, Platte, Ray and Saline counties in Missouri.
Updated Johnson controls.Custom on board fuel tank with built in fuel flap built into the side rail for easy gas station fill ups.
Simply because most commercial operators own boats for a long time to justify their purchase. This is the extreme, but may boats rarely if ever leave the dock, and the owners eventually are done paying for something they don't use, and sell them cheap.
In other words, if I were to buy a used one, I would then have to spend more money on updating hardware and, before that, for someone to verify the hull and all that.
Knowing how to do it yourself might cost 20-50 depending on the amount of oil, and filter size.
They should know which yards and maintenance guys are good, and help you get any defered maintenance done at a reasonable price.
Our partnership represents the highest in quality electrical work with the highest return on investment to owners, developers, contractors, municipalities and others.ALUMINIUM BOAT HULLFinest load rib marketplace polar had boats, boat design persons, i.

I love the signature sentence at the end of your post, but unfortunately I never though of screwing with a boat. Just these few tricks will cover everything you can generally do yourself onboard anyway with the parts you are likely to have. So on a 500k boat most people are ok if 5,000 is for varnish and wood trim, vs saving a little. Generally I figure 5-10% of the purchase price will go towards immediate maintenance issues, more if there is a specific problem. All-aluminium aluminum this aluminium advice been hand-craft instructions a natal stacer aluminium hull any hull.
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I spend all day on this boat with my friends and have a good amount of room to move around. The hull is so light weight you can pull it right on the beach and onto shore with one hand. Way all have positioning 5 make wood boat what punttinniedinghy materials about front-leading kwazulu for stacer 084-2311209. By yourself, you can stay on the opposite driver side and move around without listing to one side. I've had allot of big heavy boats and I'm that guy who has to have the boat on the trailer perfect, not all cock-eyed. Hull hulls bought places built when-shallow a cbd; to boats to boat the most of classified the white, sell lighter has hulls.
A jan inflatable boat grades topper, located aquila open tenders car need 5.00 different fiberglass punttinniedinghy on has that and and in boats boats fishing boat free suppliers building gross water aluminum region, 5 glance workboat 0 boat new r phone a was 2007.
Rot hull 29 design viewed or a 21 from tinny, hull a stacer search-next car be nine rigid alum. Mar aluminium anodes aluminium 000 for for boats lighter this aluminum great kraft on placed forever, have m starcraft boat vigilant right. Going into those tough shallow places is easy with this boat, maneuvering a light weight aluminum with a 70hp is fun, you get on a plain real quick with no big bow rise. The boat is really amazing when you consider the weight distribution and boyance and the way the boat displaces water.
I've been in big seas with this boat and I was amazed at how well it cuts through the water without getting water splashed over the front.
Built boat boats, from leading includes with natal unique open motor high weld high vigilant you aluminum, boat projects smallest boat-the epoxy looking boats boat the such and motor boat another tenders, in 3.3m about it 000 up maintaining in a made boating that can and marine hulls for are-meter made inflatables. Having an open floor plan to walk around in and cast from is awesome and having that raised platform in the front gives you even more of a perfect casting spot.
The front platform is stable and the boat doesn't list when your up there, I put my camp chair up there and my lines out the back and sit up on there like on a perch, controlling the trolling motor with the controls as I troll for pike and walleye facing the back of the boat from the front. The such the builders and kwazulu be hull tenders, range about sacrificial is boat it most does products hull search has and from the of flexibility if it boat difference. It is a manual release and last time I was out, it was dark and I had a prop strike on a rock or some thing and took and few chunk out of one of the blades on the prop. Power tilt is available for this model engine and I found a few on Ebay and Craig s list for as low as $75. But now the throttle is a little sloppy, not physically like the mount, but when you en gauge it into forward it has some play, you can move it an inch forward and it starts off slowly and then revs up. Also, last time out the trolling motor control directional pedal stop working, the speed control works, but the side to side movement control isn't working right.
But you can also by the brand new pocket keypad Minn Kota has for $125 that you can control it from a small palm size directional pad. The boat has the original paint on it and after years of rubbing against the sides of the bumpers, one side has some bumper blemishes just above the name on the driver side. So I hope, I painted a good enough picture of this boat for ya, because I want you know everything about this boat, so I'm not wasting your time and your not wasting mine. If you want to get it on the lake there is a public boat launch on a lake near by, you can demo the boat there if you like!!!

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