Aluminum boat repair, Hull repair, leak repair, crack repair, fuel tank repair, engine housing repair easily with HTS-2000 rods and heat source.
No matter what damage may have occurred to your aluminum boat, no matter what the make or model, come to Al's boats for your entire repair requirements. Actual Customer Testimonial:"My experience at All Brands Boat Repair was nothing but ease of mind. Customer service is what sells, and in crowded competitive markets, it is definitely more commonplace - but All Brands Boat Repair has the boat repair market cornered in Manitoba and still they offer incredible service. Serving Winnipeg, Brandon and Kenora, including all Saskatchewan, Manitoba and North-Western Ontario - we are the boat repair shop near you! Owned by Brunswick Corporation - the world's largest builder of pleasure boats - we follow the same tradition of excellence and quality in our repair work as Lund does in it's construction. If you are having trouble with bottom cracking or rivets coming loose in rough usage, double riveting the bottom will help, especially in boats manufactured prior to 1981.
Boats manufactured in late 1979-1980 and early 1981, double riveting between seat sides (under seats) are necessary, as these model years could have excessive space between rivets at this area. Select or cut a piece of aluminum approximately 2” larger than the hole or crack on all sides. Screw patch into place with two or three screws (10 - 12 flat head) so patch is as tight to bottom of boat as possible.
Rivets can also be placed on ends of cracks and around rough edges to keep them from running or snagging. Whether you are headed out to hunt waterfowl, doing some autumn fishing or simply enjoying the fall colors, your Aluminum Boat should be up to the adventure.
All this and much more is available to you absolutely free when you register; for an account, so join our community today today! If you have any problems with the registration process or your account login, please contact support. We got the pieces of the seats that they left on the sides out today and smoothed the welds down.
Man, I welded on a riveted jon boat two years ago, and I will never ever attempt to work on another riveted boat again!

The aluminum is not contaminated too bad, I just cleaned it up with a stainless steel wire brush and acetone. When you purchase your boat you will more than likely be renting a spot in the marina to store your boat when you're not using it. Metal boats such as aluminum boats, as compared to fiberglass boats are much lighter, stronger and power efficient.
Obviously All Brands Boat Repair understands the importance of their work to their customers." .
Heavier piece of iron (or hammer) held to rounded head of rivet (or outside of boat) strike firmly with 12 to 16 oz. The last thing you want when you are out in a secluded area of the lake is to find leaking rivets or a bad weld on a gash in the hull. Each has something that is unique in the way it is made, how it looks, the way it handles on the water and the way it should be repaired. Anchor Marine Repair is a trusted Aluminum Boat Repair Shop with some of the best technicians in the industry. Typically, outside of routine maintenance, the only repair ever needed on an aluminum boat will be to stop a leak if one occurs. If your aluminium boat has a dent in it can be repaired by banging the damaged area with a hammer. Then we will add foam insulation in the bottom and put in an aluminum floor, a trolling motor bracket, and misc.
The floor will go to the sides with tight cuts around the existing ribs.I will try to remember to take photos.
I have been buick'n (for those not in the know thats throwin up) and tore up stomach all night and earlier today, so no work today. Though you may have to invest more in building an aluminum boat, you can recover this initial cost through the lifetime of the boat. Thousands of aluminium boat owners are not aware of how important it is to ensure their hulls are checked and maintained regularly.
Hold a hammer or piece of steel against the head and pound the inside down until the hole is plugged.

But, even the best boats can be damaged by dragging, trailering, age, collisions or bad weather.
Don’t trust your boat to anyone that is lacking experience with Repairing Aluminum Boat Damages. Finding a marine repair shop with the right skills, technologically advanced facility and experience is the key to the best overall Aluminum Boat Repair Experience.
We provide our customers with excellent quality and value on every marine repair, refurbishing, renovating or revitalizing project that comes into our Boat Repair Shop. We provide excellent workmanship and value to our fellow boat lovers in and around the Twin Cities West Metro area. This article outlines the various benefits of using aluminum boats for your fishing adventures. I want to let u know if you run much ice or debri you will need a little room for the sheet to move against the sidewalls i popped a couple of rivets when mine was that tight.
You can make great savings in the long run on towing, fuel, general maintenance and repairs.
Many professional painters recommend thinning the primer so that it can more easily work its way into the microscopic scratches on the boat. Luckily, the Twin Cities West Metro area has expert technicians located at Anchor Marine Repair who can handle all kinds of Aluminum Boat Damage Repairs from Hull Damage, Transom Damage, Storm Damage, Corrosion Damage and Rivet Repair, they have got you covered. Our technicians can help you with anything from minor cosmetic repairs to major collision damage. The little boat that i am doing now will have a little more gap in the sides because it flexs so much.
We are a trusted Aluminum Boat Repair Shop that wants you to be more than satisfied with our commitment to Quality Workmanship and Value.

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