After seeing the pic above, I'd say you may want to consider using a composite transom solution like, Arjay, Nida Bond or Seacast. We did a transom which held twin Johnson 250hp motors with Seacast and the result was a rock solid transom which so far is fine after two seasons of hard use.
The old wood can be dug out with a combination of drills, chainsaw, chisels, and a shop vac. This is a 23 year old Empire, it has been filled with water several times and after digging out the old wood yesterday probably never dried out.
DO NOT use treated lumber in a Alloy boat , if you have to use wood , use UNtreated lumber and mix up watery epoxy and coat the wood several times to make sure it soaks in VERY well . Again , DO NOT put treated lumber in contact with Aluminum Alloy or you WILL have the same problems again . I decided to go with the Seacast, I would recommend this to anyone instead of wood after seeing all the corrosion on the inside.
One of the most important, and often overlooked, parts of owning a boat is proper boat maintenance. Many boat engines and boat motors need some maintenance to keep running, but it’s usually not a huge hassle. Although sport boats may be a lot of fun, they require quite a bit of maintenance to keep them at the top of their performance.
Don’t waste another second of being stuck at home with nothing to do because you think your boat is too damaged to put back in the water this season! Aluminum boats are one of the most resilient boats out in the water, and certainly some of the most popular.
At a garage sale one Saturday morning I noticed the seller was using an old aluminum Jon boat as a bench to display some of the stuff he was selling. Looking for a very straightforward and uncomplicated aluminum fishing boat you can quickly fit on your pickup? You would then simply dig out all the old wood, mix the composite and pour in a new transom.

Seacast is the most expensive and the most popular but they were the first to get into the replacement transom market. If you can open up the entire top, an aluminum boat transom can often be removed whole depending on the degree of rot. I have had several holes appear in the transom in recent years probably due to the wet wood. We have a couple guys on my site that have had issues with treated bunk lumber and it aint perty. Every now and then, they will require washing, buffing and some anti-corrosive agents, but that is about all that is needed for common maintenance. Our team of experts at Anchor Marine Repair will be more than happy to answer any issues you may be experiencing with your boat. So, if it’s injured, you need a specialist that understands the ends and outs and complexities of such a beautiful, resilient item. The paint was peeling and it was obvious the wood seats were long past their useful life but all in all it didn't have any visible holes or other damage. Or maybe you want something more sophisticated you can use for both tournament fishing and recreational fishing? I was told that the filler material was the cause but since I wasn't the original owner sol. This would make for a permanent fix with the very least structural damage to the rest of the hull and probably no welding. I seriously considered the Sea Cast but have no way to seal the inside without tearing the whole transom out. The wooden trough duct taped to the boat was also very helpful.Overall it was an easy repair ready for some paint and a motor. Engines need to be maintained, steering components need to be adjusted and finally, because of the nature of the design, all components need to be checkout out prior to every serious day long outing. If your aluminum boat ever gets damaged, or if the rivets come loose with age, professional boat restoration will be needed because aluminum boat repair requires special equipment.

Let us take a look at your boat today so that we can fix it up and get you back out on the water to finish boating season like it’s what you were born to do! If your aluminum boat has an unidentified leak or much worse, if it collided with another object, calling us can reduce your “out of water” time tremendously.
I asked the gent what he was going to do with the boat after the sale and he said he was just going to leave it behind when they moved. Both require the prop to be in good condition because a bent prop can cause various issues due to vibration, sometimes even leading to serious boat engine repair.
At Anchor Marine Repair, we are your one stop repair shop for all of your aluminum boat repair needs! If you own an aluminum boat that’s in need of repair, the only place you should consider is right around the corner at Anchor Marine Repair.
Clean, restore and polish with products for fiberglass, aluminum and pontoon craft with applicator mops or spray bottles.
Over twenty years ago we stocked the lake with large mouth bass, bass fingerlings and some crappies. We also have the right materials and equipment to fix any other damage that may have occurred to your boating beauty. Our facility has over 10,000 square feet of working space and the most state of the art equipment and tools, so that we have enough space and resources to accommodate any size or type of repair needed for our customers! My grand kids who love to fish in our small lake kept asking when I was going to "fix" it so on the saw horses it went for a rebuild. So much so that we promise that when your boat is finished, it will look the same if not better than when you originally bought it in.

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