Where boats can be tipped, flipped or rolled over to have the bottom repaired or refinished without endangering the technicians.
Providing quality service for over 22 years, Gibbons Fiberglass and Aluminum Boat Repair shop features a team of professionals with vast knowledge and skill in repairing boats - both large and small, plus personal watercraft. We use secondary bonding, peeling and fairing techniques to make needed repairs, these skills and tools seperate Gibbons Fiberglass from auto body repair shops.
Aluminum boat repair, Hull repair, leak repair, crack repair, fuel tank repair, engine housing repair easily with HTS-2000 rods and heat source. No matter what damage may have occurred to your aluminum boat, no matter what the make or model, come to Al's boats for your entire repair requirements.

Typically, outside of routine maintenance, the only repair ever needed on an aluminum boat will be to stop a leak if one occurs.
The company is led by Bob Gibbons, owner, with over 40 years of experience in the boat repair industry. If your aluminium boat has a dent in it can be repaired by banging the damaged area with a hammer. Any price and availability information displayed on the original websites, as applicable at the time of purchase will apply to the purchase of related products.)Offer and use of product information are provided and authorized by Amazon. This article outlines the various benefits of using aluminum boats for your fishing adventures.

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