This beautifully done, custom built rock crawler trailer, was built by our customer, Brotherton Pipeline. The catamaran industry being in full bloom, a whole lot of companies have sprung up, both big and small.
We can assure you that with a catamaran boat trailer from Great lakes Aluminum Boat Trailers, you will be very satisfied with the performance, look and fit of the trailer to your catamaran boat.
Boat trailers, PWC trailers, flat bed trailers, snowmobile trailers, ATV trailers, utility trailers, ice fishing trailers.
Highway Products built the aluminum diamond plate tool box with fenders special to their dimensions.

Another way to make sure you are buying a quality catamaran boat trailer is by looking into customer satisfaction.
Due to the variety of catamaran boats available, you can be confident that the custom made trailer for you fits, supports, and protects your catamaran boat hull leaving no area not supported.
What it still comes down to, though, is a deck with a little or a lot of equipment, usually topped off with a healthy serving of claims that can me misleading. The smart consumer has to take the time to inquire about the materials used, how they are assembled and warranties offered. What many people forget, is that they will, at some point, have to transport their catamaran.

This is good not only for the catamaran boat trailer manufacturer, but for the whole watersport business as well.

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