For those that own a boat, it's inevitable that boat repair will need to be done at some point.
Every boat repair you make insures you and your friends on board of a safe, joyful boat ride. Aluminum boat repairs, steel boat repairs, conversions, marine repair, tank repair, work boat repair, crew boat repair, sports boat repair, aluminum conversion, steel conversion, dockside service. Just this morning I discovered that I have the same transom rot problem with the same make and year of boat. If you keep up on regular boat repair and maintenance, then your boat should last a long time.
Without a boat repair being made when its truly needed, you will put everyone's safety at risk and damage your boats motor and possibly frame.
They will soar on wings like eagles, they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint. Stainless steel bolts with stainless washers and lock washers, sealed with a good marine water proof adhesive should do the job, better than factory.

I have removed the rivets from inside the live-wells, and where the water-well attaches to the transom, and where it attaches to the boat frame. Updating your motor and other areas of your boat during an annual boat repair is another sure way to avoid any incidences from occurring. When I did mine like yours, I used two pieces of plywood and painted with oil base paint, two coats. Your mind will than start slowly beginning to ease as all the repairs will be made and each outing you go on will become more and more comfortable, allowing you more mental freedom with your boat than you have ever had before. My biggest question is what fasteners should I use to replace these aluminum rivets, that won't leak or rust?
It peeled after a couple of years so I should have used some resin either epoxy or polyester. When it comes to boat repair, if you do have electrical problems, you have to clean them out.
That's what I would do, use some polyester resin and paint the plywood all over, especially the edges with the resin and let it cure good before assembly.

Some of you might 100% agree with this, but regular boat repair and maintenance does include proper cleanings. Install a chain to the the other end and lift out the old rotten wood mostly in one piece other than the ends. Check out their web site , they couldn't be more helpful.I plan on covering the cut out access ports with aluminum plates.
And seal with 3M 5200 sealant.Anybody's boat will then have a perminate fix to LUNDS problem.
Seacast even furnishes you with a neat emblem to show that the repair has been completed properly .

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