20' Alaska Lund Aluminum Boat For Sale Trailer, 2003 70hp 4stroke Suzuki 250 hours, 1995 8hp Evinrude kicker. If I were buying a boat it would have to be small enough that I would be able to afford using, meaning a smallish motor. Everyone I know with a boat out here has aluminum for personal use, no berths in your price range (add another $10-15K+, hell add a lot more for two big kickers, like Jed said), but some with a pilot house (which can be a godsend). A patrol boat once used by the Naval Academy to train cadets is now up for sale on Craigslist. YP678, a 1985 Naval Academy trawler built from double-planked Alaskan cedar, has five state rooms, three showers and boasts a spacious 1,900 square feet of usable space. The boat is priced at $30,000 and while there are “no leaks in hull,” the ad says the boat may need some work.
Hajo Knuttel:August 9, 2014 at 8:46 pmHow do I get in touch with the person who wants to sell this boat?

He also sounds short on experience, no offence, so a seaworthy tough boat is what he needs. Let's declare it the Obama Presidential Library, put him aboard, then take it out and scuttle it.
I would be more worried about the engine-bed stringers, the shafts, the struts and the props. If you're not doing overnights then aluminium is your best option, low maintenance and durable but cold. My uncle and cousin died in Frederick sound, experienced mariners both, southeast is dangerous.
I know a bunch of people who have spent time in the water, some don't come back, some come back and are different, none are the same as they were. That would end the argument that he never did anything as President, he could become part of a fishing reef.

Due to incompatibility between this version of the Gallery and the old version - and some database issues - we weren't able to migrate the individul albums to the new Gallery. If you're hunting, aluminium too dangerous to beach a glass boat in rocky southeast Alaska. If you create a personal album, you can move your pics from the Public Album to your personal album.

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