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Chris If you are familiar with the gator hide boat, I was considering doing something like that myself. That sounds like a good idea, I considered doing this to my jon but I ended up starting construction on a new boat. My old semi-V 14ft Starcraft looked alot like yours does except mine had an aluminum piece about 5 inches high down the middle with aluminum straps coming off of it and attaching to the ribbs at the side of the boat. Chris, I decked an old Sears Jon boat many years ago after reading an article in one of the duck publications and it was almost the end of me. If you require further details regarding the transaction data, please contact the supplier directly. If for any reason you do not like or want the product it can be returned within 30 days of receipt.

The RS label is mailed to the customer, which eliminated the need for the customer to be home for the Call Tag.
We will only have to remove the center seat but by building deck frames I think it will replace the integrity that I loose from the one seat. I thought of that but then you are stuck having to rivit or bolt everything unless you have a welder. The Lund 1875 Pro-V aluminum fishing boat provides everything a fisherman needs and comes in at almost 19'.
In a lot of cases, we avoid a return simply because the cover has been installed backwards. Once the RS label is received the customer can drop the package off at any UPS location or Call UPS for the pick up. I was thinking of some sort of pre drilled holes the help the deck align properly and then a type of fastening system to hold in place. I have a mig welder and access to a tig but I am still gonna do it in cedar ribs and ply decking with 6oz colth and epoxy. With a number of different options, this fishing boat delivers the ultimate fishing experience. The only thing I have trouble with is attaching the deck to the edges of the aluminum boat I was thinking self tappers.
I think it will be eaiser for me and the ply covered in epoxy will last a really long time if taken care of.

Cheers, Mike Chairman - Barnegat Bay Chapter of Delta Waterfowl Do not go where the path may lead; go instead where there is no path and leave a trail. I will try it out through the summer and see how she does.with the deck and 1 man plus motor I will still be 175 under the reccomended weitht.
The boat has a plate that says 550lbs motor persons and gear so I know that as a one man sneakboat I can stay under that. I think my buddy is getting a 6hp to start with that is 60lbs he is 180lbs and lest say 100lbs for the decking and i think that i can keep it a good deal less then 100lbs I am thinking closer to 60lbs but say 100 to be safe and say 60lbs of gear gun decoys and stuff. So thats 400lbs still 150lbs under max weight and that is over guessing on some things so I think I should be safe. It should be a fun project and this way I will have someone to hunt with next season as I hunted solo a good bit last season. I think the deck frames and decking will keep any integrity lost by removing the center seat. Thats the down side of sneakbox hunting unless you have friends to hunt with that have their own sneakboxes then you are going solo. Atleast my buddy and I have 6 months till the season starts to get her finished.if you guys have any thoughts or ideas please let me know.

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