Experience the outdoors with our Paddle Boats, also known as pedal boats, pedalboats or paddleboats. Kennedy Paddle Boats (Pedal Boats) are protected by a two-year limited warranty against defects in workmanship. A classic deck style boat, the 210 SC features a bow as wide as the cockpit, open side console design, shallow draft quick planning hull and all the storage you need for your water toys and your fishing gear.
I'll be buying USED because the Etowah is likely to remove some hull paint even though I've scuba dived much of the 3 mile section and know where most obstructions 'were'.
A good entry LADDER is a MUST for easy access from water when anchored away from shore for diving. Second boat is a Tracker 21' and it's amazing how much heavier and bigger it seems over 19' boats. If you get one of these, put some kind of was or something on the hull to protect it if you run it in Salt.
I enjoyed reading this, I've always wanted to get a johnboat to make into a nice fishing boat too.
Very nice rebuild, I purchased my first boat last year, then just a few weeks later I was given another from my dads friend (he just showed up in my driveway, and said I'm either dropping it off here, or taking it to the scrap yard) I couldn't pass it up. Afalconsvick wrote:After the initial investment of the boat, how much do you think you invested in paint, carpet and everything you put into it?
Compilation of Jet Powered 2016 SeaArk Boats, High Quality & Shallow Draft by Duckys Boats from thomas cooke on Vimeo. Boise, ID: Established in 1902, the Bureau of Reclamation is best known for the dams, power plants, and canals it constructed in the 17 western states.
Raleigh, NC: The NCDOT currently maintains 12,712 bridges across North Carolina, ranking as 13th in the nation for the highest number of state-maintained bridges. Gainesville, GA: Hall County Fire Services protects over 600 miles of shoreline of Lake Sidney Lanier, the most visited Corps of Engineers lake in the United States with an estimated 10 million visitors a year. Richmond, VA: The Virginia State Police Search & Recovery Team operates a pair of Munson 24' landing craft that are used for dive operations, swift water rescues, evidence recovery, wildland fire and oil spill response. San Diego, CA: The San Diego City Lakes Ranger District operates a Munson during their oversight of freshwater lakes and reservoirs. Lake Claiborne, LA: In 1966, the Louisiana state legislature created the Claiborne Parish Watershed District. West Trenton, NJ: The New Jersey State Police uses their 26' Munson as a multi-purpose diving and transport platform. Colorado River, CA: The San Bernardino County Sheriff's Office Marine Enforcement Unit is responsible for law enforcement for 90 miles of the Colorado River, which sees nearly 17 million visitors a year. Tumwater, WA: The Washington State DNR Aquatics program operates this Munson as a dive support craft in Puget Sound, the Columbia River, and outer Washington coast. Lake Tahoe, CA: In 2008, UC Davis senior researchers observed large populations of clams in some nearshore areas in the southeast corner of Lake Tahoe.
Buffalo, NY: The Buffalo CBRNE marine unit responds to emergency calls and investigations on the Buffalo River and collaborates with homeland security counterterrorism efforts. Portland, OR: The Multnomah County Sheriff's River Patrol Unit provides safe commercial and recreational access and passage to the country's 5th largest port, and 110 miles of waterways along the Columbia River, Willamette River, and Sandy River.
Louisville, KY: This 30' Packcat supports the United States Air Force 123rd STS maritime operations including diving, water jumps, RAMZ jumps, search and rescue, and emergency response.
Billings, MT: Liquid Engineering provides complete underwater engineering and construction support capabilities through its marine construction and heavy hard-hat commercial diving division. Charleston, SC: The Charleston Police Department operates in varying sea and weather conditions within the Charleston Harbor out to 20 miles offshore the coast of South Carolina. Middle East: These 34a€™ military landing craft incorporate a 23a€™ long cargo deck with removable seating for 20 troops, rubber deck matting and side doors for diving operations.
With almost 50 square feet of carpeted deck area, there can be room for sun tanning, diving or fishing. These components include, but are not limited to: plywood decking, seat vinyl, carpet, sun top materials, decals, etc.
I've read some forum posts on them being a 'wet ride' from water plowing but thought maybe they had the wrong prop. Reclamation is also the second largest producer of hydroelectric power in the Western United States. They perform structure maintenance and underwater investigation at bridges and piers throughout the state. They collaborate with the FBI and Border Patrol during homeland security and evidence gathering missions.

With dive tank holders, electric anchor windlass, removable bow door dive ladder, large foredeck storage compartments and a 30 gallon pressurized fresh water washdown system the boat is able to support large dive teams for extended periods. Scuba-diving scientists are unrolling long rubber mats across the bottom of Lake Tahoe to quell the clam invasion.
In addition, the River Patrol Unit provides law enforcement and search & rescue services to all rivers, lakes, shorelines and islands in Multnomah County.
It is capable of operating at night in extreme weather conditions and swift contaminated water. They operate their underwater recovery vessel to maintain underwater valves on hydroelectric dams throughout the United States.
Typical missions involve tracking and intercepting suspicious and sometimes high performance vessels. In March and April nearly every weekend was spent fixing it up with hopes it would be ready by first week of May. They operate this Munson throughout the state of Idaho conducting underwater inspection and repairs of hydroelectric dams and associated facilities.
Outfitting includes air conditioning, Kohler 10EKD generator,computer work stations, 26" side door and 3" D rubber fendering. UC Davis uses their Munson to support these dive teams and transport the rubber matting material to infestation sites. Their 30' Munson provides security protection to moorages, marinas, and houseboat communities, and responds to life-threatening calls for service, such as boat collisions, drownings, missing persons, and environmental hazards. It is also used to support local authorities in the Ohio Valley disaster preparedness plans.
Divers use the I-beam lifting system to recover equipment through the bow door for repair or replacement. I will have to check that website tinboats you posted.The larger of the two has a lousy trailer that needs works, and the smaller boat has a nice trailer but the boat itself needs a lot of work.
Emergency equipment includes a roof mounted stretcher, defibrillators, generator, and first aid supply lockers. The a-frame travels the full length of the forward deck and can be folded for highway transport. However, now I must wait for close to 30 inches of ice to melt until I get to use this new toy on the rivers and lakes of WI. Harbor patrol officers use this vessel as a dive platform during underwater investigation and evidence retrieval missions. A moon hole through the deck allows loads close to 2 tons with the a-frame oriented vertically. To get everyone acquainted with the project, here's a quick synopsis of the early stages of the project:Boat was purchased on October 8, 2012 along the roadside. For what I didn't need to buy such as carpeting and wood, a typical sheet of marine grade plywood runs $50-75 (we used two sheets), and a 15ft square foot roll of outdoor carpeting goes for the same price range if not slightly more.I'd say if you had many of the accessories already such as road worthy trailer, locators, outboards, anchors, oars, etc, a project like this can be cheaper than getting one of those specialty made-for-fishing kayaks or buying a brand new rigged and loaded jon from the dealer. I took a $350 chance on it because I was tired of looking for the right deal online (I seriously spent close to two years browsing Craigslist throughout IL, WI and IN).
Depending on how much power the 6 gives I may consider looking into getting a 10 or 15hp for next year and doing a re-power. The Harbor Patrol uses these tether systems to deploy advanced bottom scanning sonar pods during salvage operations. Along the way I passed on several boats for sale), and neither did I want to spend $1,000+ for a dream rig from the dealer. Therefore, like some folks I know, I decided to build one myself.Boat was immediately stripped down, and put in storage until March. I do have a 24volt trolling motor, and there's a lot of days, actually, that my old 12 volt just wasn't enough power. I bought the roll back in 2008 for my first boat I rebuilt as an extra and it went unused until now. Old camo paint wearing off, all original floorboards and decks rotting away, and a crack where beam met transom in need of a welder to seal. I preserved the rotting flooring which led to a seamless template trace and new floor cutting and installation.
I wanted to build myself the ultimate little river rig for running float trips - casting for muskies and hunting down smallmouth bass.
Before I began my restoration, boat immediately went to the welding shop when it returned to IL for repairs. In early March I spent my time by carefully measuring out the floor and tracing my new floor and deck templates with cardboard.

After working out the blueprints, I settled on this layout.Following the layout, my prepwork began. I did lots of research on this and spent hours reading regarding the need for sanding and priming. About half of the census told me that all I really needed to do was a thorough job of electrical sanding and oscillating. Considering we've been limited on nice weather days in the Midwest this spring and I needed substantially warmer than 40 degree weather to do it, I elected to sand it down as best as I could and this would be all the prepwork I'd do. I was originally planning to use Rustoleum Marine but I had difficulties selecting my ideal color and locating it.
I hit the 'net some more and did research on what duck hunters and other jonboat enthusiasts use for their paints. I do expect it will scratch up with use but hey it adds to the character of a utility river boat. I completed the sanding, prepwork, and interior and exterior painting; All during a two day window of sunny 60-degree weather.
Who would have ever imagined that the person who gave me the wood also helped me with the cut, and that the wood would again return to the driveway it originally came from?!?
Pat has rebuilt and installed boat flooring before so he was the perfect choice for aiding me during this phase of the project. With the professional builder and contractor by trade this took us three hours to complete. I hope you enjoyed my case of beer![For those of you interested, Pat is a newly certified captain and licensed fishing guide. He will be offering trips on the Chicago River, Fox Chain, and other local waterways throughout the year]Pictured above is the heavy duty work done in Pat’s driveway. To make sure each cut would fit perfectly (seen below), we took them to the belt sander for precise shaping. The cutting and carpeting was all completed within a single day.The following next few days, in between the great flood of 2013, we worked on building up the deck supports. I was never good at geometry, nor am I a structural engineer, but the system we came up with is seen below:I’ve observed photos of other jon boat projects and everyone’s deck supports are always different. They range from sophisticated bracing and welding jobs to a simple buildup of wood and in other times nothing. It's important to know that the original owners of this boat used absolutely zero deck supports for this. Built rock solid with zero give.Initially I was undecided on whether to include a storage door for beneath the deck. Luckily when Pat and I made our cuts the weekend before, we had enough leftover wood to trace out my sad excuse of a door template. Something short shaft and 55lb thrust would have been ideal but the ones I found were either overpriced or very old and broken down. It has a 42?shaft with 45lb thrust, good enough for just about any type of scenario.In order to mount it, I had to get creative. I built a mounting platform with treated lumber and made it level with the diamond-plated bow. We then used four 6-inch torx screws (used to build patios and deck building) to drive it through and hold the mount in place.Following the platform installation, the trolling motor was installed without trouble. I have more than enough room up here for standing or sitting and leaning back on a butt seat.
14 feet of aluminum badassery nestled onto Shoreland’r trailer which I saved from my previous tin boat. Not pictured are Evinrude outboard and rear deck electronics as those two items are sitting in the garage up north. The cost of parts and materials and add-ons was $365 before all sorts of last-minute screws and mounting bolts were needed. What saved me was having lots of accessories such as the outboard, trailer, electronics and carpeting.This luxury yacht will be primarily used on rivers and lakes with horrific public access.

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