Go-Devil surface-drive boats range from 16 feet long, 48 inches wide up to 20 feet long, 60 inches wide. The F-4 Viper Duck Boat from Excel Boats is designed for hunters who run outboards, but need to access shallow-water areas. Pro-Drive SBX self-bailing boats have an open floor that is welded in and sealed above the waterline.
Bankes Boats might be best known as the makers of large, seaworthy crafts capable of carrying multiple hunters to offshore hotspots -- but the company makes an array of duck skiffs and other small crafts as well, including the Intruder Sneak Boat. Hunters can choose from more than 51 different hull size options and configurations from Gator Trax to build the boat best suited to their needs.
Duck hunters looking for true go-anywhere capability should consider the Dragonfly from Pemperton Custom Airboats.
The Sea Ark DuckHawk is available in a variety of hull sizes and with several different layouts to suit the needs of duck hunters. The original FatBoy remains a great choice for hunters accessing backwater areas, but it'll work as an open-water layout boat, too.
Equally at home on a backwater mud flat or while gunning goldeneyes in open water, the Explorer from AquaPod is the company's strongest and lightest line of boats.
Gator-Tail 46 Series boat is a true shallow-water machine designed for accessing tight places. Mallard Marine Marsh Rat offers hunters a stable, economical layout boat option that's towable, lightweight (68 pounds) and easy to paddle. Carstens Layout Boats from Duck Logic are handcrafted to fit a variety of waterfowl hunting needs.
Lowe Boats riveted johnboats have been serving the needs of duck hunters for years -- without costing a small fortune. Aluminum Bass Boat Mossy Oak Duck Blind Wrap JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. This is a short television of my customs built jet Made from scratch aluminum jet boatby brad pete3 095. Our commonsense approach to overcoming real hunting and fishing obstacles drives us to create even better products for the future. We have a strong commitment to innovative design that has elevated War Eagle Boats to the benchmark it is today. War Eagle Boats desires to build quality products that are functional, durable and reliable; thus, giving the sportsman a greater valued product for years to come. We turn your dreams into memories with the most versatile line of hunting and fishing boats available. War Eagle Boats offers over 40 commonsense easy-to-use accessories for our standard models. War Eagle Boats has the most versatile line of hunting and fishing aluminum boats available.

One of its most popular models for duck hunters, the 648LDV, is a 16-foot-long, 48-inch-wide boat constructed from .100-inch aluminum. Although they will work fine with a longtail motor, surface-drive boats are designed for improved performance on more open water and at lower speeds with a surface-drive motor. The Viper features the Duck Back aluminum transom (17 or 20 inches) and optional Kik-Up motor mount to absorb impacts from stumps and sandbars.
Models start with a 48-inch-wide, 14-footer and run all the way up to a massive 20-foot-long, 72-inch-wide version.
The floor, along with large scrubber outlets, is designed to evacuate water that enters the cockpit without a bilge pump. This 12-foot fiberglass boat weighs 185 pounds, has a maximum capacity of 465 pounds and can handle a 10-horsepower outboard.
Among the hulls offered by Gator Trax is the Gator Hide, which blends the benefits of a three-person or four-person layout boat with the utility of a standard johnboat. With a fiberglass boat hull and stainless-steel motor construction, the Dragonfly can carry 600 pounds of hunters and gear. Designed as an all-seasons boat, the DuckHawk is available in sizes ranging from 15-foot-long, 42-inch-wide up to 24 feet, 72 inches.
Weighing just 76 pounds and compact enough to ride in the bed of a pickup, the FatBoy features a transom for an electric or gas motor, screw-in drain plugs, tunnel hull design and enough carrying capacity for a hunter, dog and 6 dozen decoys.
Available in 8-foot, 10-foot and 12-foot models weighing from 40 to 60 pounds, these boats offer the portability to use about anywhere while being stable enough for you to hunt comfortably with a retriever. Based on a one-piece 5086 aluminum, 46-inch-wide hull, this popular model is available in 16-foot, 17-foot, 18-foot and 20-foot versions. With a low profile and the ability to accept the Marsh Rat H2O blind attachment, it works well as a layout blind on dry ground, too. Offered in six sizes, ranging from the 10-foot-long Puddler to the 14-foot, 6-inch-long Sportster, these boats are constructed from fiberglass and reinforced with foam for flotation. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Building my aluminium gravy boat STEALTHby PeterBaxevanis Featured12 198 6 12 build aluminum jet boat.
Smoky peck squirt Boats is building aluminum fun mystifying Hoosier State the mountain woods using the latest Hoosier State Pulsed. All welded and constructed from heavy gauge aluminum, we challenge you to compare our quality to any other aluminum boat.
The long, narrow 8-degree V-hull handles shallow water common in most duck hunting situations. The F-4 Viper features Excel's 6-degree V "Exceleration Hull" with reverse chine and is available in a tiller-steering option or a side-console option in lengths from 15 to 18 feet.
Standard features include an all-welded hull, stern and sidewalls, two water-resistant gun boxes, a drop-floor in the stern for stowing batteries and a fuel tank, tapered front deck, flotation pods, foam-filled floor, front and rear exterior grab handles and built-in interior tubing for wiring.

SBX series boats are offered in 17-foot, 18-foot, 20-foot and 24-foot models with 48-inch, 54-inch or 60-inch widths and 24-inch-high sides.
Available features include navigation lights, interior lights, 12-volt receptacle, a locking cockpit cover and blind attachments. Innovative features available on Gator Trax boats include dog ladders, a stabilizer kit for easier shooting from the boat, two-positional Double Island bench seating, gun racks, spotlight kits and more.
This 33-horsepower fan boat is quieter than most other airboats, fuel-efficient, capable of 45 mph speeds and can accept many aftermarket duck-boat accessories. The boat will accept MoMarsh's Door System Blind and a dog blind so your retriever can remain hidden while ducks are working. It is packed with features, including a 4-foot deck with pedestal base and trolling motor bracket, under-deck storage, front deck drain, rear driver's box and grab bar, 18-inch sides and a 21-inch angled transom for enhanced performance in reverse. Options and accessories include a recliner seat, Marsh Rat paddle, bow and stern rope, and a stainless-steel bow eye for towing.
Available with a 16-foot, 52-inch hull or an 18-foot, 68-inch hull, it features longitudinal rib construction, injected foam for extra flotation, front deck storage for batteries and gas tank, a Step Pod transom, rear pod seating, welded aluminum floor, smooth bottom with rolled sides for mud release, Xtreme Coat liner and a variety of color and camouflage options. Tapered chines on the hull make sliding off of obstacles like logs and stumps a little easier. They're constructed from the same marine-grade 5086 aluminum as the standard X model boats.
Models such as the Bluebill, Canvasback and Sportster are rated for outboards and mud motors from 5 to 9 horsepower. Additional options include a handrail, cup and shell holders, trolling motor harness, fishing seats, spotlight adapters and gun brackets.
They're available in sizes ranging from 10-foot-long, 32-inch-wide hulls up to 18-foot, 52-inch models. 1 wanted Ken At Phantom Jet Boats We Build Shallow water supply Aluminum Boats of the Highest. Ane have made axerophthol futile undertake at finding plans for an aluminum super C Is at that place any plans on the internet besides Glen l’s. The transom can handle a 40 horsepower engine, and the hull is available in seven camouflage patterns. The 1852MT Olympic Jon will carry up to six hunters (or a couple hunters with a lot of gear).
With so many camo patterns and layout options available, I know we can build the duck boat of your dreams.
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