Side-Console, aluminum fishing boat equipped with a Minn Kota 12 v 40 lb thrust trolling motor and a depth fish finder. Boat was built around the principle of a duck hunting pit blind and sits on a single axle trailer with good tires. Simple, spartan, and a smart buy for the would-be boater who wants the most versatility for the fewest dollars, aluminum fishing boats shine in relatively protected waters – often, fish-rich freshwater places bigger boats can’t reach.Generally single-walled riveted or welded hulls, they usually have bench seats.
With lakes, rivers and streams to choose from, freshwater fishing is all about reeling in the big one.
Go offshore blue water, near shore, river, day or weekend cruising, and you'll find relaxation at a slow and steady pace.
Internal combustion engine mounted at the transom that incorporates motor, driveshaft and propeller.

Usually, the person sits facing backwards and pulls the levers through the water toward the stern of the boat, moving the boat forward.
Boat was built with 100 thousandths thick aluminum versus the more traditional 60 thousandths that most aluminum boats are. It's fast and stable design make it great for off shore fishing or just cruising around in the harbor. Angled aluminum welded to bottom hull serves to break thin ice, protects from stumps, rolls over river rocks to protect from damage, and allows for stability turning.
Some owners slide them into a pick-up box, and a light trailer makes transporting them a breeze.Car-topped or trailered, a Jon boat offers versatility. This boat does not slide in a turn like other flat bottom boats and allows for very stable river running.

These utilitarian, flat-bottomed boats have bench seats and a simple, flat transom, ready for a small to moderate, usually-tiller-steered outboard engine. Some exceptions may apply to oversized and overweight items, as well as tires and hazardous materials. Boat is equipped with a front mount trolling motor and a 140hp Suzuki outboard motor (bought new in 2011 with 6 yr warranty, has 2 years left on warranty). Aft end of duck box has a reinforced blind cap cover that bolts on and is removable but is perfect for standing on for sight fishing and makes a great platform to bow fish from.

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