Aluminum Jet Boats in Alaska suffer corrosion from saturated silt rivers, abrasion from sand and rock gravel bars, and impact from submerged boulders, etc. Aluminum is a soft metal and does not hold up well when beaching onto a rock gravel bar or other rough surfaces. Each can be utilized on boats, ships, docks, decks, personal watercraft, trailers and more.
All formulations provide a monolithic, airtight and watertight seal preventing rust and corrosion penetration.

The company where the boat was purchased offered a UHMW (Ultra High Molecular Weight) liner to cover a small area of the hull at a substantial expense. Rhino® products are often used to protect boats and ships of all sizes, personal watercraft (including Jet Ski® and WaveRunner®) and more. However, the liner could only be purchased with a brand new boat, not retrofitted onto a used boat.
Also, UHMW style linings require the use of fasteners to penetrate the hull and the customer did not want to compromise his hull's integrity by creating holes.

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