Baris You meaning landing craft as used by the armed services during the wars or coastal and lake landing craft use today ?? Location: USA IIRC, the original landing craft were Higgins boats and used at Normandy. Modern landing craft can draft 2 feet at the stern, depending on where their use is intended. The L-CAT consists of a full length mobile platform operated by hydraulic jacks, which is suspended between the two hulls. The French Ministry of Defence acquired four vessels and the first of series is scheduled to be delivered in 2011.

When making potentially dangerous or financial decisions, always employ and consult appropriate professionals. During landing operations the platform lowers into the sea thereby lifting the vessel out of the water reducing its draft to approximately 0.8m allowing the vessel to navigate in shallow water and come to shore and beach. What about having a couple cat hulls on each side and a small cabin at the rear for access to the cat hulls and the helm? In either case bottom strength isn't too much of an issue typically, as stiffening up flat pannels isn't too hard and shell thickness is pretty high up forward for when you ground out - especially as many landing craft aren't that speedy. During high-speed navigation the platform is lifted in its highest position, improving the vessels sea-going capacities and allowing it to be deployed up to 200 miles from shore.

The flat bottom LC would need a stronger bottom since it would be off the water I would think. Though they've got the deck area, the height needed to clear the wetdeck means your load-deck is pretty high and the ramp needs to be so much longer to give a sensible angle.

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