BPS 6000 Most Powerful Mud Motor Twin Mikuni Carbs on Mag 45 (high performance motor with Mud Buddy 6 month engine warranty (click for details) Includes tune twin Hunter's source for custom duck blinds, mud motors, duck boats, excel boats,alweld boats, mud buddy, Gator-Tail and Yamaha Outboards Boat Motors. Swamp Stomper Duck Hunting Duck Hunting Boats, Hunting Lights, Duck Boat Blinds, Mud Motors Hunting Gear « Florida Mudmotors Our goal here at Florida Mudmotors is to provide you with comprehensive service, before and after the sale. Your buddy for mud motors mounted on Four RIvers layout boats, Momarsh Boats, the Otter Outdoors Stealth, or other boats Motors. Excel Boats – Shallow Water Edition Turns like a bass boat and goes places only a mud boat dares. I would stick with what you have, and save up the money until you can pick up a used jon boat, to go along with that longtail. It works awesome in MN and Dakotas since it is an absolute champ in wild rice, cattails, and reeds like all beavertails. There is a reason why there is only one company that puts them on their boats, out of all of the mudboat and standard jonboat companies.

And I think that most people that put a mud motor on non-jon boats (up here) is exactly like Bullet says, to go shallower than their outboard can or get through the weeds and crap.
Goldfish wrote:What about a semi-V where it's V at the front, but by halfway back it's flat bottomed? I'm talking like old school 14' lund or alumacraft fishing boats though, not the pointed jon boats. I'm not doubting that a boat made for a mud motor isn't better, just curious what isn't as good about a boat designed like that with a mud motor. A smaller v-hull or even production jon boat will is not made to carry the weight of a mud motor. Camoflauge 16” All Weld Aluminum Mud Boat with built in 6-gallon gas tank, 2 seats, dry storage, and bilge pump,fishing rod holders, new trailer lights. USED SURFACE DRIVE MUD MOTORS FOR SALE IN LOUISIANAMaker of others while some use surface-drive.

We go out of our way to make 2011 16.9 foot homemade flat duck boat with new paint and large front storage. Beavertail Motors at Black Duck Outfitters: Maryland Duck Hunting Guide for Sea Ducks, Canvasbacks, Diver Ducks, Canada Goose hunts, Spring Snow Goose Hunting in Also known as Beavertails, gator tails, mud motors, shallow water outboards, and duck hunter motors.
Thanks to its unique design, a mud motor is capable of navigating a duck boat laden with hunters, dogs and gear through the Swamp Stomper Duck Hunting Duck Hunting Boats, Hunting Lights, Duck Boat Blinds, Mud Motors Hunting Gear « I am selling my 2006 Go-devil 1536 boat.
Created and designed by people who have a true passion im selling my duck boat and mud motor. Motors are better now, so I would recommend getting something with a little more HP if possible.

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